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New 3D Printed Rifle Magazine Feeds Hundreds of Rounds


The Cuomo
Defense Distributed

The contest between government officials' desire to control everything and independent-minded tinkerers' ability to put things entirely beyond control continues, with the tinkerers enjoying yet the latest victory. Sen. Dianne Feinstein may want to limit firearms magazines to ten rounds, and New York may have limited them to seven rounds, but Defense Distributed has developed a 30-round magazine design for AR-style rifles that can be created in the privacy of your own workshop on a 3D printer and relied upon to last for hundreds of shots. The new magazine is a completely reworked design, dispensing with flaws that limited the utility of earlier efforts

Appropriately enough, the new magazine is dubbed the "Cuomo," after New York's control-freaky governor. According to Wired:

In recent tests at a gun range near Austin, Texas, Defense Distributed fired a total of 342 rounds using the magazine with no issues, according to the group's founder, Cody Wilson. The group fired 227 of those rounds using full automatic fire, while swapping out the barrels on the rifle to keep them cool.

On the video below, the new magazine can be seen standing up to the demands of full-automatic fire. You can find Defense Distributed's designs for the Cuomo, and for other gun parts and accessories, at DefCad.