Wind Power Expanded by 20 Percent in 2012

Though total renewable energy numbers have dropped


A relative slowdown in new wind turbine construction in China was offset by big increases in the US, followed by Germany, India and the UK – though renewable energy as a whole has fallen

Wind power expanded by almost 20% in 2012 around the world to reach a new peak of 282GW of total installed capacity. Of the 45GW of new wind turbines that arrived in 2012, China and the US led the way with 13GW each, while Germany, India and the UK were next with about 2GW apiece.

"While China paused for breath, both the US and European markets had exceptionally strong years," said Steve Sawyer, secretary general of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), which produced the statistics. "Asia still led global markets, but with North America a close second, and Europe not far behind."