TSA Union Pushes Sacramento to Revoke Approval for Privatization of Security

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The American Federation of Government Employees issued the following news release:

After close to one year of lobbying efforts and a public campaign, the American Federation of Government Employees–the union for TSA workers in Sacramento and nationwide–today applauded the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors for voting to rescind its approval for Sacramento International Airport to be allowed to privatize, or use corporate airport screeners in place of federal employees.

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  1. So the AFGE bribed the Council so that they can keep unaccountable TSA criminals in place instead of private screeners that can be sued for their transgressions. Why did the airport authority apply for the exemption to use private screeners if TSA wasn’t already a problem?

    There were 105 TSA workers arrested in the last 24 months including 15 arrested for child sex crimes, over 26 for theft, 12 for smuggling contraband through security and one for murder. These are only the ones who were caught and most get away with these crimes for years like the TSA screener at Newark reported on ABC.

    TSA even allows a known pedophile, Thomas Harkin, who is also an AFGE member to remain employed as a TSA Supervisor in Philadelphia giving him authority to search children. What kind of agency turns a known sex offender loose on children? This is what the Sacramento council decided is in the best interest of its citizens.

    This is what the people of Sacramento get for electing this bunch and hopefully they will get robbed every time they go through the airport so they can be reminded about the slime balls they elected. I’ll be sure to avoid SAC and drive to SFO, an airport that uses private screeners and is ranked as the best security operation in the country.

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