Megaupload Chief Defies U.S. With Plans for New Online Storage

Va fan culo, Eric Holder, or the German equivalent thereof


Kim Dotcom, whose Megaupload.com website accounted for 4 percent of world Internet traffic before being shut down last year on U.S. copyright infringement charges, plans to unveil a new, encrypted file-sharing site in New Zealand in a snub to U.S. authorities.

Dotcom has scheduled a news conference on Jan. 20 at his NZ$30 million ($25 million) rented home in an Auckland suburb, promising to introduce a way to securely store and transfer confidential information.

"It is a little bit provocative," Charles Alexander, a partner at Minter Ellison in Sydney, specializing in intellectual property law, said in a phone interview. "The U.S. may redouble their efforts to extradite him."