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The President is Neither Our Boss, Nor Our Dad, Thank the Deity of Your Choice


Chris Rock

Bringing the usual clarity to an issue for which Hollywood celebrities are known, a gaggle of professional entertainers is lending their gravitas to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Comedian Chris Rock, for his part, tells us all we should support gun control because, well, President Obama told us to.

From NBC News:

"I am just here to support the President of the United States," Rock said. "The President of the United States is … our boss. … The president and the first lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country, and when your dad says something, you listen! And when you don't, it usually bites you in the ass later on."

Is it churlish of me to suggest that such sentiments are exactly why some of us plan to keep our guns, no matter what?

Politico has the glorious video, below.

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  1. Nobody told Chris you never go full retard.

    1. Shorter Chris Rock:

      “Yes, massa. Anything you say, massa. You da man, massa.”

  2. WTF, Chris? You used to be cool.

    1. He’s not the same when forced into the restraints of PG-rated language.

    2. I don’t know. I have a hard time getting worked up over this. Chris Rock is a comedian. He’s always doing a monoloug. I don’t think he expects everyone to take him 100% seriously. It might be different if he didn’t use such a silly analogy. Yeah, he’s as ignorant about history as everyone else is who supports gun control but I don’t take his reasoning seriously.

      1. I would consider this to be a lot more douchy.


  3. The reactions of the people in the background of that clip are telling.

    1. Yeah, not often you get to see the look on the face of a priest come off as “WTF?!”

  4. “I am just here to support the President of the United States,” Rock said.’
    Yeah, so?
    Sorry, the pres is not more due support than, oh, the stock-dude at the supermarket.
    He’s a SERVANT, not a ruler.

    1. He’s a SERVANT, not a ruler.

      Well, according to the theory / propaganda that our rulers have advanced to keep the rebellions of their slaves to a minimum, sure.

      In practice — no fucking way.



  5. Actually the president is a public servant, and as I am a US citizen that is not employed by the federal government or armed forces, I am his boss, not the other way around.

    1. Auric Demonocles| 2.6.13 @ 10:46PM |#
      …”I am his boss, not the other way around.”

      Exactly the point and the one that dunphy misses always.
      WE provide the money for the paycheck. WE are the boss.
      Obozo, dunphy and the rest of the the public servants are stock-dudes at the grocery or janitors making sure the streets are clean of thugs.
      Yes, you get a pat on the back, but don’t bother asking for more. The tradesman’s entrance is over there; please clean your shoes before you walk in.

      1. See…that’s why you don’t give the help guns, though.

      2. Well, cops are guaranteed that job and can’t have it taken away with being convicted of a felony. They clearly have a right to a job funded from out pockets. I mean, that’s just obvious.

        1. The one running around LA murdering people lost his job without being convicted of a felony.

      3. “What are you looking at? You’re laborers; you should be laboring. That’s what you get for not having an education.”

      4. i most certainly do not miss that point. i serve. i am a public servant, a peace officer.

        i am thankful that most of the public respects and admires me for what i do but i got into firefighting and police work because i believe in public service.

        you are full of shit if you think i miss that point. it is the essence of what i do – SERVE the public

        damn well, i might add – with a record that supports that assertion

        1. i am thankful that most of the public respects and admires me

          Do you provide them with kneepads, and if so, are they paid out of public funds?

  6. Christ, Chris — stick to being funny. Stupid and clueless doesn’t suit you.

    1. You obviously haven’t seen a Chris Rock bit lately.

  7. The president and the first lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country, and when your dad says something, you listen!

    So…you’re saying you’re the equivalent of a child, Chris, and you expect us to take you seriously?

    Also, the idea of those two megalomaniacal shitbags being “mom and dad” is incredibly creepy and repulsive.

    1. He’s saying we are all children, Epi. Especially you.

      1. Epi is one of those orphans children the nuns and priests beat at the orphanage.

        1. Leela: Officer, would it be alright if we adopted one of the kids?

          Smitty: Might as well. They’re just gonna rot in the evidence locker.

    2. If Berry and Michelle are “Mom and Dad”, I want a fucking parental divorce.

      1. Denied. Now go to your room before daddy takes out his droning stick.

        1. “You’re not my real dad!”


    3. I must’ve missed Chris talking about how much he appreciated W and Laura as parental figures. I did miss that, didn’t I?

      1. Chris Rock, March 2007:

        In the latest issue of Life magazine, featuring Chris on the cover, Rock is asked, “Is this country ready for an African American president?” Rock answered, “It’s ready for a retarded president, why wouldn’t it be ready for an African American president?”

