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The Most Openly and Transparently Thin-Skinned Administration in History

The Obama administration is obsessed with image management.


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Last night, as Beltway types and political bloggers wondered which White House staffer had screamed at reporter Bob Woodward and then sent him an email telling him he'd "regret" challenging Obama's sequestration narrative, I started tallying all the stories I'd heard about this administration overreacting to journalists and gadflies doing their jobs. 

My first thought was of Valerie Jarrett, who the New York Times desribed in a September profile as having "a tendency to take political criticism personally, 'even when it would be more useful not to.'" In that same profile, the Times reported that Jarrett had attacked ACLU President Anthony Romero for criticizing this administration's atrocious handling of the War on Terror. "Great harm has been done," Jarrett wrote to Romero. "There has been a material breach of trust." The Times also dug up this anecdote: After Cornel West called Obama the "black mascot of Wall Street," Jarrett, in a creepy echo of the Bush years, called him "un-American." 

But as economic advisor Gene Sperling demonstrated by haranguing Woodward, it's not just Jarrett. This administration is obsessed with image management. Sometimes the focus on the president being portrayed a certain way results in cuddly stuff–Barack Obama slow-jamming the news, Michelle Obama doing the Dougie–and sometimes it results in the White House acting petulant, bizarre, and gross.

– There was the time the White House banned a San Francisco Chronicle reporter from the White House press pool for filming an anti-Obama protest at a fundraiser. The White House initially claimed it banned the reporter for using a camera when she was only allowed to write what she saw. Then the White House claimed it hadn't banned her at all. All very confusing and weird. 

– There was the time the White House prohibited local journalists from covering a Silicon Valley fundraiser, presumably for fear that they'd be better equipped than D.C.-based pool reporters to recognize major players in the California tech scene. 

– There was the time the White House denied the Boston Herald a spot in the press pool because it ran a front-page op-ed from Mitt Romney. While the White House later claimed the Boston Globe got the pool spot because it submitted its request first, that explanation doesn't jibe with this email from a White House staffer: "I tend to consider the degree to which papers have demonstrated to covering the White House regularly and fairly in determining local pool reporters." Loyalty has its rewards! 

– There was the time an Orlando Sentinel reporter was made to sit in a closet at a fundraiser for Joe Biden. 

– There was the time Obama agreed to sit down with the editor and publisher of the Des Moines Register, so long as the paper agreed not to quote him or even reveal the topics of conversation.  

– My favorite overreaction to a media outlet, however, was one I first wrote about a few years ago after a small-town newspaper editor emailed me to say that the White House had asked her to remove a sentence that "reflected poorly" on First Lady Michelle Obama. The story was titled "Inside Marine One, President Obama's Helicopter," and according to the editor, it contained a single line that suggested Obama was somewhat aloof toward the chopper pilots. "Basically," the editor said in her email, "the reporter said that the First Lady didn't speak to the pilots but acknowledged them by making eye contact." Shortly after the story went online, the editor received a call from the White House asking her to remove the sentence (she did). Shortly after my story went online, the White House called me, too (I added a denial from the First Lady's office to my story, but didn't remove or retract anything we'd already published). 

Those are just a handful of media anecdotes (inside-the-Beltway reporters have many, many more stories about the Obama administration flipping its lid over reporters not following their instructions). But the Obama machine's obsession with image management isn't limited to haranguing and punishing journalists–just ask Desiree Rogers, Carlos Pascual, Hillary Clinton, or Stanley McChrystal

For more on Obama's promise to lead the "most open and transparent administration in history," see this piece

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                    9. It sounds much better than a FLOTUS approved school lunch menu…

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  2. Ha! A while ago John and others were asking what Weigel’s reaction to this Woodward hububb was. It’s here:…..r-woodward

    Weigel on Twitter: “Theory: Woodward is trolling”

    What a fucking ratfucker.

    1. So all of the other Journolisters got trolled? Because they’re reactionary shitbags?

    2. I think anyone who links to Weigle should be imprisoned, fined or both.

      1. And the same holds true for linking to Weigel.

      2. Re: Enough About Palin,

        I think anyone who links to Weigle should be imprisoned, fined or both.

        I prefer he’d be placed in a stockade.

        1. How very libertarian of you two.

          1. So you think they’re like George Soros?

          2. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

            How very libertarian of you two.

            The mentally-challenged sourpuss cannot differentiate between serious talk and sarcasm.

            No surprises there.

            1. But I was serious, OM.

          3. THose are stocks. A stockade is a wooden fort.

            1. ohhhh ya, so it was an anti-first-nations racist kind of jab?

    3. Communications department of Team Blue. I follow him just so I can insult him.

  3. Regarding the Orlando Sentinel incident: to be fair, Biden was in the closet too, having wandered in and gotten lost several hours earlier.

    1. It wasn’t his fault, there just happened to be a magical land on the other side.

  4. NOMNOMNOMNOM this is all so yummy and sweet to me.

    The only thing that could make it better is a good dose of Tony’s TEAM BLUE hackery on the subject.

    1. poop poop durr limbaugh

      Happy now?

      1. C’mon, man. Our trolls have never been that coherent.

      2. needz moar greater good

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    2. There is some Tony butthurt in the thread a few posts down.

