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Texas Lt. Gov. Wants State To Fund Weapons Training for School Staff

More thorough than concealed-carry education


Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst is calling for state-funded, specialized firearms training for teachers and administrators to guard against school shootings.

Dewhurst suggested Friday that school districts would nominate who they want to carry weapons on campus under his plan. The training would be more extensive than what's required for a Texas concealed handgun license and include how to react technically and emotionally in an active shooter situation.

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  1. As a Libertarian my views on this are mixed. Of course I want school employees with CHLs to be allowed to bring their guns to school but I’m not too crazy about another government funded program.

  2. Naw, being an armed school staff member entails great responsibility. It should be those who have held their CHL previously, and they need to voluteer, not be nominated. The fed armed pilot program was temporarily cut, barely survived and so few pilots trained at great expense. If it were started anew today, it might get nixed before it got off the ground, pun intended. Todays political whlems, well, bait and switch. The polotician can make everyone think they support it, but then leave it swinging in the wind as it winds thru the buereaucratic process. A simpler bill tacking on an little extra/school environment specific training is as far as govt needs to be involved.

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