        Maybe Rock only considers presidents parental when they are the same race?

    4. Why do I suddenly have this image of Michelle Obama screaming “No wire hangers!”?

    5. I suppose W. was his dad too then

  8. So if Obama is Daddy, does that mean he gets the big piece of chicken?

    1. Nope, it means he can buy his own frickin’ chicken on his own frickin’ dime.

  9. That is right JD, he is not our boss or our dad. He is the fucking hired help.

    I couldnt force myself to watch the video so someone tell me, is there any chance Rock is joking? Is it tounge in cheek? I have to consider that possibility when something this farcical comes from a comedian.

    1. He looked drugged out to me. That’s… why… he… was… talking… so… slowly.

    2. Suthenboy| 2.6.13 @ 11:02PM |#
      “That is right JD, he is not our boss or our dad. He is the fucking hired help.”

      And he’s hired to to the stuff that productive people don’t wish to deal with.
      Make sure the streets aren’t full of pot-holes. Keep the costs down. Oh, and SHUT UP, asshole.

      1. “…hired to to the stuff that productive people don’t wish to deal with.”

        This cannot be emphasized enough.

  10. No, Chris. You think Obama is your daddy because he looks like he could be your daddy. If the President were someone who looks like Romney, say, you wouldn’t be standing at a lectern spouting bullshit about benevolent paternalism.

    This is why everybody hates you.

    1. “This is why everybody hates you.”

      Considering the context of the rest of your comment I am wondering if you mean this explicitly or if there is a subtler meaning here. Or maybe I have had too much vodka.

      1. I’ve clearly not had enough

      2. Perhaps you were not aware that Mr. Rock once had a TV show entitled “Everybody Hates Chris.”

        1. Ahh. Ok. I was not aware.

          I dont watch TV.


    Bob Menendez hires former Holder spokesman to defend against DOJ investigation.

  12. So if Obama is Dad of the country, should we just rename this place the Fatherland? Or is it the Motherland in honor of Michelle? I’m uncertain, and I’d hate to piss off my parents by getting it wrong.

    1. Haven’t you been paying attention? This is the Homeland. And you’d better respect your parents or you’ll be sent to your room for the rest of your life mister.

  13. In all fairness to Chris, he did say the same thing when the Bushes were in the White House…oh wait.

    1. DrAwkward| 2.6.13 @ 11:23PM |#
      “In all fairness to Chris, he did say the same thing when the Bushes were in the White House…oh wait.”
      Yeah, and strangely Lewis Black hasn’t been real clear on Obama either.
      Wonder why…

    2. Bush is white, therefore he can’t be Chris Rock’s father.

      1. Exactly.

        Thomas Jefferson

  14. Pretty sure Chris isn’t a, uh, ‘clear’ thinker. He’s an entertainer. And he’s a racist who is thrilled a sorta black guy got elected to prez.
    To be clear, he finds an acorn now and then.

  15. That dude sure does talk a LOT of smack over there.

  16. I was just following orders!

  17. Yo, FUCK Chris Rock.

    That is all.

    post script: Does Rock have a homosexual Oedipus Complex?

  18. Is it churlish of me to suggest that such sentiments are exactly why some of us plan to keep our guns, no matter what?

    That’s not the adjective I’d use.

    1. Stopping by to shit on this thread too T i n y?
      Your stupidity knows no bounds.

    2. Rock says straight up, if you don’t obey your Father President, expect to suffer.

      But I guess the civilized thing to do is just lie back and take it.

      1. Tony believes as Rock does that the president is the dad of the country, because a majority of voters voted for him. He’s for democracy.

        Just like when we have a President Santorum, he’ll drive himself to the Federal Christian Men’s Homosexual Reeducation Camp.

        I’m mean, it’ democracy so you have to do whatever 50.0000% of voters want you to do.

        1. I’m confused by Tony’s arguments. On the one hand, he claims that we should obey the majority. On the other hand, he always talks about how terrible Bush was, even thought the majority elected him.

          I am so confused.

          1. I am so confused

            The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them… To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just as long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies ? all this is indispensably necessary. Even in using the word doublethink it is necessary to exercise doublethink. For by using the word one admits that one is tampering with reality; by a fresh act of doublethink one erases this knowledge; and so on indefinitely, with the lie always one leap ahead of the truth.

            This is the key to understanding the deficient intellect that is Tony w/spaces.

            1. or maybe he just likes to troll and doesn’t care whether the various stuff he posts is consistent?