      1. Now that was just lazy from him. I require more contortions than that.

    3. I said it before, but it will be the most epic of lulz if hope n’ change gets turned on for shitting on his own sycophants. It will also be proof positive that he is a sociopathic narcissist, which we already knew but it’ll be awesome if he shows it to the world.

    4. NOMNOMNOMNOM this is all so yummy and sweet to me.

      Oh the tears of unfathomable butthurt!

  5. I say again – Liars become infuriated beyond all reason when they are exposed as liars.

  6. Shortly after my story went online, the White House called me, too.

    “And now I can’t find my dog.”

  7. A centrist gets a raft of shit from both sides.

    Cornel West and Tavis Smiley calling Obama a tool of Wall Street is a good example.

    To low-info wingnuts Obama is a Marxist and to the idiot far left he is too cozy with capitalists.

    Good job, Obama.

    1. They all know he stinks, they just disagree exactly what sort of stink it is.

    2. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

      A centrist gets a raft of shit from both sides.

      Oh! So NOW he’s a centrist???

      HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Cornel West and Tavis Smiley calling Obama a tool of Wall Street is a good example.

      Leftist brothers need to eat too, brother West and brother Smiley. Plus the wife’s expensive.

      To low-info wingnuts Obama is a Marxist and to the idiot far left he is too cozy with capitalists.

      Well, he’s an unprincipled and uncommitted Marxist. Not the first time and certainly not the last.

      1. I covered you low-info types.

        1. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

          I covered you low-info types.

          Ha ha ha!! Nice comeback, buster!

        2. Palin’s Buttplug| 2.28.13 @ 2:57PM |#
          ‘I lied about you’

          fixed, dipshit.

      2. He’s not Marxist. Marxism os totally wrong, but at least it is a somewhat coherent philosophy. Obama has no such consistency.

        1. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of Marxism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.

        2. I think he’s more like one of those left-liberals who has absorbed a lot of Marxist assumptions. Mostly it’s just a lot of old “progressive” feelings and nostrums, compromised as politics requires.

          I know lots of people like that. Hey, it’s hard to live on the minimum wage, therefore it should be raised. They’ve heard that other countries have government-run healthcare, so we should have that, too. Etc.

          1. BHO is a fascist, which goes quite well with his cronyism with Wall St.

    3. “A centrist gets a raft of shit from both sides.”


    4. Think this company is as good as that First Solar gem?

      “The layoffs are the latest signal of distress at SoloPower, where production delays have placed state and federal loan guarantees in peril.

      The company, which state business recruiters won over in 2011, already has received a $10 million state energy loan backed in part by Portland funding and a $20 million manufacturing Business Energy Tax Credit that will pay $13.5 million in cash.”…..fs_as.html

      1. FSLR is earning about $4/share.

        1. Earnings Per Share (EPS) $ -1.19

        2. Troll doesn’t know the difference between revenue and earnings.

          1. Only wongbuts believe in a difference between revenue and earnings.

          2. Shriek’s a good case study of the empiricist error: brain full of factoids, uninterpreted and unintegrated.

          3. But I thought Plugs had some big-time high finance type job.

            1. He does his Mom’s taxes.

              She’s on her fifth audit.

              1. Those 1004EZ forms are teh hard!

                /Malibu shrike

            2. So did Tim Geithener.

          4. FSLR 2013 earnings projection = $3.84.share


            I will crush anyone here in finance.

            Try me.

            1. “FSLR is earning about $4/share.”

              “FSLR 2013 earnings projection = $3.84.share”

              “I will crush anyone here in finance.”

              What are you going to do, drop a huge sack of stupidity on them?

            2. Palin’s Buttplug| 2.28.13 @ 3:24PM |#
              “I will crush anyone here in finance.”
              Diopshit, you’ve had your hat handed to you by people who don’t claim any expertise.
              You’re an ignorant, lying asshole.

            3. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

              FSLR 2013 earnings projection = $3.84.share

              Without a market???

              Don’t bet the farm, Buttwipe. Bet your ass, as you accustomed it already to insertions, but not the farm.

            4. Earnings Projection…perfect

            5. Earnings projection isn’t the same as Earnings per share.

              Jesus Christ you are retarded.

              1. FSLR earned $1.74 in q4 2012.

                GAAP earnings per fully diluted share of $1.74 for the fourth quarter and loss of $1.11 for 2012

            6. If you trust paper over gold, you are going to starve while my gold opens all kinds of wonderful doors for me.

            7. I will crush anyone here in finance

              Dude, I buttfuck you so often on 5th grade math you might as well be the Lord of Flowers.

              1. Idiot.

                Your only (wrong) claim was that Buffett owed a billion in back taxes.

                Still, no one else knows that except you.

                1. Your only (wrong) claim was that Buffett owed a billion in back taxes.

                  Really? Where did I claim this?

                  I do recall hitting you in the pinhead with the Vampire of Omaha’s claim that running a 2% debt-GDP spread was sustainable.

                  So you have to get expenditures, in my view, down to about 21 percent of GDP. And you have to get revenues up to 18 1/2 or 19


                  And I can always cite the GDP figures I smacked you with from this morning’s AM Links as today’s proof that you are a waste of carbon molecules.

