Maine's Triumphant Democrats May Retain Tax Cuts

Rolling constituents no so popular as you might think


Democrats won back control of the Maine House and Senate from Republicans last month in part with a message on taxes. They campaigned against the tax cuts the Republican-led legislature enacted in 2011, the largest tax cut in Maine history, arguing they were a giveaway to the wealthy.

Yet, despite Democrats' victories, there are signs the tax cuts may well survive. That's true even though Maine faces challenges rebalancing its current budget and balancing the new two-year budget that the legislature will write next year.

The biggest obstacle to undoing the tax cuts is Republican Governor Paul LePage, an anti-tax stalwart who could veto any plan. Democrats lack a veto-proof majority in either house of the legislature. But, while Democrats are talking about pushing for repeal, it's not clear LePage will even need his veto pen.