              1. Hey! Unlike some people around here, I actually honor Troll-Free Thursday.

                1. I will honor it as well. Not because I have extraordinary self control, but because my adopted daughter is coming to do laundry tomorrow and will monopolize the computer all day.

              2. there is no T o n y. There is a computer somewhere that various super-lefties use to take turns trolling this site. T o n y’s comments are wildly inconsistent and the writing/speaking styles vary greatly.

                The purpose of them doing this is a mystery to me.

          2. A majority didn’t elect him though. At least the first time.

            1. Oh, so you were just on board with everything he did in his second term. Good to know.

          3. A majority didn’t elect him though. At least the first time.

      2. But I guess the civilized thing to do is just lie back and take it.

        No, if you are going to do it like T o n y – you get on your knees.

      3. Oh clearly the civilized thing is to cling to your gun and presumably shoot elected officials if you don’t like what they do.

        1. Trolls aren’t always wrong.

    3. Probably because you never passed 6th grade vocabulary.

    4. Oh, Tony! You fucking scamp!

    5. Tony, have you ever considered going cold-turkey on the boot licking? It’s really not good for your mental health.


    6. That’s not the adjective I’d use.

      Me, neither. I’d go with “intelligent” or “prudent”.

  19. An insult to dads everywhere.

    1. Exactly. My dad would never fuck me in the ass.

  20. My gawd, who are you, and what have you done with Chris Rock?

    Fuck me, that was about the worst shit I ever heard.

  21. chris rock is a great comedian. i don’t expect insightful political commentary from him (although his “how to not get your ass kicked by the police” video is instructive and awesome). i expect comedy.

    the president is the head of the executive branch. as an executive branch member myself, we are here to serve the public, not the other way around. obama does a craptastic job at it, but he must never forget – govt. of the people and he serves US.

    i love serving the public btw. it’s very rewarding.

    helped serve a search warrant today to rescue some abused horses from an abusive owner. very rewarding.

    1. i love serving the public btwbeatings thrice weekly


    2. an executive branch member myself

      ?????? Very broad def of executive branch (and it’s not even the same govt).

      i love serving the public btw….helped serve a search warrant today

      Nice Twilight Zone reference there.

    3. Out of all entertainment professionals, I expect the most political commentary to come from comedians. Not necessarily insightful.

      1. Oboists also tend to be outspoken and opinionated in my experience.

    4. You don’t serve the public, dumpy. You’re an obedience enforcer, not a peace officer. At least admit it to yourself.


    5. ” as an executive branch member myself, we are here to serve the public”

      Um, Dunphy I usually cut you some slack compared to most around here because I believe you are not a troll of any sort and generally believe all the shit you say however I gotta say this is quite possibly the dumbest thing I have heard anyone say on this site because you have to know better.

      There is absolutely no tortured logic that places you in or even under the command of the Executive branch of the Federal Government. You are not FBI or ATF or any other form of Federal Law officer, you might depending on the wording of your local laws be nominally under the command of your States executive, the Govenor but generally speaking local police are not and your command structure and organization ends at the town line.

  22. It must be something about Obama’s apparent “thoughtfulness” that makes it so easy for his supporters to defer their responsibility as individuals to him. I.e. “He’s so smart and liberal; his opinions of things must be the right ones.” The aura of elite, eggheadedness he cultivated in the 2008 campaign (as a reaction against the perceived intellectually inadequacies of the Bush administration) may be the single most successful thing Obama did to secure ultimate power.

    1. I wish I knew how he convinces so many dumb people that he’s smart, not to mention, convince people that you’re a great orator whilst farting out the shallowest of platitudinous turds with every turn of phrase. You could make a killing(HA!) off of a talent like that.

      I think Obama’s a fucking empty suit without brain one in his goddamn head.

      1. Washington and Jefferson were both short on speeches, so I’m not exactly sure what some of his supporters find so important about Obama’s platitudinous oration.

        1. Yeah, that too.

          Fuck man, what the hell?

          Let’s pretend that Obama really is a great speaker who doesn’t speak with the wit and eloquence of a mongoloid on barbituates, what the hell does that prove? Any good actor should be able to give a good speech, doesn’t meant that they should have power over people’s lives.

          And christ on fucking stick, do you know who else gave good speeches?

          1. I give good speeches, especially to my bathroom mirror.

          2. Not Stalin; he was a lousy public speaker.

          3. Ronnie Raygun, whom Democrats love these days (completely detached from their visceral hatred of the man during his administration).