            8. I’m no high finance guru, and I do my taxes on, but isn’t a projection different from actual earnings?

              Forgive my wingnutty ignorance.

              1. In timing only.

                Any idiot can see what past earnings are by reading the report. Future earnings are where people make money.

                26 analysts say that FSLR will make $4ish a share in 2013.

                2012 is in the can.

                1. Shriek, if I recall correctly, this is where you’re supposed to accuse people of “changing the metric”.

            9. Why try me? With your skills, you should take over Detroit.

            10. I will crush anyone here in finance.

              Try me.

              Earnings History

              EPS Est .59
              EPS Actual (-.08)
              Difference (-.67)

              Surprise % -113.60%

              much like FSLR earnings, you seem to have a bold and confident impression of yourself, which seems to collapse in the face of reality, resulting in more than 100% the opposite result of what you had intended.

              1. shreek can see Wall Street from his room at Bellvue.


    6. Wow, there really is nothing you won’t fellate Obama for, is there?

      1. That’s why he’s a REAL libertarian dontcha know?

        1. Sorry if he doesn’t pass your “purity test”. It’s only because he sees farther than the rest of us.

          1. I am going to Scotland in May. I will find the one true scotsman.

          2. The length of the human GI tract is ~20 feet, so he can’t see much farther than that given how far his head is up his own ass.

    7. What’s a centrist? Is that a bag of talking crap, like you?

      1. All politicians are bags of talking crap (or is it talking bags of crap). Centrists are just a specialized variety.

        1. Centrists means I have no opinions, no morals, no values, no stand on any positions, I will just makeup whatever bullshit I have to, in order to stay in power.

          1. Perhaps. Or not. A centrist could be a capitalist who supports modest social programs.

          2. Present


          3. That’s pretty much what it means now, but as with all political labels, it shifts around.

    8. “and to the idiot far left he is too cozy with capitalists.”

      They make some weak, arbitrary rumbling, if for no other reason than to be able to point back to it later down the line as an example of their own magnificent foresight and moral fortitude, but they still fall in at the end of the day.

      See: MATT DAMON!

  8. Shortly after my story went online, the White House called me, too.

    A sign you’ve done something right.

  9. This administration is obsessed with image management.

    Uh…ya think? Too bad they have to manage a bumbling egomaniac and a wookie.

    1. But what about Barack? Or is he the bumbling egomaniac? And if he is, what is Joe?

      1. Labrador Retriever. He’ll jump into a pond anytime to distract attention, and SQUIRREL.

      2. “And if he is, what is Joe?”



          1. He does so love to run and run.

    2. A wookie? Oh, you mean the sasquatch?

  10. Shortly after my story went online, the White House called me, too.

    And you…?

    1. Yeah…he kind of left off what he did. Makes me think he complied with Dear Leader.

    2. Added their denial to the story, but refused to retract or remove anything we’d already published.

        1. No White House credentials for Riggs…

      1. good to hear…+1 golf outings with a POTUS to be named later. The lack of press coverage with this one could bode ill for you.

        1. With the practice Barry has had the past four years, I don’t doubt he could qualify for the senior tourneys when he leaves the White House. If he wanted to quit the job today and pursue his real passion, why he would have my 200% support.

  11. I’m torn between the lulz and the “SHUTTHEFUCKUPIDONTCARE!!!!!” insider trading narcissism.

    Classic approach-avoidance conflict…fuck all of ’em, either way.

  12. There was the time Obama agreed to sit down with the editor and publisher of the Des Moines Register, so long as the paper agreed not to quote him or even reveal the topics of conversation.

    “I told you, touching is extra!”

  13. The salty ham tears from the left over this incident are indeed delicious. It’s like watching a battered girlfriend make excuse after excuse after you point out her black eye.

    1. Bob Woodward walked into a door.

      1. And then fell down the stairs.

          1. Well he is old and doddering after all…

    2. I am sensing the possibility of a internecine TEAM BLUE bloodbath about this and it’s getting me really excited. It may not happen, but man my pants are tight just at the possibility.

      1. Woodward’s gonna step back in line. At heart, he’s an Obama supporter. Woodward is probably more disappointed than scared or shocked at this point.

        1. And if he doesn’t get back in line, they won’t let him lick the floor where the anointed one stood.

      2. I don’t think so. A purge and all is well.

  14. Obama and his administration simply aren’t used to a hostile media. This truly throws them. It’s like when your dog bites you out of the blue.

    1. Yeah, I am sure they never noticed the Birthers, Birchers, and McCarthyites in the media.

      1. which one of those is Woodward? You suck much harder and BO’s face might cave in.

        1. Holy heck that’s fun to imagine.

        2. Whatevs. He’ll get the chrome off that trailer hitch one day and won’t you look the fool?

          1. This is actually a good illustration of the depth of the cult. You can be Bob fucking Woodward, and if you criticize the President on some nebulous detail about budget process, you’re a birther.

            1. A detail that is easily proven, too. It’s not like he’s saying something that can’t be dis-proven.

      2. Right, and how many Birthers, Birchers and McCarthyites work for the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, The Nation, Slate, NPR, Salon, the San Francisco Chronicle, the L.A. Times, the Huffington Post, The New Republic, Time, Newsweek, CBS, NBC, ABC…

        1. Hey, poor dipshit is working overtime here trying to cover for his fave asshole.

      3. what media was that?

