Gary Johnson

Big Boi's Post-Election Racist Moment: "I Voted for Gary Johnson"

He was congratulated on his "win" the day after the presidential election


gary johnson voter
Hot 97

The setup: New York City's Hot 97 has a segment called "Everyday Racism" where different guests recount an experience of racism in their every day lives. The rapper Big Boi (one half of the Outkast duo) was on the show last month, and explained how a white woman came up to him at the airport the day after the election and said "congratulations on your win last night," to which the rapper responded "bitch I voted for Gary Johnson." One of the DJ asks "you really said I voted for" to which Big Boi says yes, he really did.

Video below:

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  1. to which the rapper responded “bitch I voted for Gary Johnson.” One of the DJ asks “you really said I voted for”

    If I had been the DJ, my question would have been, “You really said ‘bitch’?”

    And what the fuck is with the “smart” quotes?

    1. If I had been the DJ, I would have said that a vote for Johnson was a half-vote for Obama.

      1. And then hopefully, he would have called you bitch also.

      2. This canard never gets old.

        A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Gary Johnson.

        1. Tulpa: the math professor who couldn’t understand number theory.

      3. I’d say my vote for Gary Johnson counted about as much as your vote for Mitt Romney… beeyotch.

        1. Exactly and at least it gives me to satisfaction of actually having voted FOR somebody versus picking the least steamy turd from the pile of shit.

    2. Which “smart” quotes?

  2. Outkast is still relevant?

    1. More than whatever Eurotrash passes for music in Ukraine.

      1. Nu ladno, soobshhaju zdes’ tebe…

        I hope your puny browser can handle it.-D

        1. I’d be more afraid of how many viruses I’ll pick up from rutube.

          1. In former Soviet Russia, rootoob toobz YOU!

    2. Hey now, don’t make me break this down for nothin…

      1. Lean a little bit closer and see that roses really smell like…

        1. Moses supposes his toeses are roses
          But Moses supposes erroneously.

      2. lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor.

    3. The greatest rap duo ever, founders of the dirty south? Yeah they’re still relevant to people who actually remember when hip-hop was a real art form.

      1. Yep. Outkast is awesome.

    4. Outkast is still relevant?


    5. I still like them. And now I like them even more.

  3. a white woman came up to him at the airport the day after the election and said “congratulations on your win last night,”

    It would have been a weird moment if he responded “no, I was born in Georgia, you must be confusing me with someone else”.

  4. Nothing like ruining some dumb bitch’s “look how tolerant and un-racist I am” moment.

    1. If there was such a moment.Were white people really running around after the election congratulating Black people for their “win”?

      1. .Were white people really running around after the election congratulating Black people for their “win”?

        I work on a college campus.


        1. “I work on a college campus.”


      2. Funny thing is that it took me a second to realize, approvingly, that that was what the racism from this story was.

  5. “I voted for Gary Johnson.”

    To which the non-racist host of the anti-racism show replied, “How could you vote for that honkey against obozo, datz raciss.”

    1. Shut up, Mary.


  6. I expected Big Boi to merely be a Dopertarian. After a quick scan of his Twitter, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he seems to be more of a Ron Paulist, goldbug, anti-police brutality, non-foreign interventionist, pro-2nd Amendment even after Sandy Hook, kinda guy.

    Good on ‘im.

  7. I fully expected Big Boi to merely be a Dopertarian. After a quick scan of his Twitter feed, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he is more of a Ron Paulist goldbug, non-foreign interventionist guy who is concerned about police brutality and is pro 2nd-Amendment even after Sandy Hook.

    Good on ‘im.

  8. cornball brother

  9. I fully expected Big Boi to be merely a Dopertarian. A cursory glance at Big Boi’s various social media feeds shows that he’s more of a goldbug, non-interventionist, anti-police brutality, pro-2nd even after school shootings kinda guy.

    Good on ‘im, I say.

    1. I had no opinion of the man before. Reading this, brings him to the “apparently very favorable” side of the ledger.

      1. Yeah, at least for me, it tends to make me respect him a lot more than most voters, who don’t even know who GJ is.

        Honestly, there is not anyone who has asked me who I voted for, outside of my core political friends(who didn’t need to ask), that did not say ‘WHO?’ when I answered Gary Johnson.

