Civil Liberties

Congressman Wants To Outlaw 3D-Printed Gun Magazines

Which is like banning photocopying ... Nevermind. Stupid people are stupid.


The DIY gunsmith group Defense Distributed has set out to prove the impossibility of crafting effective gun control legislation in the age of cheap consumer 3D printers. But at least one congressman seems eager to try.

On Wednesday New York Representative Steve Israel issued a statement on his website promising to include a ban on 3D-printed high-capacity magazines–ammunition-feedings devices that attach to firearms and carry more than ten rounds–in his proposed renewal of the Undetectable Firearms Act. Israel's statement comes just days after Texas-based Defense Distributed posted a YouTube video showing its demonstration of a 30-round magazine it 3D-printed and tested over the weekend, using it to fire 86 rounds through a semi-automatic rifle.