      4. This admin has had a free ride from a suckling media for a long, long time. That is not to say there are no opposing voices, but by and large the volume of Tv and print sources are at best enamored of him and at worst flat dishonest to cover for the blatant lies told by him and his crew.

        And then there are the progressives like you so emotionally invested in their idol that they won’t be honest.

        1. I think we’ll see a slow disowning of Obama by the press, one at a time, as they realize he has made a mess. They’ll get behind Hillary. Thus keeping their true blue cred.

  15. – There was the time an Orlando Sentinel reporter was made to sit in a closet at a fundraiser for Joe Biden.

    ORLANDOOOO!!!!! Fuck Lake Eola.

    In all fairness though, he wasn’t alone. R. Kelly was in there with him.

  16. So, the narrative now is, ‘we’re not just sycophants, the White House has been bullying us all these years into submission. ‘ When did the press detect weakness in the administration that we are now seeing some distancing and turning on? Something down the pike that is going to be huge and weaken this administration, maybe? What is the story behind that story?

    1. Probably has something to do with the recession the country is in.

      1. If that didn’t stop the guy from getting a second term, he is bullet proof on that point.

      2. My hunch, well, let’s just say, drones and helicopter raids haven’t been the only means sanctioned killings have been carried out.

        1. I hope you’re wrong about that hunch. The drones are bad enough, but…the administration doesn’t acknowledge the drone attacks anyway do they?

          1. The bragging about the bagging is a quite different approach to the old ‘we can neither confirm nor deny . . .’ that we have seen in administrations past. Another thing they never even bother with is ‘plausible deniability’ which was developed by the CIA in the Kennedy administration as to avoid a potential constitutional crises while still being allowed to do whatever the fuck they want.

            Truly the most arrogant and narcissistic bunch to ever hold power in this country. Their stupidity in in direct square inverse of their competence.

            1. I think the bad things is secret CIA prisons and torture. They really don’t care about killing people. But torture will be harder to explain.

              1. Don’t forget, renditions to 59 different countries. That is a lot of potential blackmail from some of the biggest thug regimes on the planet.

                1. Or using the NSA on political opponents. Interesting how Petreus’ affair just magically came to light.

                  1. If I were a journalist that would be the scab I would be picking at. The timing of it so soon after Broadwell’s remarks about the deceit involved in hiding the nature of the CIA building is what really stands out.

                    1. The Pink Gorilla In The China Shop — article begs to be written.

                    2. And if that ever came out, the Left would either have to impeach Obama or admit that the entire Watergate story was a fraud.

    2. For a long time, I’ve felt that the press are like penguins. No penguin wants to be the first in the water, because there may be a sea-lion just waiting under the waves.

      So they stand at the edge jostling each other, and after a few get knocked in and don’t get eaten, there is a sudden cascade as all the penguins jump in.

      No journalist who has Obama’s number wants to be the penguin that gets eaten by a sea lion. They know he’s going to try to destroy the career of the first penguins to jump in the water.

      But… after a few penguins jump in and survive, there *will* be a cascade of smelly squawking overweight birdbrained beings joining the frenzy.

      1. I’m just picturing all the usual “journalist” suspects shitting green shit and squawking and flapping their arms as they all take a polar bear plunge. In the Bering Sea. In January. With no rescue within 500 miles.

        1. Such a happy thought. Thanks Kristen.

        2. That’s a long trip for penguins.

          1. But not for people who exhibit penguin-like behavior.

      2. I think so. That is why they are trying so hard to destroy Woodward. The other thing is there is an entire generation of hacks, Yglesias, Klein, Ackerman, Marshall, who have based their entire careers around being Obama hacks. If the media ever turns on Obama, the douche bag mafia’s careers are finished. And don’t think for a moment they don’t know it. That is why people like Yglesias are panicked at the mere thought that someone on the left with the cache of Woodward has gone after Obama.

        1. Nah, the worst that would happen is some embarrassment followed by a cushy job at some lefty foundation. And maybe a juicy contract for a book that will sell 500 copies before it hits the remaindered tables.

      3. So what you’re saying is, Bob Woodward accidentally came to his conclusions– fell into them backwards, as it were– he didn’t actually set out to see if the President was lying?

        1. Sort of. The reality is that he is older, more established and his career doesn’t depend upon Obama. So I don’t think he realized the effect his words would have. He still thinks it is 1995 and you can speak honestly about a Democratic President.

          1. I remember Woodward’s reaction to Brock’s book on Hillary where he was more disappointed at the shoddiness of the journalism than disdainful of Brock for the his choice of subject matter. He was expecting something better in terms of journalism.

            He is an old fashioned DC left-centrist that came after the New Left reformation. This cult stuff is a new experience for those who are now the old guard.

            1. He is an old fashioned DC left-centrist that came after whose formative years were the New Left reformation.

              1. Off topic: Every time I see your name, I think of the video game series “KillZone”

                Just a passing thought.