        1. I’d say “it’s sad” people don’t know who he is, but I just expect it now. I guess that’s what’s sad…

      2. Yeah, me too. I dont keep up with pop culture and havent for years so i had no idea who he was. Never heard his music, but I am now a fan.

        1. The music is really good if you like that sort of thing. You should check it out if you don’t completely hate rap.

        2. Pretty sure everyone in the world has heard “Hey Ya”

    2. Hey, HM!
      Got a book for Christmas: “Silk Road”, Valerie Hansen. Interesting in a lot of ways, but you might be interested in the chapters on the languages of the Tarim Basin and a bit on the linguist Kumarajiva.

      1. Interesting. I’ll have to pick it up. Those blue-eyed, red-haired monks were crucial to the development of Sino-Buddhism.

        1. “the development of Sino-Buddhism.”

          Didn’t know that was of interest to you, but quite a bit of what I’ve read so far covers that as a subject and its use as a ‘Rosetta stone’ to reconstruct some of the dead languages.

          1. I practice Ch’an Buddhism, myself. Understanding how the Lotus Sutra, the Lankavatara Sutra, and the Diamond Sutra were first encountered, translated, and in what context they were understood is interesting to me. Of course the ultimate message is that enlightenment is not bound by scripture, funny that.

            1. “Understanding how the Lotus Sutra, […] were first encountered, translated”

              Yer in luck! See page 56.

            2. My son-in-law is a Buddhist. A Brazilian Buddhist… honestly I thought he was joking at first, but not. One of the most intelligent people that I have ever met, really into languages also, fluent in several and always dabbling around in obscure languages that most have never heard of, not sure if there is some correlation or not… he’s also Libertarian, for what it’s worth.

              1. He might like that book, too.

              2. A Brazilian libertarian – he must be so lonely.

      2. Kumarajiva translated the Lotus Sutra from Sanskrit to Chinese. Crucial to the spread of Buddhism to China and later Japan.

  10. 0:56

    And there, my friends, is the problem.

    1. Yep. Kind of ruins one’s credibility to discuss racism when being completely unprepared for the topic. The panel basically had 3 racists.

  11. Hell yeah, welcome to the club, Big Boi. As likely one of the few people here who liked Outkast even before this, this makes me really happy. Check his Twitter page, it’s like Reason’s mixed with more rap news.

    1. I guess “Hey Ya” was okay, though the Charlie Brown and the Navy carrier squadron adaptations were better videos.

      1. Outkast is hot, always were. Now as for about 99% of the other rap acts from the south…

        1. Ludacris is good.
          T.I. is good.
          Outkast is, well, Outkast. (I literally cannot express how classic B.O.B. is.)

          The rest of The Dirty South is worthless IMHO.

          (Unless you count Luke/2 Live Crew, who are important.)

          1. No love for Goodie Mob?

          2. Little Brother, or perhaps everyone’s favorite, Master P?

            1. Little Brother was awesome. I did say 99%, so there’s still room in that 1% for a few artists.

          3. Scarface/Geto Boyz (if they count) are also on the happy side of the fence. I like Luda but not T.I. really.

            1. Geto Boyz. So good, so important.

              Take a look at any pop/top 40/Rap/R&B music and try– just try!– to find a song as meaningful and beautiful as “My Mind’s Playing Tricks on Me”…

              I feel so sorry for the truly troubled, tortured genius of Bushwick Bill…

          4. I’m a hip-hop ignorant old cracker but if Houston counts as the South DJ Screw was better than 99.9% of the stuff.

            1. Texas counts for me as long as the artist cut his teeth there (for instance I wouldn’t count DJ Premier as a Texas DJ even though I’m sure Houston would be proud to claim him).

              1. The D.O.C.: Best rapper ever.

                1. I love the South: Outkast, Goodie MOb, David Banner, Scarface, Killer Mike, Jay Electronica…

                  Outkast, alongside the Wu-Tang clan, represent perhaps the elite artists in hip-hop, and this segment just made me like Big Boi even more.

    2. I was happy until I saw the InfoWars link… ugh.

      OK, I’m still impressed, just not quite as much. Beggars can’t be choosers.

  12. I am going to take a wild guess here that she was a brain dead liberal, and I’m sure she was horrified that this guy dared jump off the plantation.

    If it was a true story. I can actually believe it considering that there were some blacks that came out in support of Ron Paul before the GOP establishment wisely pushed him aside in favor of the Romulan.

