Tax Returns Rejected Because the IRS Hasn't Updated Forms To Reflect Law Changes

But taxpayers are on the hook, not the government


Rejection. It's not easy to deal with, especially if it's from the Internal Revenue Service.

Some earlier taxpayers who have filed electronically have had their returns rejected — and it wasn't because of a mistake on their part.

When Congress finally approved the American Taxpayers Relief Act on Jan. 2, it forced the IRS to make changes to dozens of forms that many people use to file returns. Unfortunately, the IRS hasn't corrected all the forms yet.

Salt Lake certified public accountant Jim Hoch with HEB Business Solutions is busy, as individuals and businesses are getting their 2012 income tax information together. He is working on returns every day and has many already completed. But sometimes when he tries to send in those forms, a screen pops up that says: "This return cannot be filed electronically."