                1. Game had good coop built into it. I like that in my shooters.

      4. And actually, while I absolutely love your visual, I really don’t believe that all the penguins want to jump in the water. That suggests that The Media(tm) is hovering on the edge of really wanting to go after this president, and all it’s going to take is a few to fall in first, and WHAM, it’s gonna be the end of the Obama cult.

        I just don’t see that.

        The way I see it, is most of the penguins have no interest whatsoever in jumping in the water, and when they saw Bob swimming around out there, they were all, ‘What the fuck’s he doing out there?’

        1. True. Most of them don’t want to jump in the water because they can’t swim and are terrified of people like Woodward shaming them into trying.

  17. In that same profile, it was revealed that Jarrett had attacked ACLU President Anthony Romero for criticizing this administration’s atrocious handling of the War on Terror. “Great harm has been done,” Jarrett wrote to Romero. “There has been a material breach of trust.”

    Note to Ms. Jarrett — if the government “trusts” the press, the press is doing it wrong.

  18. It’s a quick read, but his sleaziness’ inability to handle criticism is covered all too well in “The Amateur” (Klien)…..he+amateur

  19. For more on Obama’s promise to lead the “most open and transparent administration in history,”

    I think the actual promise was “to be PORTRAYED as the most open and transparent administration in history”, and he inaudibly mumbled when he said “portrayed”. Or maybe wrote a secret interpretation of that sentence that added “portrayed” after the fact.


    WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House is threatening a presidential veto of a Senate Republican measure that would give President Barack Obama more authority and flexibility to find $85 billion in spending cuts this year. The measure is intended to replace the automatic across-the-board cuts scheduled to kick in Friday.

    So much for any idea that Obama doesn’t want to make sure that sequester does as much damage to the country as possible. We now have a President who feels it is both in his interest and his duty to actively try and damage the country as much as possible.

    1. “The sequester replacement bill proposed by Senate Democrats, and endorsed by the White House, would add $7.2 billion to the federal deficit over ten years, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO).”…..rew-stiles

      And some new taxes!

    2. The Senate: I don’t want it! You hold it!

      Barry: No! Not mine, you hold it!

      Senate: No! You!

      Barry: No! You!

      Senate: No! You!

      Barry: No! You!

      Senate: No! You!

      Barry: No! You!

      Senate: No! You!

      Barry: No! You!

      Senate: No! You!

      Barry: No! You!

      Senate: No! You!

      Barry: No! You!

      Senate: No! You!

      Barry: No! You!

      Senate: No! You!

      Barry: No! You!

      Senate: No! You!

      1. Oh, let me hold it for you!

        /The Orange One

    3. He will veto this but the NMAA… nahhhhhhh

      What a vile scum bag he is.

  21. The fucking rubes around here in the Fed bureaucracy though they they were not supposed to report to work tomorrow because the government would be shut down. The Undersecretary had to send an email to everybody telling them to report to work.

    It’s morons all the way down.

    1. Good God, where do you work, the national short bus foundation?

      1. No shit – I had no idea these people were that stupid.

        On another note, I have gotten approximately 5 Fedgov job announcements for the bureau that I work with today alone. Shouldn’t a hiring freeze perhaps be a part of the sequester?

        1. It is. But they still run the ads.

          1. I don’t know how government does it, but in corporate America, people can be hired during a freeze if a SVP signs off on it.

        2. Maybe their hiring freeze is like a King County hiring freeze. King Country hired 1800 new employees during a hiring freeze.

      2. She did say Fed bureaucracy… does it really need any more clarification than that?

    2. Maybe they assumed they will be part of the 170 million jobs lost, due to a 2 percent reduction in a spending increase, predicted by a most reliable source.

      170 million jobs lost

      1. She really hates numbers.

        1. “Alright brain, I don’t like you and you don’t like me, but let’s just get through this and I’ll get back to killing you with beer.”

          1. Warm day today. I’ve been drinking Stouts and Black Ales mostly of late. Tonight though I’m going to pick up two growlers. A Stone IPA and a Sierra Nevada Torpedo.

    3. Ohhhh, they thought government shut down. As in ‘stop’.

      I can see how Federal employees would make that mistake after all the Obama administration propaganda.

    4. They’re a sneaky kind of stupid. Like my old boss’s story of the mid 90s when employees couldn’t print a document on the shared printer without hand-holding, but could somehow find the document with everyone’s payscale on the company intranet.

  22. Obamas punishment in Hell would be having to answer real questions, from Libertarians in front of a live audience, no teleprompter, and being heckled mercilessly as he said ‘well, uhh, well, I, uhhh, let me be clear, uhhh, I never, uhhh’

    1. There will be a devil behind him whipping him every time he says “let me be clear” or ummh and such.

      1. There will be a devil behind him whipping


        1. Who said the devil was white?


          1. Are you suggesting that only white people can wield a whip?


    2. I kind of thought his punishment in hell would being forced to use a debit card which got denied the instant the account reached $0.

  23. Businessweek warns that minorities may be buying houses again.…..s-may.html

    1. Bloomberg’s a racist! His name is on that cover!

      RUN WITH THIS!!!