    1. No worries, if Big Boi ever gets too influential among the Black community, Obama will make sure that he rots in prison.

      The Emperor can brook no competition for the affection of his people.

      1. You know, that article reminded me how good “The Way You Move” is. Though my favorite Outkast song, wasn’t on Speakerboxx/The Love Below, but rather on Aquemini, “Da Art of Storytellin’ Part 1”.

        1. DOPE AS HELL.

  13. Vote Gary Johnson, it’s what we need
    Let’s peg our US dollar to weed
    It’s time for a change and I got the jones
    To not kill a bunch of people with drones.

  14. I have to admit Speakerboxxx/The Love Below was a rare bright spot in Hip Hop over the last decade.

  15. OT:
    Morales steals more property in Bolivia:
    “Bolivia takes over Spanish-owned energy suppliers”
    “President Evo Morales accused the subsidiaries of the Spanish company, Iberdrola, of overcharging consumers in rural areas.”

    So now, they won’t have to pay more for the energy they won’t get……..a-20867595

    1. Those evil Spaniards will no longer be raping the Bolivian people and stealing profits back to Spain.
      or something.

    2. Somewhere, Simon Bolivar is turning over

      1. And if he spins fast enough to drill for oil, Morales’ll nationalize HIM, too!

    3. What a vile pedophile rapist, Morales is. If anything goes wrong, he’ll still blame the gringo, it’s a win-win for the noxious little shit of a man.

      1. But Jon Stewart loves him…..

        He’s gotta be a great guy, right?

        1. “But Jon Stewart loves him…..”
          In the Biblical sense?

          1. Possibly. He was definitely fellating him on his show a couple years ago. That was when I completely stopped watching The Daily Show. I hadn’t really followed it since Stewart had taken over, but I’d watch it is nothing else was on. Not anymore.

            1. Stewart is a sleazebag who claims to be serious until someone catches him lying, in which case he is magically transformed into a “comedian” who hasn’t been funny since someone pulled him out of his Mom’s twat.
              He’s a lefty hypocrite with no more ethics than Pelosi. If he were on fire, I’d piss on the part that wasn’t and pour gasoline on the part that was.

              1. Yeah, he pisses me off to no end.

                During the Bush admin I was constantly assured “he only spends 97.5% of his time on Republicans/conservatives because they’re in power — if a Democrat/liberal gets elected he’ll ‘switch'”

                Yeah, uh, fuck no.

              2. Stewart was funny…or so I thought. After Bush got re-elected he just got angrier and angrier. Please tell me his ratings are lower than they used to be.

            2. I respected Stewart (no matter how much I disagreed with him) until I read Jonah Goldberg’s piece on his interview promoting Liberal Fascism. Stewart has home field advantage and uses it to the extreme; he plays nice and does a good interview but will chop any bit of it where a hostile guest gets the better of him.

              The Daily Show likes to carry itself as a left-wing take no prisoners affair, but it’s completely dishonest. Also, their guest policy sucks; seriously, my buddy buys tickets 5 weeks in advance and I still have to wait on line with the will-call plebes? and then you oversold the place? After I went out all the way to the west side where the restaurants are terrible? That was the worst Thai food ever and I paid $20 a plate for it. Fuck you, Jon Stewart.

              1. “…he plays nice and does a good interview but will chop any bit of it where a hostile guest gets the better of him.

                The Daily Show likes to carry itself as a left-wing take no prisoners affair, but it’s completely dishonest.”

                The left being dishonest? That is their SOP.

              2. A small gem of the rant genre.

      2. I’ve heard that POS likes to nationalize things but is otherwise iffy on the socialism. Tons of ‘informal economy’ in Bolivia. Also issued a dollar bond or something like that. There’s a long-simmering separatist movement in the Eastern Lowlands. The Catos and Kochs should fund it.

        1. How’s about Harper throw in a few Loonies and Toonies?

          1. I’d prefer Harper’s throw in himself. Seriously fuck Harper.

    4. Morales steals more property in Bolivia

      Maybe him and his comrade up north, Hugey, can have a cup of hot choc-o-lat together, in hell, hopefully.

    5. Ayn Rand: “Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.”

  16. Fuckin’ “Sons of Anarchy” has totally grown on me. Mrs. A and I are catchin’ up – hard into Season 3 now. MOAR KILLZ! Oh, wait! That might turn me into a homicidal maniac!!!!

