Civil Liberties

Tech Companies Say Legalized Gay Marriage Eases Recruitment Efforts

They have to compete with companies in more-tolerant jurisdictions


Some big-name tech companies are adding their support for same-sex marriage and making the case that banning these unions deters employee recruitment efforts.

Dozens of companies, including Apple, Facebook, eBay, and Intel, will file an amicus brief—a court document field by an interested group that is not actually a party to the case—on Thursday to declare their support, Fortune reported today.

Facebook publicly announced its support through a message on its "LGBTQ@Facebook" page.

"This week, Facebook is proudly joining many other businesses in submitting briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court supporting same-sex marriage," the message read. "The briefs explain to the Court how the Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8 discriminate against employees in same-sex marriages and create undue burdens on companies and employees."