Armstrong's Olympic Medal Revoked, Aurora Theater Reopens, Pension Reform Survives in Florida: P.M. Links


  • "Can you pop that in the mail when you've got a moment? Thanks!"

    Lance Armstrong has been stripped of the bronze medal he won at the 2000 Olympics in Australia. He has been ordered to return it.

  • Now that first-responders have publicly testified to what they witnessed at the deadly Aurora, Colo., shooting rampage, the city would like a judge's gag order removed so they can talk openly about it. In the meantime, the theater at the center of the violence has reopened its doors.
  • The Algerian government has acknowledged that, yes, hostages have been killed in the military actions against Islamist terrorists at a desert gas plant.
  • Unlike his Democratic northeastern counterparts, Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott says he is not planning any new gun laws, citing his respect for the Second Amendment.
  • Also in Florida, the state's Supreme Court has upheld a law requiring public employees to pay into their own pension plans.
  • Curt Schilling, reeling from the financial failure of his subsidized video game company, is selling off his famous bloodstained sock. But it's not the famous bloodstained sock he wore when he helped the Red Sox march to its first World Championship in 86 years. That one got thrown away.
  • The federal prosecutor who went after programmer Aaron Swartz for downloading academic journal articles from MIT has said she had no intention of pressing for a large sentence against him. She said feds were offering six months in a low-security prison in their plea deal.

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