      1. I am not one to be butt hurt about the racism. But my God, that cover is awful.

        1. They forgot the giant-beak-nosed, hunchbacked Jewish banker cackling in the background.

          1. And the Mick passed out drunk on the stoop and the Mickey Rooney Chinaman with big buck teeth doing laundry.


        2. Imagine if Rand Pauls name was on that cover.

          There would be a witch hunt in DC, the likes of which has never been seen before in history.

    2. Best Comment:

      Mitchell the Bat said…
      What’s offensive is the idea that a black guy would ever wear a monocle.

      1. tmitsss said:
        “At least it’s not a high capacity magazine.”

  24. I was reading a story earlier on the topic of Woodward and other press members saying they have been threatened by our current admin, I wish I could find it again, but the author made a comment, something like ‘Nixon was like a cute fluffy kitten compared to this gang of thugs’. That one made me lol.

    1. Worse than Nixon! What high standards we have in the 21st century. No wonder we lack a moonbase with purple-haired women and flying cars.

      1. And lord, how the world would be a better place with purple-haired women.

        1. Hate to break it to you but that is a character from Final Fantasy….and it is a dude.

          1. “and it is a dude.”
            Better that Paul find out now…

      2. Politicians can never be forgiven for the fact that we do not have flying cars or cities on Mars populated by women with 3 boobs, yet.

        The purple haired ladies on the moon, I’ll let them slide on that one, but the other two offenses, time to water the tree.

      3. Obama: Dumber than Carter; Dirtier than Nixon.

    2. I want these assholes to be publicly discredited even if that means giving the media a pass. The media is going to have to be given a way to let themselves off the hook or they will never turn on Obama or tell the truth. Maybe, “the Obama administration were such big meanies they bullied us into going along” is the fig leaf they need.

      1. When your enemy is retreating, let him have all the face in the world. 🙂

      2. Going along with what?

        1. I don’t know Tony. Obama has received such harsh coverage the past five years that is a hard one to figure out.

          1. Oh I thought you were going to say the press was bullied into repeating lies based on intelligence known to be faulty in order to start a decade-long war. But that was someone else.

            1. They did do that in Bengazi and Libya. So yeah, that is a good point. Occasionally you are not as stupid as you seem Tony.

              1. Every time Tony leaves a comment, I imagine this picture:

                With a furious “fap fap fap” sound in the background.

            2. Hey T o n y, where’d the fucking spaces go?

              1. Between his ears?

              2. I never wanted the spaces to begin with. Somehow it started letting me use my preferred handle again.

      3. Wishful thinking, John, that this admin will ever be held accountable for anything.

        After Fast and Furious, I knew they could get away with anything, and they have, and will continue to do so.

        Obama could bite the head off live kittens on national TV and drink the blood, and nothing bad would happen to him. He could run naked on the national mall, knocking down handicapped old ladies and pissing on them in broad daylight, and the press would cover for him. His supporters would not bat an eye.

        1. No question he could actively murder people and people like Tony and many other leftists would defend him. As I said above, there is a whole generation of hacks whose careers depend on Obama. These are the people who have been most adamant in going after Woodward because they have no choice. Their livelihoods depend on it.

          The question is will there be enough old school guys who want to keep the press from going completely under to fight those. Probably not.

          1. No question he could actively murder people


            Were we talking about Captain Drone-bot, or someone else?

  25. If you read the email to Woodward you’d know that even Woodward’s own reaction to the “threat” is overblown. He was incoherent and incorrect on the initial claim, and he’s distorting the white house staffer’s response to boot. Did he change meds? Is he jockeying for a contributorship at FOX?

    1. I suppose Lanny Davis is full of it too?

      1. They all just want jobs at Fox News. It is after all the only media outlet other than Rush Limbaugh which isn’t going broke.

      2. No–Bob Woodward is full of it, but I have no doubt the administration is hypersensitive to media criticism.

        Considering optics and horserace are the only things the media pay attention to, it is somewhat understandable though.

        1. That is right Tony. God Obama might sort of kind of be an asshole, but that is only because the media forces him to be.

          You do realize that you would be a more effective troll if you were not such a complete parody of the brain dead Obamabot don’t you?

          1. How is whether Obama is an asshole relevant to anything?

            In fact, what is the point of this article? Is Obama the first politician to manage his image and media coverage?

            1. You know what other politician managed his image and media coverage?

            2. The fact that Obama is a bumbling incompetent who uses thuggish tactics to intimidate the media from pointing out embarrassing facts, seems mildly relevant to an assessment of his Presidency, yes Tony.

              I thought Obama was cool? Transcendent? Now he is an asshole? Really Tony? Now you tell us this?

              1. I have no idea if he is an asshole. I do know that his image is very carefully managed. It’s a part of how he’s been such a successful politician. Usually that’s considered a good thing in the vocation of politics.

                I’m still waiting for you idiots to stumble upon a real scandal. We’ll see if you haven’t cried wolf too many times for people to notice.

                1. a real scandal

                  Yeah, there certainly haven’t been any “real” ones for four years now…. LOL

            3. Oooooh! So getting caught in a lie is “image managing” now.

              Tony, baby! You know there are people who will pay you good money to do standup-philosophy!

                1. Tony| 2.28.13 @ 5:17PM |#
                  “What lie?”

                  The big one, shithead.

