'The Duet Was Mr. Depardieu's Idea'

Gérard Depardieu in Asia.


The surreal central-Asian remake of Green Card continues. From The New York Times:

I didn't think anyone could step into Andie MacDowell's shoes, but Valdimir Putin has really made the part his own.

Days after he appeared in person with his friend and fellow Russian citizen Vladimir Putin, the French tax exile Gérard Depardieu made a virtual appearance alongside the daughter of Uzbekistan's authoritarian leader, Islam Karimov, in a new music video.

The Uzbek first daughter, Gulnara Karimova—described as "something of a robber baron" and "the single most hated person in the country," in a 2005 American diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks—is engaged in an elaborate effort to make herself into an international pop star, under the stage name Googoosha.

Over the weekend, Ms. Karimova took a break from arguing with a BBC correspondent on Twitter about forced sterilizations in Uzbekistan to post a message in her alter ego's name announcing the release of her latest music video, which features a Gainsbourgian spoken-word cameo by Mr. Depardieu….In a Twitter message to a fan of the video, Ms. Karimova wrote that the duet was Mr. Depardieu's idea, and he was reading from a book of her poems.

Meanwhile, Reuters reports that when Putin offered Depardieu a Russian passport, "Some of Putin's critics said the passport move was a stunt and pointed out that the president announced last month a campaign to prevent rich Russians keeping their money offshore."

Enjoy the video:

[Hat tip: Bryan Alexander.]

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  1. forced sterilizations in Uzbekistan

    Uzbekistan is the progressives SOMALIA!

  2. The Uzbek first daughter, Gulnara Karimova?described as “something of a robber baron” and “the single most hated person in the country,”

    Female libertarian spotted!

    1. She needs to hang out with me for a while. I’d have her back to statism in no time.

  3. OK, so maybe he’s not so awesome.

    1. What are you talking about? The only thing better than sticking it to France is sticking it to France and then going batshit insane.

    2. Really? This is magnificent trolling. He’s basically saying that Russia respects his rights more than France. The last time Russia humiliated the frogs this badly was Napoleon’s invasion.

      1. I guess it is kind of awesome. But being buddies with Putin is not.

  4. I thought Marlon Brando had died?

  5. which features a Gainsbourgian spoken-word cameo by Mr. Depardieu

    Oui, j’aime les r?gimes totalitaires quand ils m’ont permis de laisser mon argent.

    1. This daughter of the dictator was implicated in a $335 million bribe by a Swedish state-controlled mobile phone company Telia.…..Ow2B3enk6g

      Is it just me or does that seem like too large a bribe for such a poor country?

  6. That guy is everywhere, yesterday he was present at the FIFA golden ball award show.

    1. Where Uzbekistan coincidentally won the FIFA fair play award. It all ties together now.

  7. Interesting comment here about living and working in Russia:…..itizenship

    I’m glad to see IM pick up on this event. Monsieur Mr. Depardieu has set the example of saying “No” which I can only hope will be the beginning of something phenomenal.

    Minor correction to your text; I’ve been living & working in Russia for 10 years as an independent contractor. I have residence permit which affords me the “right” to live in Russia and Individual Entrepreneur status which affords me the “right” to work, engage in business activities and execute contracts anywhere, anytime in Russia. Other than time, both were relatively easy and very inexpensive to attain. My tax regime is set up as “Simple” which means I pay 6% (yes six percent) of all revenues. I have no payables so this makes the most sense for me. I am very happy to pay 6%. If you have a more complex business where your payables exceed 53.5% of your revenue then it’s better to establish your tax regime as “Normal” which means you pay 13% on your profit. As an Individual Entrepreneur you also pay a nominal amount into your own retirement fund. If you are an employee of a Russian company, the company will pay 30% for the 1st 6 months after which the rate will drop to 13%. The company also pays your insurance and retirement fund.

    1. (cont’d)
      To be totally honest, I bitc* about life in Russia 20 times a day, (that’s down from 100 times per day) but I’ve said for a long time that Russia is the dark horse in all this mess and very likely will be the “last man standing”. For the average person, Russia is and always will be a difficult place to live (long story another day). If you want the nanny state to wipe your nose and put you to bed at night don’t come to Russia. However if you’re not a wus, and willing to stand on your own two feet and create your own way, you need to take a good look at Russia.

      I am quite surprised this fact is not being shouted from the mountain tops. “Yes Virginia there is a decent tax authority and her name is Russia.” Who would have thought?

  8. Like most dimwits, Mr Douchebage actor thinks that success is the same as merit or talent. Kings are successful are they not? Dictators are successful are they not? If raising taxes to 75% gets rid of old lunatic actors like Clint Eastwood, I say raise to 80%. All of you can move to Russia, where your property can be confiscated with the assistance of a kangaroo court.

    1. your property can be confiscated with the assistance of a kangaroo court.

      Your off your meds again, Mary. Kelo didn’t occur in Russia but right here in the US.

  9. Either Putin is tiny, or G?rard Depardieu is the size of Andre The Giant.

    1. Depardieu looks like he’s about to eat Putin.

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