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White House Staff No Longer So Thrilled With Petition Site

Secession petitions and popular pranks eroded the gloss


White House staffers have now reportedly come around to the fact that their petition website is just one big, dumb waste of time.

The "We The People" website, which allows everyday Americans to pester the Obama administration with nonsensical petitions calling for secession or the construction of a Star Wars-inspired orbital death cannon, now requires petitions to carry at least 100,000 signatures before they receive an official White House response.

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  1. “White House staffers have now reportedly come around to the fact that their petition website is just one big, dumb waste of time.”

    Ha and ha! assholes.
    You started it fantasizing it would be nothing other than a cheeleading site for Obozo; what could possibly go wrong?
    Well, perhaps there might be a lesson here, if YOU’RE SMART ENOUGH TO LEARN, you idiots!
    Hint: You’re not nearly as smart as you thought you were, and the lesson has more general application than you as yet imagine.

    1. People treated it like the joke it is.
      Not just the website, the whole idea of direct democracy.

  2. They thought the internet as a whole would be squarely behind them. They live in a bubble that keeps getting busted.

  3. 100,000 signatures? Sounds like a challenge to me!

  4. ” nonsensical petitions calling for secession”.

    Nonsensical? Uh-huh…The White House claims this issue was settled by the Supreme Court following the Civil War. First off, I reject the notion that civil rights can be adjudicated away. And the right to secession is the right to self-organize which is the right of self-determination, a civil right recognized not only by us crazy libertarians, but by the United Nations! Moreover, Supreme Court precedent doesn’t necessarily settle an issue. Unless the President would have us believe that the decisions in Plessy v. Ferguson, Heller v. United States, and Citizens United v. FCC were all correct from the outset. Which somehow I don’t think he does.

    I found an interesting article on the foundations of secession in the United States over at the Mises Institute. Check it out. Here’s part one:

    And part two:

    1. I was just reading that essay earlier this week while wishing that LvMI had better/more active forums.

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