Fire, Sewer Explosion in Omaha

When the shit hits ... everything


As of 10:30 am Monday, less than 100 customers in the Omaha area are still without power after an underground electrical equipment fire caused a power outage and a sewer fire explosion. Witnesses claim the fire exploded out of manholes in the downtown area.

The outage stretched from 11th Street west to 20th Street, from Leavenworth to Farnam. The OPPD claims it will have the power restored sometime Monday evening.

According to Omaha's local news station, the "OPPD says a transformer blew around 5:45 p.m. Smoke was coming from an open manhole after two underground explosions blew off the cover near 17th Street and St. Mary's Avenue. OPPD is still trying to figure out why a cable failed, causing the fire in a network vault."