Rand Paul Continues Criticism of Hillary Clinton

They may face-off in 2016


Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) continued his attack on former-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday for her handling of the Sept. 11 attack at U.S. posts overseas, including the one in Benghazi, Libya, where Christopher Stevens and others were killed.

"The person I second-guess is not the Defense Department, I second-guess secretary Clinton for not having adequate security, for turning down security, for saying, 'Oh, I get a million cables, I didn't have time to read the cables asking for more security,'" Paul said on Fox News.

Paul, who is considering a 2016 run for president, reiterated the same criticisms he used against Clinton when she testified last month about the attacks. During the hearing, he said he would have fired her for not reading the security requests.