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Rand Paul Wants a More Libertarian GOP

Sen. Rand Paul said on Sunday that he will make a decision on a 2016 presidential run within two years and plans to be a force in the refashioning the Republican Party regardless of whether he seeks the Oval Office. ...

“So we think a little more of a libertarian Republican, someone who is a strict constitutionalist but also believes in a strong, defensive military but not necessarily in an overly aggressive or bellicose let’s get involved in everybody’s civil war military, I think that has more appeal to independents and some people who have given up in the Republican Party,” Paul said.

Source: Politico. Read full article. (link)

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  • Lyle||

    Is Reason capable of going Republican though? That's the real question.

  • cavalier973||

    He can try, but I doubt I'll ever vote GOP again.

  • cavalier973||

    And, reading the comments over at uber-Republican HotAir.com, I doubt the base really wants a more libertarian GOP, because the Mooslims are going to kill us all with their nukular bomb that Iran is going to build.

  • cavalier973||

    ^^and libertarians can't be trusted with foreign policy, because libertarians don't see the reality of the situation that we have to kill all the crazy religious fanatic Mooslims who will, once they have the nukular bomb, kill us all with said bomb, and Israel, too. With the same bomb. Because we have no defense whatsoever against a Mooslim with a nukular bomb.

  • cavalier973||

    I mean, we held off the USSR and their thousands of nukular bombs, but the Russkies weren't crazy religious fanatic Mooslims, who don't care whether they liver or die, and think that Allah will give them 72 virgins for killing America and Israel with a nukular bomb.

  • Ace Sullivan||

    perfect =/= good.

    this is where Libertarian-ism becomes as naive and utopian as the Left. Pax Americana allows a country where a gary johnson is even possible.

  • dinkster||

    The base is going to vote Republican, regardless. Identity politics should be the GOP's game, because Dems have been doing it for years.

  • Liberty||