                2. The lie (one of them) is: “The sequester wasn’t my idea.”

                  1. Did someone say that? If so, then I think we should punish the Obama administration about 1/1,000,0000,000 the the amount we punished Bush for the lies leading to the Iraq war.

                    1. Tony| 2.28.13 @ 9:14PM |#
                      “Did someone say that? If so, then I think we should punish the Obama administration about 1/1,000,0000,000 the the amount we punished Bush for the lies leading to the Iraq war.”
                      Shithead, you might think those goalposts are on wheels, but no one here is buying your bullshit.

                    2. You are comically unable to properly deploy a Logic 101 vocab word.

                    3. Tony| 2.28.13 @ 10:11PM |#
                      “You are comically unable to properly deploy a Logic 101 vocab word”

                      Nice try shithead. Bullshit fail.

    2. SAd troll is sad. You really are having a hard day aren’t you Tony.


    4. You know what you’re missing here: some kind of comparison to what Bush did.

      1. That’s really all that comes out of Tony… BOOOOOOOOOOSSSSHHHHHH!

      2. That’s ButtPlugs job.

        1. Bushpig, Bushpig

          Christfag Christfag!!

    5. At 2:30 p.m., [White House Budget director Jack] Lew and [White House legislative affairs director Rob] Nabors went to the Senate to meet with [Senator Majority Leader Harry] Reid and his chief of staff, David Krone.
      “We have an idea for a trigger,” Lew said.
      “What’s the idea,” Reid asked skeptically.
      Reid bent down and put his head between his knees, almost as if he was going to throw up or was having a heart attack. He sat back up and looked at the ceiling. “A couple of weeks ago,” he said, “my staff said to me that there is one more possible” enforcement mechanism: sequestration. He said he told them, “Get the hell out of here. That’s insane. The White House surely will come up with a plan that will save the day. And you come to me with sequestration?”
      Well, it could work, Lew and Nabors explained.
      What would the impact be?
      They would design it so that half the threatened cuts would be from the Defense Department?.The idea was to make all of the threatened cuts so unthinkable and onerous that the supercommittee [tasked with making additional cuts] would do its work and come up with its own deficit reduction plan.
      Lew and Nabors went through a laundry list of programs that would face cuts.

      1. But none of this is Obama’s fault. Just because he loaded the gun and put it to the victim’s head doesn’t excuse the victim from forcing him to pull the trigger.

        1. Aha! Its Smith & Wesson’s fault!

      2. And a bunch of Republican congresspeople voted for the idea. Why is who originated the idea important–at all?

        I’ll tell you why–because the Republican spin is to pin all the blame for anything bad that happens on Obama. That’s the only thing at stake in this blame game bullshit.

        Except it’s not really because the American people are going to continue to blame Republicans.

        1. Tony| 2.28.13 @ 5:21PM |#
          “And a bunch of Republican congresspeople voted for the idea. Why is who originated the idea important–at all?”

          Taking lessons from Hil, are you shithead?

        2. because the Republican spin is to pin all the blame for anything bad that happens on Obama

          Note that this is entirely different from the Obama spin, which is to pin all the blame for anything bad that happens on Republicans.

          1. The Republicans who are at fault for the entire mess. They voted for the sequester so they are just as implicated, period. That’s a choice. If Obama deserves some measure of blame for originating the idea–to deal with Republicans’ inability to stray from orthodoxy–fine, whatever.

            Republicans insist we cut the deficit and clog all of government over the demand (completely ignoring unemployment and the 20 other more immediate crises), then refuse to do it in a way that will inflict the least amount of pain (raising income taxes and the affluent and closing their tax loopholes), demanding only that we enact their stupid ideological agenda that has nothing to do with the current needs of the country.

            1. Tony| 2.28.13 @ 9:21PM |#
              “The Republicans who are at fault for the entire mess”
              Right. Oboshitter proposes it, gets it passed and signs it.
              Those darn rethuglicans!
              Stuff it up your ass, shithead.


            2. Really? And it wasn’t a Democrat controlled House that refused to pass a budget for how many years? And the Obama WH that refused to submit a budget plan for consideration?
              Now, all of a sudden, its the Republican’s fault?
              Oh, and “the 20 other more immediate crises” that mean we can’t balance the budget? When is there NOT a crisis? So we just never deal with deficits and the debt? Good plan.

    6. Did he change meds? Is he jockeying for a contributorship at FOX?

      So you’re saying that Nixon did get a raw deal? nNteresting.

      1. Considering what presidents have gotten away with since, sure I do.

        1. …BUSH. Saved you the trouble. You’re welcome.

  26. Of course this administration is obsessed with image management. Image is all they’ve got. They could, of course, allow the substance of the man to speak for itself, but that wouldn’t be prudent.

    1. No that wouldn’t be. All they have is image

      1. And healthcare reform, stopping a depression, and bin laden’s head.

        1. Tony| 2.28.13 @ 5:22PM |#
          “And healthcare reform, (fucking up the economy) stopping a depression,(nope; continuing it) and bin laden’s head.(authorizing someone to shoot a man in bed).
          Yep, real winner you got there, shithead!

          1. I’ll give him props for the last one. OBL assassination was a + for his admin. I don’t think I can deny it, as much as I generally dislike almost everything Obama does, he did good there.

