A.M. Links: Joe Biden Preparing for 2016, Rand Paul Preparing GOP for 2016, French Teachers Protest Five Day School Week


  • "Organizing for Action," the post-election iteration of the Obama campaign machinery, will need volunteers to raise their own money to access voter lists the Obama campaign held, upsetting some supporters.

  • Joe Biden spent inauguration weekend getting ready for a potential 2016 run for president.
  • Rand Paul will decide on a run for the presidency within two years. He says the GOP risks permanent minority status if it doesn't become more libertarian.
  • Algeria's prime minister says a Canadian citizen coordinated last week's raid of an oil field.
  • Russia is beginning to evacuate its citizens from Syria, after two years of conflict.
  • Teachers in France are protesting an attempt by the Socialist president to extend the school week to five days.
  • Meanwhile, the former president Nicholas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni may be moving to London to escape the new 75 percent tax rate on the rich.

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