Feds May Keep Targeting Motel, High-Speed Rail Fight in England, Minimum Wage Increase Mulled in New Jersey: P.M. Links


  • U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz is considering appealing a judge's ruling that the federal government can't seize Motel Caswell in Tewksbury, Mass., just because customers engaged in illegal behavior there. She's got time to spare since one of her other cases ended prematurely due to the defendant committing suicide.

  • Destructive high-speed rail proposals: Not just for California. Tories in England are opposing a "rushed" train plan there that would carve through the British countryside.
  • Gov. Chris Christie is proposing a $1 increase in the minimum wage in New Jersey, phased in over three years. He vetoed legislation for a larger increase that also tied future increases to the Consumer Price Index.
  • In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, FEMA introduced new maps that added 35,000 properties to flood zones, double the number in the area affected.
  • An Arizona county attorney wants to push their medical marijuana law all the way up to the state Supreme Court for a ruling on its legality. He, of course, is trying to block its implementation.
  • Iran launched a monkey into space. Uncooperative journalists are probably next.
  • Police have arrested three in the deadly weekend Brazil club fire that killed more than 200.

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