Barack Obama

Slate Writer Matt Yglesias Suggests Obama Kids More Important Than Other People's

The cult of the presidency lives


Sorry haters, a kidnapping of the First Kids would be a way bigger deal than a kidnapping of your kids.

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  1. Does anyone disagree with his assertion? He’s not saying the obama kids have more moral worth than your kids– he’s saying that ransoming the president’s kids would be a bigger deal than ransoming some private citizen’s kids.

    How about this, the murder of a sitting president would be a way bigger deal than your murder. That’s obviously true.

    1. No, my murder would be a way bigger deal to me than the presidents.

      The same with my kids being taken.

  2. Sorry, Matt, but I don’t give shit #1 about the First Bratz.

  3. The biggest problem with the “Obama’s kids are more important than yours and deserve more security” argument, besides being incredibly offensive to everyone, is that the government forces children to attend school in the first place! If Obama’s daughters deserve a troop of guards because they didn’t choose to be put in such a risky situation, then why don’t kids who are forced to be in a target-rich environment in crime ridden areas with psychos-in-training deserve ONE guard. It doesn’t even have to cost anything. Fire one administrator, get one guard. Simple as that.

    1. No, mandate home schooling.

      Kids not in groups together = safer.

      And probably they’d learn more.

      Seriously, mandating home schooling is probably more possible than gun control.

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