    Anyone want to buy all my guns and ammo before I hurt someone? Cause – TV.

    1. Yeah? What have you got?
      My gun store has dried up, nothing for sale. I might need to buy yours to support my gun buying habit….or I need to get into a 12 step program…..

        1. Thank you.

          I did just acquire a winchester 94 in 450 marlin….500 gr. bullets at 1750 fps….I am orgasmic.

          I nailed a boar with it a week or so ago. the bullet entered his front left shoulder and exited the right flank an inch below and to the right of his tail. He dropped in his tracks. It was like switching off a light.

          1. Wow! Most impressive, good sir. Most impressive. MOAR GUNZ PR0N!

            This sexual Tyrannosaurus fuckbeast of a skeet shooter came at the recommend of our own Episiarch. It arrived here a couple of days ago.

          2. I nailed a boar with it a week or so ago

            Heartless bastard! Boar murderer! Boars are people too, you know!

            Guns kill! Today Boars, tomorrow, school children! Boars is the gateway kill!

            Best that you turn all of your guns over to me, today, before you kill again.

          3. Boar-hunting? Did you bring it back to your castle for your Christmas feast, giving some of the meat to the kitchen boy in honor of the season?

            1. No doubt it was roasted and laid out on his long wooden dining table, with an apple in it’s mouth, which he shot through with an arrow to impress the serving wenches.

              Or at least, if that didn’t happen, I’m really disappointed with him.

            2. “Did you bring it back to your castle for your Christmas feast,”

              My experience, twice:
              Tougher than shoe leather! And not real tasty, either.
              Fat = flavor, and boars ain’t real fat.

              1. Long simmering helps a lot. I had boar stew over polenta last week. Excellent.

                1. Cdr Lytton| 12.29.12 @ 8:46PM |#
                  “Long simmering helps a lot. I had boar stew over polenta last week. Excellent.”

                  Braising can do wonders!
                  Sorta like snails: you can put gym shoes in garlic and butter with some sourdough and all’s well with the world!
                  But it ain’t the boar at that point.

          4. Sounds like a great bush gun, the perfect hog killer. But you could take just about anything with one of the .45 caliber leverguns, those bullets hit like a freight train.

            Amidst all the talk of ARs and Bushmasters, let me say that I love shooting leverguns. Leverguns forever!

            1. But a .45 is so slow, the damn boar might get to you before the slug gets to him.

              1. A freight train is even slower – but I wouldn’t want to get hit by one.

                1. juris imprudent| 12.29.12 @ 10:33PM |#
                  “A freight train is even slower – but I wouldn’t want to get hit by one.”

                  You, me and any damn boar wouldn’t. Hear it coming, get out of the way.

                2. Yes. The .45 lever calibers are relatively slow (compared to a .22-250 or the like), but those bullets are so big that they deliver massive kinetic energy on-target. The freight train analogy is perfect.

              2. Uh….1750 fps aint all that slow. The 450 marlin is really just a 458 win mag short. That is a huge bullet going at a pretty zippy speed. Immediately after pulling the trigger I work the lever without taking the gun out of position so I can shoot it nearly as fast as an auto….well except that it takes a second or two to uncross my eyes from the recoil. It is A LOT of firepower.

                Where I hunt 50 yds is a long shot. Lots of heavy brush.

                Oh, Hyperion, the boar was roasted at my brother’s house and laid out on a wooden table. Much ale ( beer ) was consumed and there was much…uh…wenching. No arrow though. I will remember next time.

                Libertarius…I collect levers. You sound like a man I could get along with.

                1. Mine’s a 45-70. Love the damn thing, and anything I hit with it goes down without so much as a twitch.

                  And I recently had wine-braised wild boar over polenta, paired with a single-vinyard Brunello. Magnificent.

                2. Indeed. Have you ever checked out Cimarron Firearms? They make replicas of the classics, and their 1860 Henry & 1866 Yellowboys are works of art.

                  I served in the USMC and I like my Colt HBAR (which I never shoot anymore), but ever since I bought my first Henry Goldenboy it has been levers all the way.

          5. Do you know how to make bacon? Please tell me you know how to make bacon. That would be coo. Killin and makin your own bacon.

