30 years ago in reason


"It was perhaps too much to expect, however, that the Keynesians would fold up their tents and leave quietly. They are still around plaguing us, except now they are confused instead of arrogant."

'"Murray N. Rothbard, "Why We're in a Depression"

"There is a difference between denying you the right to publish a book called The Affluent Society and denying you the right to ready access to heroin."

'""Reason Interview: William F. Buckley"

"The welfare state is a reversion to medieval and postmedieval mercantilism that contains the seeds of its own dissolution by aggrandizing man as producer over man as consumer, intensifying resistance to change, and generating xenophobia, stagnation and decay."

'"Arthur Seldon, "The Welfare State Will Wither Away"

'"March 1983