Two-Buck Chuck Wine Price Increase in California

But Jerry Brown said the economy was recovering!


Don't worry "Two-Buck Chuck" fans, it's not as bad as you think.

"The price change for Charles Shaw wines is only happening in California, no other states are affected," said Alison Mochizuki, director of public relations for Trader Joe's, in a statement.

The price increase, which went from $1.99 to $2.49, took effect on January 16.

"Maintaining value is of the utmost importance at Trader Joe's and we work hard to have every item in the store at an intersection of quality and price that highlights outstanding value. In general, our retail prices change only when our costs change. In the case of Shaw in California, we've held a $1.99 retail price for 11 years. Quite a bit has happened during those years and the move to $2.49 allows us to offer the same quality that has made the wine famous the world over," said the statement.

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  1. Doesn’t matter.
    SF mayor to “also to suggest that they serve something (other) than heavy alcohol during times of celebration, because that inebriation sometimes doesn’t help with people who want to maybe go beyond the bounds of acceptability in their celebration.”
    See, if you don’t sell booze, why everybody will be sober. See? See? You don’t see?
    “Mayor Ed suggests limiting hard alcohol sales during Super Bowl to curb violence”…..-violence/

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  3. Two Buck Chuck is swill and I usually drink Gallo or Concha y Toro so that should show you how bad it is.

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