            1. Did somebody say BACON?

              1. I do miss John Candy. IMO, your best export EVAR!

            2. Why yes, yes I do. And I smoke it with hickory.

          6. I’m still and always looking for a Browning ’92 carbine in .357 mag. I’ll settle for a .44. The Japanese Belgian revolver-caliber Winchester is one of my favorite rifles but nobody ever wants to sell the short-barrel version. You can almost carry it concealed in winter clothing and it shoulders and points so fast. It has almost all the range I can use with my eyes and iron sites.

            1. “…carbine in .357 mag.”


              I understand those are highly sought after, but it is a small caliber pistol cartridge and a bit underpowered. Go with the .44. Out to 150 yds or so it is an excellent deer gun.

              1. “but it is a small caliber pistol cartridge and a bit underpowered”

                I have a ’94-A.E. in .357 mag, a trapper model, and it’s much lighter and handier than my marlin in .35 rem. It camps well; and is hell on hogs in the shitty brush and cabbage palms where i live. At the 200 yrd range it still appears to hit with authority (never used on game at that range), but 50 to 75 yards was the intended purpose of the rifle. With my .38 spl reloads, the rifle is actually quieter that a .22, which is another plus.

              2. The .357 is a powerhouse in a revolver, but it’s a whole new ballgame when you shoot them out of a rifle. Don’t underestimate the .357.

  17. That might have meant something if he actually had voted for Johnson, but it sounds like he didn’t, he was just zinging the airport lady (mythical or not).

    1. “but it sounds like he didn’t,”
      Why so?

      1. It’s the “I can’t confirm or deny” when pressed.

        1. See previous posts by Heroic Mulatto wherein he observes that Big Boi’s social media contains numerous positions in harmony with with Liberty.

    2. If you know who Gary Johnson is, you likely voted for him.

      1. Or you’re someone who wouldn’t dare make a joke about voting for him.

  18. Sounds like a pretty solid deal to me dude.

  19. Nice to hear Big Boi has his own mind. But I’ll put money on Andre 3K being some weird subtype of communist.

    Outkast’s stuff is better than any modern rap, I don’t know if that makes them relevant, but I just listed to Bombs Over Baghdad a few days ago.

    1. Andre can’t be a commie, he’s selling razor blades.

    2. Who cares about relevant? Listen to what’s good because it’s good. As far as OutKast goes, fuck the hype: ATLiens beats the shit out of Stankonia and the double album. Darker, tighter, more complex beats, more intimate raps, (way, way, way) less interludes; Stankonia has better hooks (hence the preponderance of singles), but everything else is inferior.

  20. French court strikes down millionaire tax?

    WTF? Are those French complete retards and can’t learn anything from their more enlightened counterparts on this side of the pond? Everything is permissable as a penaltax! You dummies!

    1. Too late:…..struck-dow
      Note the comment…

      1. Fuck! Damnit, I thought I had perused back far enough to rule out redundancy.

        Oh well, thanks.

        1. But it looks like you were the only one who noticed it, since you have the only comment. Is there a special kind of first when you have the only? Firstonly?

          1. Just don’t do the “FIRST” boogey.
            But it seems hardly any commenters bother with the 24/7, and if you poke around, there’s some stuff that isn’t covered otherwise.
            Some certainly isn’t worth comment; sorry 4 crew were killed in Moscow, but…
            Some is, like this one.

            1. Yeah, I was surprised to not have seen this one here, since the link appeared a lot earlier today on Drudge.

      2. What kind of a monster reads 24-7?

        1. Ah, well, old farts.

    2. It might turn out to be because they aren’t being egalitarian enough with the pain! (from the bbc source)

      French millionaires would be well-advised to think twice before cracking open the champagne over the Constitutional Council’s ruling.

      The court emphatically did NOT say that the 75 per cent tax rate was too high.

      No, the point on which the socialist government’s flagship measure came unstuck was a technicality. In French jargon the new tax bracket for people earning more than a million euros had not been “conjugalised”.

      As framed, the tax band applied to individuals – not to households.

      But in France, income tax is levied on households.

      Therefore the provision breached the constitutional requirement that it be equitable for all.

      The measure will almost certainly be back. All the government has to do is reframe and resubmit. But it now stands accused not just of a certain vindictiveness towards the rich, but also of a certain legal incompetence too.

      For example, that meant a household in which one person earned more than 1m euros would pay the tax, but a household in which two people earned 900,000 euros each would not have to pay.

