Unions Have Second Thoughts Over Obamacare

The solution? Taxpayer subsidies!


Although some labor unions enthusiastically supported the Affordable Care Act when it was being developed and debated, many now are concerned that the law's provisions could increase costs for their health insurance plans and make their workers less competitive, the Wall Street Journal reports.

About 20 million U.S. residents are covered under union-sponsored health plans, which are jointly controlled by unions and employers, according to the Journal.

The labor groups are particularly concerned about ACA provisions that:

– Eliminate caps on medical benefits and prescription drugs, which were used to control costs in many health plans; and

– Allow children to stay on their parents' insurance plans until age 26.

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  1. “- Allow children to stay on their parents’ insurance plans until age 26.”

    Well, shucks, we’re lucky they don’t let kids of, say, 40 to stay on the plans.

    1. The howler is calling 26-year-old people “children”.

  2. Basically Obamacare just handed management even more leverage than they already had in a crappy. Local 27’s gonna get tore the fuck up at the next contract with giant foods. When the reps come in talking about signing pointless pieces of paper in “solidarity” with our non union brothers, instead of we’re doing this particular thing for you, you know you’re about to lose everything. Hope I still get another vacation in 5 years…

    1. *Crappy economy

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