            1. Except that any other President would also have killed bin Laden when they got the chance.

            2. Dunphy (the real one)| 2.28.13 @ 6:00PM |#
              “I’ll give him props for the last one. OBL assassination was a + for his admin.”

              I won’t.
              Killing an unarmed man in bed hardly shows any bravery, not to mention that he did nothing other than OK it from a very safe distance.
              And, no I wouldn’t give props to any other president who did so.

            3. OBL should have been tried in a federal court in Manhattan. It would send a message to the world that we don’t piss our pants and throw our great tradition of the rule of law out the window because a bunch of fundie fucksticks go “boo!”

              1. I completely agree. But we have two realistic political choices available: shooting him in the head with Seals, or starting a bloody $3 trillion war for no purpose.

                I do long for our civil liberty-obsessed future when upon cleanly killing the country’s single most wanted terrorist, the people rise up and condemn the government for not giving him a trial. I also enjoy thoughts of Ryan Gosling in my spa tub, in case you were interested.

                1. Tony| 2.28.13 @ 9:41PM |#
                  “I completely agree. But we have two realistic political choices available: shooting him in the head with Seals, or starting a bloody $3 trillion war for no purpose.”

                  False dichotomy, shithead. Logic and bullshit fail.

  27. “White House Adopts Directive from Sen. Paul’s Alternative Sequester Plan”

  28. Nixon is in his grave, not rotating on any axis.

  29. In the Op-Ed from the DesMoines Register, the editor write:

    “It’s important that I emphasize the White House’s decision won’t play a factor in our board’s final endorsement decision. That would be petty and ridiculous. We take far too seriously what’s at stake this election and what our endorsement should say.”

    On the contrary, it would have been wholly appropriate if the fact that the President wouldn’t talk with them on the record had affected their endorsement, because it speaks directly to the openness and honesty of the Obama White House: there isn’t any.

  30. Mike Cullen’s book, “Whiney Little Bitch: The Excuse Filled Presidency of Barack Obama” needs to be updated with Obama’s latest cry-baby blame game tactics.

  31. Let’s be sure we’re clear on one thing: Woodward is quite probably going to regret it. Not because the administration is going to engage in retribution, but “regret” in terms of the spirit of the actual “regret” comment (if any of you would bother to read the email exchange). That is to say, his reputation is being shit on all over the liberal media. And we all know how much they control public perception. So it seems as if Sperling will likely be correct in his polite warning.

    1. Tony| 2.28.13 @ 5:25PM |#
      … “That is to say, his reputation is being shit on all over the liberal media”…

      Yep, liars really hate it when someone tells the truth.

    2. “Polite warning” is the new euphemism for threats that come from people you like, huh?

      1. That’s what it was if you read the email. Woodward, bizarrely, is mischaracterizing the exchange. He was perfectly polite back in the email.

        1. Shithead, it’s hard to believe you can spin that much and not get dizzy.
          BTW, in case it isn’t obvious, no one here is buying your bullshit.
          Your fave asshole is pissed because someone called him on his lie, and he’s thuggish enough to threaten that person. That’s all, regardless of your efforts to sugar-coat a thugs activity.

    3. So it seems as if Sperling will likely be correct in his polite warning.

      you are aware that BW wrote the fucking book well before Obama started claiming the sequester was ‘created by congress’

      all he did is point this out, which pisses off the admin. they know most of their constituents cant read a whole book

  32. Ok, I was kind of wondering how Tony was going to spin the absolutely abhorrent behavior of the Obama admin in the Woodward debacle. Color me disappointed with his weak-ass defense of the indefensible. Woodward currently experiencing the Bernie Goldberg (or Christopher Hitchens) treatment from his former band mates who are now starting the apostate attack engines and revving away.

    1. Woodward made shit up during Watergate and he’s making shit up now. Maybe he figured out how much money there is in conservative punditry.

      But for the sake of argument I’ll grant every accusation Woodward makes, and I acknowledge that the sequester idea came from the White House.

      What is the importance of the question of where the idea originated? Congress voted, so they’re implicated now.

      As for Woodward, he’s mischaracterizing the exchange and I don’t know why. The entire rightwing political/media clusterfuck is about trying to shovel as much blame as possible onto Obama, for the cynical lying political ends of the Republicans. That’s what Woodward’s episode is contributing to, nothing more, so who gives a shit?

      1. Tony| 2.28.13 @ 9:34PM |#
        “Woodward made shit up during Watergate and he’s making shit up now.”
        Cite shithead.
        Oh, and it’s such a pleasure watching you defend Nixon so you can spin stuff for your fave asshole, shithead.

  33. Let’s not forget CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s upbraiding by the DOJ for daring to ask embarrassing questions about Fast and Furious.

  34. I believe Woodward is a journalist first and a liberal second.

    The opposite appears to be true of younger members of the media.

  35. OK so next time someone gives me grief about criticizing Michelle because “she isn’t a politician” I’ll remind them she has her own flerking press secretary.

  36. Mike Riggs, this is pathetic.

  37. Am I the only one who thinks it’s a little telling that members of the Obama Administration think that comparing a man to Richard Nixon is just one step away from calling him a Nazi?

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