      1. Ah, so the French battle flag is still a white cross on a white background.

        1. Curiously, it also reeks of Roquefort.

  21. I was impressed until he refused to confirm that he actually voted for Johnson, which leads me believe he didn’t.

    Well, I suppose “Hey bitch, don’t assume that I voted for the black candidate because I’m black although your assumption is correct” isn’t as good a come-back.

    1. He’s got a new album out, I’m guessing he didn’t want to piss off a bunch of Obamatrons by admitting during a promotional interview that he voted for someone else.

      1. He still wants to sell records and downloads to racists.

    2. Unlike the hosts, though, at least he knew who Johnson (and Stein) were.

  22. Interesting:
    Adam Carolla has an interesting theory about why the National Rifle Association (NRA) won’t budge an inch on any proposal from the Left. Can you blame them?

    1. Did you actually say “interesting” and “Adam Corolla” in the same post?

      1. I had the same opinion, until I started hearing snippets of his podcasts that my husband would listen to. He’s actually smarter than I thought. And he’s into cars, which I enjoy as well.

        1. Well, I would certainly hope your hubby is smarter than you think! Also helpful you both have mutual interests.-D

          Oh, you meant Adam Corolla! MEh, my first exposure to him was Loveline with a then-barely known Dr. Drew Pinsky. Quite frankly, I always thought Corolla was a douche, a real wiseacre who thinks he’s cooler than he really is. The kind you just wanna slap the taste out of his mouth. I did, however, enjoy his YooToob rants. Spot on, he was.

  23. Well, he might not have wanted to confirm that he voted for Johnson because the other people on the racist show might have called him a racist for not voting for the black guy.

  24. Looks like Orlando Bloom hasn’t shaved his beard after all.

    1. It took me a second to get this. That’s the right kind of funny.

  25. “One of the DJ asks “you really said I voted for” to which Big Boi says yes, he really did.”

    That’s not accurate, Ed. He CONFIRMED he really SAID he voted for Johnson. At the end, in response to the persistent, did you REALLY VOTE for Johnson, he said he could neither confirm nor deny. (I take that as, he probably did, but the point of the story was the false assumption he must have voted for Obama because he was black, but THAT point works whether he voted for Johnson or simply SAID he voted for Johnson.)

  26. All the rest are good. But…

    Michael Keaton IS Batman!

    1. I’ve seen ALL the movie and TV Batmen and Bale seems to me to be the closest to the essence of the comic-book version (1940s-90s). That doesn’t mean he’s close enough for me to conclude that the role will never be played better, but he’s far and away the best fit so far. I liked Keaton’s Batman, but, to me, he always seemed cast against type, achieving success by virtue of great talent alone. Kilmer was just wrong, though I like his acting work in general, and he made a great Jim Morrison. Adam West actually was a decent Batman “type,” but played the character too much in the lighthearted vein of late-50s and 1960s-era comic strips to suit me. If Clooney had gotten the gig instead of Keaton or Kilmer, he might have been the definitive Batman before Bale — he really needed to establish his version of the character, especially against the Joker (ideally Nicholson’s), before the introduction of such characters as Robin and Batgirl. What might have been!

  27. OT:

    Meanwhile, MANCUTE MOMENT IN UKR!” Aren’t they adorable?! Also, good morning Reasonoids!

  28. Big Boi microagresses against progressive womyn. This would be a good time to listen to Spottieottiedopaliscious in support of putting bitch womyn in their place.

    1. Big Boi claims he had the nerve to put a white woman in her place but was too chicken-shit to do the same to black people.

      Basically he’s playing the same “I can’t be racist because I voted for so-and-so” game as a lot of left-wing racists, but it actually doesn’t mean jack shit as far as racism is concerned other than perhaps degree.

  29. Want a laugh? Liberals have their own version of “Conservapedia”. Being delusionally conceited and, partially as a consequence, much better bullshitters, they have called it ‘RationalWiki’ and claim that it’s dedicated to debunking anti-science bad stuff. Their article on Krugman says he ‘usually gets his facts right’ (source: Politifact). Another page on something called ‘Metapedia’ claims it is actually a thinly disguised stalking horse for Euro-nazism that ‘also happens to support homeschooling.’ I’m still not totally sure this is genuine and I’m not being meta-trolled.

