Gun Rights

Krauthammer Warns Gun Confiscation Would "Cause Insurrection"

Almost certainly true


Where we are different, we have a 200 year history and culture of gun ownership. And we have a Second Amendment, and we have a system that believes the rights—the Second Amendment in other words—predate the republic.

And the point of having a government, as in the Declaration, is to secure the rights. In Britain, you have no such right; the government will control gun ownership. So unless you are willing to confiscate—which would be unconstitutional and would cause insurrection in the country—as Australia did, these things will not have an effect, except at the margins. And that's the tragedy here.

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  1. I am wondering – should the current push for another AWB result in registration via an Obama Executive Order – if the ATF would start doing Waco-style raids on common gun owners. I would expect that would soon result in backlash bordering on (or beyond) insurrection in many places.

    I expect that they would only round up so many average Joes before average Bob, Frank, Josh, and Jim see they are next and get together to do something about it.

    This is the ATF which all but never goes after hard targets like biker gangs and meth dealers but prefers to prosecute really low hanging fruit like retired garage tinkerers and kitchen table firearms dealers who don’t cross every “T” in gov’t mandated fashion. Am I supposed to believe that these donut-fed office-wienies are going to start regularly suiting up to repeatedly enrage the local populous just because Obama said so?

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