Civil Liberties

Cops Recorded Freaking Out Over Copwatch Cameraman

Badges and lenses are a volatile combination


Elementary and junior high students in the Los Angeles Unified School District returned this week to an increased police presence as a response in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre.

The opposite happened in SanTana: one student  complained to Copwatch Santa Ana activists about continual mistreatment and harassment after school let out at McFadden Intermediate.

On December 18, 2012, Ángel Juárez of CopWatch went to the school on Raitt Street to see what was going on.

The activist happened upon a young woman who had been pulled over and began filming as a student sat on the curb. Officer Aquino asked that Juárez step back as he was conducting an investigation but the activist countered that he was, at thirteen feet back, was at a reasonable distance and was not interfering with the policeman's work.