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Kim Jong Un Vows Retaliation Against United States for Sanctions as Reports Emerge of Parents Eating Their Children

Famine chronic in communist North Korea


somebody eats

North Korea's December missile launch eventually yielded condemnation and new sanctions (levied against the North Korean space agency) from the United Nations, just last week. The condemnation was responded to, predictably, with more bluster from the regime in Pyongyang; North Korea threatened "all out" action against the United States and acknowledged what the world already knew, that there was indeed a military intent to the missile launches. While even North Korea's only ally, China, urged restraint, North Korea continued to blow hard. From the New York Times:

Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, has ordered his top military and party officials to take "substantial and high-profile important state measures" to retaliate against American-led United Nations sanctions on the country, the North's official media reported Sunday.

North Korea did not clarify what those measures might be, but it referred to a series of earlier statements in which Mr. Kim's government has threatened to launch more long-range rockets and conduct a third nuclear test to build an ability to "target" the United States.

In the meantime, the people of North Korea continue to starve, with the latest reports being of filicide. From the Independent:

Reports from inside the secretive famine-hit pariah state, North Korea, claim a man has been executed after murdering his two children for food.

The grim suggestion that North Koreans are turning to cannibalism were reported by theAsia Press, and published in the Sunday Times.

They claim a 'hidden famine' in the farming provinces of North and South Hwanghae has killed 10,000 people, and there are fears that cannibalism is spreading throughout the country…

In one particularly disturbing report, a man was said to have dug up his grandchild's corpse. Other lurid reports included the suggestion that some men boiled their children before eating them.

The original Sunday Times of London article, behind a paywall.

Last month Reason TV talked to Shin Dong-hyuk, who was born and spent his entire life in a North Korean labor camp, the infamous Kaechon #14, before escaping at the age of 23:

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  1. At what point does everyone but a few hundred people starve? This can’t go on forever. The place has got to fall apart at some point. It appears they are close to not even being able to feed the party members.

    1. The better question is what happens when it does eventually fall apart.

      1. My money says that Governor Brown gets the Mussolini treatment.

        Wait, where are we talking about again?

        1. Mass shootings on the CA/Nevada border.

      2. Mass refugee shootings on the Chinese border.

        1. I don’t think so. The international community would be a ton more forthcoming with food aid for N. Korean refugees in PRC than it is for food aid that goes into the mouths of the army.

            1. Of course not! Those Koreans drive down the wages of patriotic hard-working Chinese!

              1. DEY TERK DERE JERBS!

  2. We just need to send them more food aid. That way, their military will eat and it will stave off total collapse in North Korea just a little longer. That fat fuck.

  3. They don’t give a shit about the peasant in the fields, but what happens when they can no longer feed their military, the only people in the country with guns?

    No matter how indoctrinated they are, I just can’t imagine the common soldiers starving while the commissars stuff their fat faces. This will end in the worst humanitarian disaster in history when the regime collapses and the US and ROK have to take care of these people.

    1. China is a lot closer. Let them do it.

      1. China will blockade the border. Their only interest in propping up the Kims is to stave off the inevitable flood of refugees.

    2. And the only reason it ever has gotten this bad is because the Chinese propped the place up. It should have collapsed 20 years ago with the rest of communism. I hope when it does collapse the resulting disaster takes the Chicoms with it.

      1. Nah. Hell, China could probably absorb the disaster more easily than South Korea could.

    3. Even the PRC has to be disgusted by what the Kims are doing. At some point I wonder why we don’t just agree to jointly invade NK and let the Chinese pick whatever puppet ruler they want.

      I’m sure the ROK would not be happy about this, but something has to be done.

      1. No, it doesn’t.

        Why does something need to be done. These fucks rather starve to death and eat their kids than die on their feet. Fuck them. I don’t care.

        1. May I ship them a rack of baby back ribs?

          Yeah, I know they won’t get the joke.

      2. …”but something has to be done.”
        Glad you’re volunteering. I’m not.

      3. The Chinese government couldn’t care less what the Kims are doing, as long as they keep the Nork citizens on their side of the line and the US, S. Korea and Japan don’t get a foothold.

        China plays the game like the old Soviets–what do human lives matter in the pursuit of global politics?

      4. 27 million Chinese starved to death in Mao’s Great Leap Forward between 1959-1961. If they didn’t care then, why would they care now?

    4. WHY do we have to “take care of these people”? I mean, my heart bleeds for them. But, I hardly see why the U.S should be on the hook here. It strikes me that there’s a long line of countries with a lot more pressing an interest than us in taking care of the Norks.

  4. It’s kind of tasteless for Google to put the ad for Asian mail order brides next to the ad for kitchen utensils for this article.

