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Talk of a Roger Stone Libertarian Run for Governor Generates Buzz in Florida

He's touting legalized marijuana and gay marriage


Right Wing wild card Roger Stone may throw his hat in the ring of the 2014 Florida governor's race. The ace in his hole: marijuana. He wants to legalize it, and gay marriage.

How serious is he? It's always a thin line with Stone, who so revels in outrage it's like he does things just because he can. It's demonic, in the true sense, a triumph of the will.

Instantly recognizable by his scrub of bleached blond hair, shirtlessly identifiable by the Dick Nixon tattoo on his back, Stone made his bones as a dirty trickster for Nixon in 1972, serving as a self-described GOP "hit man" until 2012, when he bolted for the Libertarian Party, blogging that the GOP was "hopelessly f*cked up."

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  1. Another ignoramus article from REASON.

    The LP Florida prohibits running statewide candidates as they’re not needed given the election laws. Their strategic plan was to focus on local office and direct democracy. This so scared the GOP they overrran the convention in 2009 and kicked out the Libertarians including honorary member David Nolan, the LP main founder.

    Now the 3 candidates for Governor are GOP extremist loonies that IMHO are spending down money LP Florida set aside for pot and other initiatives. The Governor can do nothing about those topics–they’re being handled by direct democracy in Floirida where the LP Florida is now MIA. They’re trying to enrage the purged LP Florida members into a lawsuit that will decertify the party then it will need 100,000 signatures to start again and put Presidential candidates on the ballot.

    Sadly the same thing has happened to other LP state parties as well. About half are dysfunctional. REASON, why not investigate that? Why has REASON been silent since 2006 when all this started?

  2. “Max” do I detect a hidden agenda here on your part? Your derision for Reason and effort to split the LPF with paranoid delusions is conspicuous. You fail to even mention the subject of the article which of course was Roger Stone (someone who has sufficient national name recognition to actually put LPF on the map.) Stone has not declared and may never. It would surely cost him a tidy sum of his personal wealth. Such expenditures would greatly enhance LPF’s status and profile statewide which would in turn benefit local LP candidates. Either way I see a win-win here and not a conspiracy.

  3. Stone says he’s serious about a 2014 gubernatorial run. Florida could use a Libertarians in the governor’s mansion and Roger Stone is a true Libertarian, albeit “out of the Republican closet.” Hair color and tattoos are not the criteria we should base our judgements on. Roger Stone has experience bar none and he knows just about every politician and their BS and that will make him a credible candidate to run against Rick Scott and Charlie Crist.

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