It's Come to This: Obama Campaign Collecting Petition Signatures to Stop Sequester

100,000 signatures collected so far not something to be bragging about


the white house is following you
White House

It's as if President Obama's not in charge of the executive branch when he doesn't want to be. The latest fearmongering missive on the sequester from the Obama campaign, via former White House aide, now with Organizing For Action, Jon Carson:

Edward —

Today, because congressional Republicans refused to act, devastating budget cuts known as the sequester are going into effect. 

They're self-inflicted wounds, and they didn't have to happen. 

Congress can stop all of this right away—and pursue a balanced approach to deficit reduction.

That's what the vast majority of Americans want, and yesterday, more than 100,000 Americans called on Congress to be reasonable about the budget. 

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Using the most generously small set, 100,000 is just .15 percent of the 69 million Americans who voted for Barack Obama, and it's how many signatures the White House needs to just consider responding to a petition on its website.

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