NRA Releases Shooting Mobile Video Game

Granted, it's target practice, but still


Hey, remember last month when that unspeakably horrible event happened in Connecticut? Well, the NRA apparently doesn't. You see, the organization's Wayne LaPierre placed much of the blame on violent video games, singling out titles like Bulletstorm, Splatterhouse, and Mortal Kombat in a reactionary press conference. Now, less than a month after the shooting in Newtown, the company has released a shooting game for iOS.

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  1. Just by linking to this reason brings the anti-gun hysteria.

    It’s a fucking target shooting game: “Oh the hypocrisy of the NRA for offering violent video games encouraging children to perforate defenseless paper targets!”

    1. Just by linking to this reason brings the anti-gun hysteria.

      You show your idiocy yet again. If you haven’t noticed, Reason links to a wide variety of sites, from Fox news to Raw Story. The mere mention of an article talking about the app, which is an interesting piece of news by the way, is in no way “anti-gun hysteria”. Should we just ignore interesting news because some fools will freak out? When will you guys stop jumping at shadows?

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