DoJ Works on Gun Orders, Barack and Hillary Interviewed Together, Tina Turner Defects: P.M. Links


  • The Department of Justice has begun efforts to implement President Barack Obama's executive orders on gun controls. First up is figuring out how to give local law-enforcement officers access to the FBI's gun sale database.

  • Obama and outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be participating in a joint interview with 60 Minutes on Sunday.
  • Tina Turner is well on her way to becoming a Swiss citizen. She has actually been living there since 1995.
  • More than half of self-identified Republicans said they'd be okay with a government shutdown in order to force spending cuts, according to a recent poll. Sadly, they didn't separate the poll out for self-identified libertarians, who might have interrupted halfway through the question to say yes.
  • France has joined several European nations and Australia in pulling its citizens out of Benghazi over security and terrorism fears.
  • For 99 cents, you can read what Stephen King has to say about gun control. (Spoiler: He's for it.)

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