    1. What the hell else is she going to use to cook?

    2. Google ads got farmed to South Korean gamers years ago.

    3. what? You don’t want to help a starving asian bride?

  5. “somebody eats”


  6. I don’t buy the parents eating their children stuff. This sounds like Hurricane Katrina type stuff. I don’t doubt that life in North Korea sucks beyond comprehension, but that kind of stuff seems like pure sensationalism to me.

    1. One thing I have learned about North Korea is that shit that would be unbelievable anywhere else, is common place there. It is the most twisted evil place on earth.

      I am not saying we know that this is true. But it is not out of the realm of possibility. Nothing is in that place.

    2. The Hurricane Katrina situation lasted a couple of weeks at most. The suffering in NK has been going on for 20 years.

      I can believe it.

      1. “The suffering in NK has been going on for 20 years.”

        Uh, make that near 70 years.

    3. I buy it. It definitely happened in the Ukraine and people are dropping dead from starvation in NK. If they’re starving to death, then they’re hungry enough to eat their own.

    4. It is ridiculous. I would never eat my children as long as I had living neighbors.

      And who boils meat (other than the damn Irish)? I prefer roasted kids.

      1. I boil hot dogs every day.

        1. Every day? Jesus, don’t ever watch the Food Channel, you’ll think you’re on the Syfy Channel.

        2. Along with your political bent, that is just one more marker that’ll have you up against the wall when the revolution comes.

          Get a damn pan out and cook ’em properly. Hell, it takes less time to do it that way anyway.

        3. Christopher Walken approves:

 on hotdogs.htm

          Do you enjoy eating hot dogs? I hope you won’t be put off by my frankness when I tell you that I absolutely love them. In fact, I enjoy no food item more than a freshly-boiled hot dog.

          Now, I’ve done a lot of movies, and it’s true that I’ve worked with quite a few celebrities who did not share this opinion. I’m sorry to say that these people have always angered me. There are two types of people in this world: those who eat hot dogs whenever it is possible to do so, and those who opt to do other things with their free time.

          Who do the latter think they are kidding? What pastime could be more rewarding than the consumption of hot dogs? I haven’t yet found one, and I don’t expect to in my lifetime.

          Unlike other foods, hot dogs can be eaten at any time, in any place, and it is not necessary to cook them. Now, I ask you: Why not eat hot dogs? They are delicious. I carry a bag of hot dogs with me wherever I go. I eat them from the bag whenever I get the urge, regardless of the circumstances. When I make a movie, my hot dogs are my co-stars. If, in the middle of a scene, I decide I want to consume a hot dog, I do so. I waste the director’s time and thousands of dollars in film stock, but in the end, it is all worth it, because I enjoy eating hot dogs more than I enjoy acting.

          1. I would like to end by emphasizing once again that I really like to eat hot dogs. If any of you people disagree, I loathe you. I despise you. Not only that, but I also despise all your loved ones. I want to see them torn to pieces by wild dogs. If I ever meet you in person, I’ll smash your brains in with a f*cking bat. Then we’ll see who doesn’t like hot dogs.

      2. Kids are weaker and easier to catch. Your neighbor is an adult and may possess a shovel to whack you with.

        1. Also kids’ meat would be more tender. It’s like veal vs. beef.

        2. Neighbor’s kids.

        3. Yeah. If forced to choose between eating kids and fighting my neighbor with a shovel, I’d take my chances in the shovel fight. I think Francisco’s solution is more likely yet.

      3. I’ve heard of one famine where families would trade kids so people wouldn’t eat their own children.

      4. Bah! Then their salty tears wind up spilling all over your monocle!

      5. My friend had a Chinese roommate for a while. The guy boiled all his meat. Then he would save the water he boiled it in and called it soup. To be clear, he hadn’t made stock, it was just a pot of water in which he had boiled a whole chicken.

    5. Did you see the Vice documentary on NK, the place is fucked… that tea chick was hot though.. she def. needed some dick.

      1. Seconded, volunteering.

      2. She probably has some nasty sores and warts under those clothes though. I seriously doubt North Koreans are up to Western levels of hygeine.

        1. This is not about me, this is about serving my dick to the less fortunate.

    6. I would recommend researching “kotjebi”, essentially orphaned street children who maintain themselves on scraps, and are targetted by the regime because a bunch of starving pre-tweens running around kind of makes them look bad.

      Like John says below, there are limits to the depravity of humans, and those limits are just simply ignored and trod over in North Korea.

