A.M. Links: White House Using Children to Push Gun Control, Aurora Victims Consider Suing James Holmes' Psychiatrist, U.S. Recognizes Somali Government


  • don't tell them about the kids you've killed

    The White House's use of children as political tools for gun control continues, with a video released today showing children reading letters about guns.

  • Defense Secretary Leon Panetta vowed to hunt down the militants responsible for a deadly raid on and ongoing hostage situation at a BP oil field in Algeria.
  • The push back against legalization in Colorado continues; one county's commission voted to ban marijuana stores and farms in unincorporated portions of the county.
  • More handguns and pistol permits were stolen based on the newspaper list of registered gun owners on parts of Long Island.
  • More Republican legislators in states won by Democrats in recent presidential elections want electoral votes to be distributed proportionally to the popular vote rather than in the winner-take-all format prevalent now.
  • Victims of the Aurora theater shooting are considering suing the alleged shooter James Holmes' psychiatrist, for negligence.
  • The U.S. has officially recognized a government in Somalia for the first time in more than 20 years, even though it has been dealing with this government before.

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