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Pope Benedict XVI to Resign at End of Month

Too frail to minister he says


In an extraordinary announcement, Pope Benedict XVI said Monday that he would step down at the end of the month, ending a papacy that has lasted less than eight years.

It is the first time in memory, and possibly centuries, that a pontiff has voluntarily stepped down.

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  1. If any H&R regulars are Cardinals please consider putting my name in nomination. I would be happy to serve as the Pope.

    1. I’m holding out for Pope STEVE SMITH.

  2. Good riddance. Please shut down that entire evil cabal when you leave and give your gold to the poor.

    1. Centuries of pillaging and fleecing don’t count in the moral equation of wealth distribution. Whoever has the wealth right now is presumed to have earned it, and at any rate it would be wrong to take and redistribute it. Especially to icky poor people.

      –Libertarian defenders of freedom.

      1. When Ayn Rand spoke of inherited wealth, she rightly pointed out that the qualities of the one inheriting mattered little; it was the right of the one who had the wealth to pass it on to whomever they wished. It was about the right to dispose of one’s property.

        Anyway, centuries of guys making a fortune and having no one to give it to made the church rich. Honestly, if the church loves altruism so much, they should liquidate it and use it to end poverty or something.

  3. It is the first time in memory, and possibly centuries,…

    quite nearly six centuries in fact.

    The LATimes Newsroom, the land that the internet forgot.

  4. This is actually a positive and should be applauded. I always thought it was absurd to have the pope serve until he died. Although this does raise some questions – What does a retired pope do? Can he get laid? Does infallibility shut off the day he leaves office or does it kind of fade away?

    1. The church probably gentle encourages him to STFU and stay out of controversy. I wonder if he gets a golden parachute to keep him happy.

  5. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, asshole.

  6. Let’s see him rule after he dies. Then, I’ll be impressed.

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  9. That Nazi guy?

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