American Family Association Warns That Christians Could be Treated Like "Second Class Citizens" by 2060

Evidence left wanting


The arch conservative American Family Association (AFA) sent its membership an alarming statement saying Christians could face discrimination on par with the mistreatment of African Americans during the segregation era.

According to Think Progress, the email from AFA founder Donald E. Wildmon said conservative Christians would "be treated as second class citizens, much like African Americans were prior to civil rights legislation in the 1960s," by the year 2060, with the government seizing control of not only every public radio frequency, but of the family structure itself.

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  1. They have some progressives pegged.

  2. Wait, I thought they were already being treated like second class citizens. I mean with stores acknowledging other holidays besides Christmas and teh gayz being allowed to serve in the military and get married it is a virtual halocaust for the poor abused Christian majority in this country.

  3. The Obama administration only has it out for dangerous evangelical radicals like the family of entrepreneurs who run Hobby Lobby. No other American Christians, particularly those who consistently vote against the Democratic Party, have anything to worry about from goose-stepping progressivism.

  4. Seeing as how the AFA believe the free excercise of religion part of the First Amendment applies only to Christians (and even then only certain types of Christians I’m sure), they have absolutely no moral high ground here.

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