A.M. Links: 46 Percent of Americans Think Obama's Second Term Will Be Better, Minimum Wage Going Up in Ten States, Israel Easing Gaza Blockade


  • 46 percent of Americans think Obama will perform better in his second term, 22 percent think it'll be worse.

  • The minimum wage in ten states will be increasing in 2013. It will be highest in Washington State, at $9.19 an hour.
  • Hawaii's governor named his lieutenant, Brian Schatz, to replace the late Senator Daniel Inouye. Inouye had indicated a preference for someone else before he died.
  • Cop deaths in the line of duty are down 20 percent.
  • EA is removing links to gun store websites from the website for their game Medal of Honor.
  • Israel's defense ministry says it will be easing the blockade of Gaza.
  • George H.W. Bush remains in hospital.

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