Intellectual Property

Megaupload Founder Launches New File-Sharing Company One Year After Raid on Old Company

Consider it a raised middle finger to the U.S. government


The internet entrepeneur Kim Dotcom boasted on Sunday that his new file-sharing service, Mega, was the fastest-growing startup in internet history.

In a bravado-filled launch at his estate north of Auckland, the German-born entrepreneur ramped up his counterattack on US prosecutors who argue that the site's predecessor, Megaupload, was at the heart of a "mega conspiracy", a "worldwide criminal organisation" enabling the exchange of copyright material.

"I've never seen anything like this," Dotcom said at an event that was equal parts press conference, polemic and buffoonery. "I've done a bit of PR and got a bit of attention, that's certainly helped. But I never expected 250,000 user registrations in the first two hours – I think it's unheard of. I don't know of any other startup that has had this kind of early success."