      1. milgram’s experiment

        1. Maybe *North Korea* is the “Dosadi Experiment”?

    7. I don’t buy the parents eating their children stuff. This sounds like Hurricane Katrina type stuff. I don’t doubt that life in North Korea sucks beyond comprehension, but that kind of stuff seems like pure sensationalism to me.

      It happens:…..e_1921.jpg


  7. Other lurid reports included the suggestion that some men boiled their children before eating them.

    Give it to us raw and wriggling…you keep nassssty boiled kids.

  8. That’s why N. Korea launched a satellite on their rocket instead of a monkey like Iran. They can’t waste the protein.

    1. You win the thread

  9. The N Koreans making threats. YAAAAAWN!

    1. Maybe they are behind that Dune movie intertoobz hoax. This seems on that level of intrigue and diabolical-ness.

  10. Remember kids, every conservative and libertarian must answer personally for the evils of Jim Crow and Pinochet’s Chile. But no liberal or Marxist ever has to answer for the evils of socialist paradise North Korea.

    1. Two words, John:

      Potemkin. Village.

      1. That’s three words.

        1. THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!!!!

    2. once we are free of the shackles of capitalism…

      1. We will have more flexibility?

    3. If only the right people were in charge.

    4. and club fires in Brazil. that’s apparently the fault of libertarian policies.

      1. how’d that 1 gallon brew go?

    5. This is why I can’t believe anyone even bothers to get into the debate of whether the Nazis were right wing or left wing. The left wing communist and socialist death toll list is far, far larger than the Nazis ever dreamed of.

  11. The whole place is a concentration camp.

    1. More like a dilution camp, where utter hopelesness is used to try to wash away any sense of individuality.

      1. On the surface maybe, but it atomizes society. It turns everyone on everyone. It breeds sociopathology. In a place like North Korea you’re always completely on your own, and everyone is trying to get you.

        1. I think that’s a key part of how they stay in power is they eliminate everyone’s ability to trust anyone. That makes it impossible to organize any mass resistance.

  12. “FUCK YOU AMERICA, YOU SANCTION US, SUCK MY DICK.. also, man can i get an advance on that foreign aid bro… i just need to pay for some groceries for the millions of starving children here”

    Does no one see what’s retarded about sanctioning a country, then giving them massive amounts of spongable foreign aid, directly to their government. Didn’t this cause two Iraq wars, and you know… World War 2….

  13. You know why N. Korea’s regime will not go anytime soon?

    Google Map Wonsan, N. Korea. Use the satellite view. Go north up the penisula on the east, past what looks like an east-west fenceline. It looks like a billionaire’s estate. That’s probably Kim family or members of the regime.

    As long as they stay rich and the people stay too weak to protest, the regime keeps on.

    1. And more Kim mansion directly west across the bay behind the breakwaters that look like a dotted line.

    2. It is more than that. If the regime ever falls, the elites will be killed for their crimes. SO at this point, they have nothing to lose and only one choice, hang on as long as possible.

    3. Time to get agorist up in this bitch, fly planes over and drop porno mags and shock proof bongs packed with kush. There should be some sort of, Radio Free Korea.. but NATO and the rest of the world are too pussy to actually pull that off.

      1. I seriously doubt many North Koreans outside the Party have radios.

        1. Well idunno, drop radios from the skies. nah that’ll probably get the whole world nuked. There is that obvious solution to this problem, you know the one that resulted in the phrase, “nixon goes to china”, but nah, restrictions and emargoes have totally worked in ending totalitarian regimes.

      2. No…Radio Free Asia exists, and they broadcast into North Korea.

  14. Reports from inside the secretive famine-hit pariah state, North Korea, claim a man has been executed after murdering his two children for food.

    But what did they do with that meat? I hope they didn’t just bury it in the ground and let it go to waste.

    1. They salted it and stirred in some cabbage and hot pepper powder… and THEN they buried it in the ground.

      1. ba-dum-tis

  15. “. . .Other lurid reports included the suggestion that some men boiled their children before eating them.”

    Uh, is cannibalism supposed to be better if you *don’t* cook your victims. Or is it boiling the meat, rather than some other form of preparation, that raises the outrage?

    I can understand the latter – unless you’re making stew, boiling is for vegetables, not meat.

  16. What’s ridiculous is that we ignore places like North Korea while sticking our big noses (see what I did there?) into quasi-stable tyrranies where the people can at least put some food on the table.

  17. I think I still have some Halloween candy laying around. Anyone have a slingshot?

  18. lol, who care swhat that idiot King Jong says lol. Big deal!

  19. North Korea might be the first real zombie apocalypse scenario (except with sentient zombies). A bunch of rich people holed up with the military fighting off hordes of starving cannibals. And of course it will happen in the ur-socialist country, because fuck Hollywood’s idiot values.

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