Paper that Published Gun Ownership Map Hires Armed Guards

Did they add themselves to the map?


A newspaper just north of New York City that published maps on its website showing the names and addresses of pistol-permit holders in its coverage area has reportedly hired armed guards at one of its offices.

The Journal News, a Gannett Co. Inc. publication based in White Plains, N.Y., hired the armed security guards days after posting the maps in the wake of last month's deadly rampage at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., the Rockland County Times reported.

According to police reports obtained by the Times, The Journal News' Rockland editor, Caryn McBride, filed at least two police reports after receiving numerous "negative" phone calls and emails about the maps.

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  1. It’s not hypocritical when you pay someone else to shoot people for you.

  2. Put your hand in a bee hive you will get stung. Showing the addresses regardless of reason creates 2 issues. 1 it shows the bad guys who has the guns and where to get them. It also showed them who does not have them to protect themselves. Nothing good can come from it. Let us not forget the guns were illegally obtained by a madman. People who register for guns are not trying to hide from telling those who need to know aka the authorities because they have nothing to hide . They are also respectful of not flashing them around in public. If someone wants to be responsible and own one I am for it, if they do not want to then don’t apply. Last comment lets also talk about how all these people who want to ban them ( political figures) either carry or use our tax dollars to pay for someone to carry and protect them. What gives the government the right to exercise our rights but not he people they represent. I love our country and am happy to express my opinion on this.

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