    1. Doesn’t the article on libertarianism mention the Hit & Run comment section as a “wretched hive of scum and villainy”?

      It might have been sarcastic, but I’m never sure when someone quotes Alec Guinness.


        Nope, it’s the article on Reason magazine, itself.

        We could knock off the sexism, but that doesn’t make libertarianism wrong. Isn’t that some sort of association fallacy?

        1. I refuse to click on that, but is describing HnR or Reason as a “wretched hive of scum and villainy” really so incorrect?

          1. “The comments section on Reason’s “Hit and Run” rivals Yahoo! News for being the worst hive of scum and villiany on the Internet, and provides plenty of evidence to conclude that Web 2.0 with its “anyone can comment on anything” model perhaps isn’t such a good idea.”


            1. To many outsiders that are use to moderated boards, it’s probably true. There’s a lot of sick humo(u)r on here that outsiders might cringe at. But it’s nothing compared to the echo chambers they regularly go to where any dissent is met with the banhammer and/or disingenuous attacks.

              Seriously, fuck those pussy-ass cunts. Fuck them like certain elected officials fuck sheep.

              1. To be fair, disingenuous attacks often don’t seem disingenuous to those who are on the same side as the attacker.

                But yeah, banning people or deleting comments for disagreeing sucks, and is de rigeur on the lefty blogosphere.

            2. They also fucked up the Obi Wan quote.

              And seriously, as irritated as I get with some H&R personas, the level of discourse is at least seven levels higher than YouTube or Yahoo News comments.

          2. 99% of the villainy comes from the Sevo-Tony interactions (which are often funny in the shot-Marvin-in-the-face sense), and the scum quotient is way down now that we’re absent one psychotic neo-luddite who spent eight hours a day trolling the board.

            And rationalwiki is a Pharyngula-style sewer whose articles are infected by typically proggy traits such as unexamined biases, narcissism, and the customary complete inability to examine arguments on their own merits. The Rothbard editor’s misunderstanding of the ancap “free baby market” is typical of the site’s knee-jerk response to unfamiliar ideas that transgress the typical “freedom is slavery” narrative.

        2. Their brand of libertarianism is much closer to Megan McArdle than Ludwig von Mises.

          Cosmotarian PWND!

    1. Probably should have linked the actual interview

  30. OK, so the white woman in the airport is a racist for assuimng a black man has to have voted for Obama. But the three people with him in the video assumed the same thing and are not racist because..??

    1. Just because 95% of blacks voted for him because he was black, doesn’t give you the right to assume a black person voted for Obama.

      1. 95% of all males are heterosexual, but that still doesn’t make it polite to go up to a random one and ask him if he got some pussy last night.

        1. My respect for Big Boi, aka Lucious LeftFoot was already hovering at around 9.5, it just went up to eleven.

          My answer remains unchanged: No.

      2. Also,

        Just because 95% of blacks voted for him

        95% of black voters != 95% of black people.

  31. lol, Rappers are such idiots.

    1. Oh, Pedobot, how could you? You’ll never get near their children that way.

  32. So where was the real racism again? Was it that the idiot woman in the airport assumed he voted for Obama? Or was it that the blacks on the panel assumed he must have been trolling her when he said he voted for somebody other than Obama?

    And where’s the real outrage (and hate crime charge), which should be coming from Feministing/Jezebel any minute now for him calling the woman a bitch?*

    *I guess this will lead to a hectoring by Ken Schultz on why libertarianism won’t get anywhere.

    1. I don’t think it’s just that she assumed he voted for Obama. It’s that she’s collectivizing black people, by linking an Obama victory to a victory for all black people.

      I voted for Romney, but if someone who knew this congratulated me for “my” victory had he won I probably would be miffed too.

      1. This is how I saw it. The woman was undoubtedly a committed Democrat and feels safer with Black People in one, easy to cordon-off catagory.

  33. I hate to brag, but I have cooler black friends than DJ Manboobs.

  34. My own post-election racist moment is thinking that haunted house movie looks terrible.

  35. My respect for Big Boi, aka Lucious LeftFoot was already hovering at around 9.5, it just went up to eleven.

  36. Big Boi is right. She is a bitch, and a very ignorant one, for assuming he blindly voted for Obama just because he’s black.

  37. I had no idea Big Boi was a libertarian. Consider my day made. One of my favorites.

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