Poll Shows a Plurality Believe Obama's Second Term Will Be Better Than His First

22 percent believe that the president will do a worse job second time round


President Barack Obama looks primed to do a "better job" in his second term than he did in his first term, a plurality of Americans say.

According to a CNN/ORC poll out Thursday, 46 percent of Americans think the president's job performance will improve this time around, while 22 percent say Obama will do a worse job. Another three in 10 see Obama offering "about the same" performance as he did during his first administration.


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  1. if you use the word “plurality” to mean “many” than the headline is correct. In that case though, the word plurality when considering an opinion of people across the nation there would be a plurality in almost any opinion. On the other hand if you use “plurality” to mean “majority” than this is not true, because more people believe he will not do better than believe that he will do better.
    It is an otherwise nice spin for those that don’t pay attention to language and math.

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