Occupy Wall Street

Study Shows Occupy Wall Street Protesters Largely Rich, White Guys

With more education than the average New Yorker


According to a new study from sociologists at the City University of New York, more than a third of activists in the Occupy movement in New York City had household incomes above $100,000, placing them at the cusp of the top quintile of income distribution in America. Researchers surveyed 729 people who participated in a May 1 rally last year and were involved in the "occupation" of Zuccotti Park in the fall of 2011, and found that they were more affluent, whiter, younger, much more highly educated, and more likely to be male than the average New Yorker.

Non-Hispanic whites constituted 62 percent of all respondents, though they make up only 33 percent of New York City residents. While only about a third of Americans hold bachelors' degrees, 76 percent of respondents who had completed their education had a four-year college degree and 39 percent had graduate degrees. Among college graduates, more than a quarter went to top-ranked schools, which might help explain why the majority of graduates under 30 had some student debt. While 10 percent of participants were unemployed, 71 percent were employed in professional occupations. Eight percent were "blue collar."

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  1. My guess is that they may be rich, but probably not self-made. I know a guy who will argue with his father about the “exploitation” of capitalism over dinner…that his father always pays for (and that’s just the beginning of the support that this grown man gets from his parents)

    If you don’t want your kids to be liberal douches, don’t tell them there are “no free lunches” while simultaneously buying everything for them. There of course will still be liberal douches, but I bet there wouldn’t be as many.

    1. The estate and gift taxes are self-perpetuating. You have to buy your kids stuff now, rather than build it up and give it to them when you die, just so you don’t lose half of it to the state.

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