            1. As a rule of thumb in Progressive rhetoric, all previous GOP administrations must be compared favorably to the current GOP candidate.

          4. Abe Lincoln, and his speeches were short enough to fit on the back of an envelope. And not a FedEx envelope, mind you — one of those 1860s envelopes that you sealed with sealing wax.

          5. I think he is pretty good at giving prepared and rehearsed speeches. When he speaks off the cuff, he just sounds like a dick.

    1. Am I the only one who finds the word “sheeple” really annoying? Not the concept itself, just the use of that word for it. I think it’s because the only people who ever seem use it are knee-jerk partisans, and I find unrecognized irony to be aggravating.

  23. To be fair, this was posted on the Entertainment blog of NBC News, so it’s really no different than any other “celebrities say stupid stuff” article. Just because these idiots take themselves too seriously doesn’t mean you have to. Oh, but I see that Tony already showed up, and he takes these idiots seriously. Not surprising. Compared to him, they actually are intellectual powerhouses.

    1. In truth, Rock is probably smarter than the people he’s speaking to. His politics probably correlate strongly with those of Obama, but he’s definitely not this dumb. It’s probably more likely that he accepted this speaking engagement to further his career as a “hip black guy” than it is that he’s a true believer.

  24. It’s Obama’s fault the Cat piece replaced the Iron in Monopoly.

  25. Peace, brothers and sisters. I’m Nat X, and welcome to “The Dark Side”, the only 15-minute show on TV. Why only 15 minutes? ‘Cause if the man gave me any more, he would consider that welfare. And I think we all know who the man is. I’m talkin’ about the man who said Sinbad makes bad movies, but then gave Greg Kinnear a three-picture deal. I’m talkin’ about the same man who invented white-out. A tricky substance that only eliminates black letters.

    So what’s going on in the news today? Same thing every day: Obama. Black people too happy, white people too mad. I haven’t seen that many mad white people since they cancelled M.A.S.H. Everybody “Hey look at all them black people too happy talkin’ about “Look what we won! We won, we won!” Hey – what we won? I ain’t get nothin’ yet! Every day Nat X look in his mailbox ? nothin’ in there. Where my Obama prize? O.K.? Everybody talkin’ about its about race, it’s about race. That’s a bunch of crap. It’s about fame. ‘Cause if Obama wasn’t famous he’d be in jail right now. That’s right — If Obama drove a bus he wouldn’t even be Obama. He’d be Barack the bus driving murder.

  26. Poor Chris Rock. When The Man was a honky, he got it. When The Man is half-honky, he doesn’t get it at all. Sad.

  27. Don’t you people ever sleep?

    About 99% of people in the entertainment fields have completely lost their fucking minds. It’s like they don’t even realize how stupid they sound outside of their little world. I guess that makes them a lot like politicians. No wonder those two groups are so in love with each other.

    1. There’s this strange droning noise over my house that keeps me awake all night…


  29. CAN WE DO IT PEOPLE??????


    It’ll never happen. Someone will get their button pushed and WHAM!- thread over, poop on screen.

    The price you pay for quality libertarian comment sections, I suppose.

    1. Yippee kai ay, motherfucker!

    2. And I don’t care what anyone says, Surrogates was a fine film.

    3. He’s no Nic Cage

    4. “We’re not making movies about people that have gone berserk, or gone nuts. Those kind of movies wouldn’t last very long at all.”

      Not even Falling Down?

      1. He wasn’t nuts.

  30. I used to be a fan. The guy is a great stand-up comic, but when he turns out to be such goddamned boot-licking sycophant, it makes me nauseous.


  31. Two-thirds of the Left is just –| |

    1. Well that didn’t pan out…it said “this far from a North Korean-style Dictatorship of Gratitude.

  32. Sounds pretty solid to me dude.

  33. “There is no droning in the Champagne room”

  34. I guess we all have a deadbeat dead granddad now.

  35. “I am just here to support the President of the United States,” Rock said. “The President of the United States is … our boss. … The president and the first lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country, and when your dad says something, you listen! And when you don’t, it usually bites you in the ass later on.”

    I will see my Fuehrer as if he were my mother and my father!
    I will listen and obey the Fuehrer like my mother and my father!
    I will love my Fuehrer like I love my mother and my father!

  36. Wait, so during the 1990s, the Clintons were my parents?

    That explains any number of my issues.

  37. In the immortal words of Dave Chappelle, “My brother, you didn’t get the memo. We have been free, for some time now.”

  38. I remember watching Chris Rock during the Bush years, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t consider Bush his daddy. Anyone care to find the video?

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