North Korea

Dennis Rodman Says Kim Jong Un is an "Awesome Guy"

Also says the North Korean leader's father and grandfather were "great leaders"


PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — Ending his unexpected round of basketball diplomacy in North Korea on Friday, ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman called leader Kim Jong Un an "awesome guy" and said his father and grandfather were "great leaders."

Rodman, the highest-profile American to meet Kim since he inherited power from father Kim Jong Il in 2011, watched a basketball game with the authoritarian leader Thursday and later drank and dined on sushi with him.

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  1. It’s okay, Dennis, most of us quit thinking you were an “awesome guy” long ago. It’s unlikely many, if hardly any, will ever even hear about your latest asinine statments.

  2. I’m shocked that he could say something so ignorant. People responsible for the misery, imprisonment, and death of tens of millions of others do not in any way qualify as “awesome guys” and “great leaders”.

    Also, WTF Obama administration?

    The Obama administration had frowned on the trip by Schmidt, who was accompanied by former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, but has avoided criticizing Rodman’s outing, saying it’s about sports.

    So, when Eric Schmidt went to the country but didn’t meet with Kim, he gets criticized. However, when Rodman has a party with Kim and later calls him a great guy, it’s about sports?

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