A.M. Links: 46 Percent of Americans Think Obama's Second Term Will Be Better, Minimum Wage Going Up in Ten States, Israel Easing Gaza Blockade


  • keep hoping

    46 percent of Americans think Obama will perform better in his second term, 22 percent think it'll be worse.

  • The minimum wage in ten states will be increasing in 2013. It will be highest in Washington State, at $9.19 an hour.
  • Hawaii's governor named his lieutenant, Brian Schatz, to replace the late Senator Daniel Inouye. Inouye had indicated a preference for someone else before he died.
  • Cop deaths in the line of duty are down 20 percent.
  • EA is removing links to gun store websites from the website for their game Medal of Honor.
  • Israel's defense ministry says it will be easing the blockade of Gaza.
  • George H.W. Bush remains in hospital.

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  1. 46 percent of Americans think Obama will perform better in his second term…

    He lost a percent somewhere.

    1. “perform better” means something different to the 46% than it does to the rest of us.

      1. There’s the rub.

      2. No, I think they are just thinking he can clear a very low bar…

    2. There are only a limited numbers of ways he could have done worse, so it’s just a simple matter of odds.

      1. I’m sure he has Top. Men. on it, though. Their ability to underperform is unmatched.

      2. Pretty much this.

        I liken it to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans thinking the would do better in their second season. Which, technically, they did.

      3. On the other hand, he can double down on his failures for 4 years without any concern about losing the next election.

    3. I got the “47%” reference, even if no one else did.

  2. Cop deaths in the line of duty are down 20 percent.

    Speeding on the way to work with a hangover doesn’t count as line of duty anymore?

    1. No, but choking on a doughnut still does

      1. What is a doughnut? Is that anything like yoghurt?

        1. Boom. Foreign weird speller finally gets comeuppance.

          1. Tough talk from someone who used “spelt” this very day

            1. I had pb&j on spelt bread for breakfast.

        2. I assume it’s a walnut or something that you put in bread before cooking it.

    2. But but but WAR ON COPS!

  3. Third!

    1. Being first after Fistbot isn’t so bad.

      1. Never thought of it taht way dude! LOL

        1. One Order of the Golden Monocle awarded.

  4. Finally, Slate answers the big question:

    How did the monocle become a symbol of wealth?

    1. If anything they should be a symbol of poverty; you can only afford half a pair of glasses!

      1. Or only able to hire a street urchin to polish one lense.

  5. Questions: What is a cosmotarian, what is a yokeltarian, and more importantly, should I care?

    1. The fact that you should not care removes any necessity for answering the first two.

      1. Okay, that’s what I figured. 3-9

        1. Just think of them as other words for troll depending on which side of the divide is using them.

    2. “Yokeltarian” is what the cosmotarians call anyone who actually works for a living, doesn’t live in an urban hellhole and doesn’t think that food trucks and gay marriage are the uppermost symbols of freedom.

      1. so which one of those are you, or are you the house librarian?

      2. “Cosmotarian” is what the people who work for a living call anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

      3. I thought they were against immigration.

      4. First they came for the food trucks, but I said nothing because I live next to 1000 acres of state forest and no food truck would ever come near here.

        1. Sure they would, you just need a larger population living on your compound.

      5. Food trucks ARE the uppermost symbol of freedom.

        I honestly cant think of a better one.

        1. Home ‘stills?

          1. Lets call it a draw.

          2. Moonshine trucks.

            1. Win^^

            2. Moonshine and foie gras trucks FTW!

      6. All this talk of food trucks made me look at the food truck tracker for DC. Not a single fucking food truck is in my work neighborhood today. Sonofabitch.

      7. “Cosmotarian” is what yokeltarians call anyone who thinks that being a racist, homophobic, xenophobic fuck is still a bad thing even if said fuck supports libertarian policies.

    3. I’m dunno about yokeltarians, but I’m pretty sure cosmotarians are the bad guys in the new Thor movie.

    4. You know who else used to talk about arians…

      1. Hellenic Catholics?

    5. I kindly request that you not summon the trolls.

      1. Sorry, I just wanted a quick response. Fortunately Sparky provided the one I was already leaning towards.

        I don’t understand the Commentariat’s inclinations towards ad hominem attacks. Isn’t that what we hate about liberals and conservatives? The idea that our beliefs about individual liberty and freedom shouldn’t be heard because we’re “crazy libertarians”? I know I hate that form of condescension.

        Some people are gonna troll; such is the state of the internet. But either address people’s ridiculous comments thoughtfully or ignore them; I don’t think it does any good simply to fling verbal poo at them like common monkeys.

        1. It’s just the nature of human beings. (Most of) The left-leaners and right-leaners don’t come here to have their minds changes, they come to change minds. And if you don’t change to their point of view, or even validate is as possible, they get nasty about it.

        2. Isn’t that what we hate about liberals and conservatives?

          No. We hate that they are fucking slavers.

          1. Excellent point

  6. The minimum wage in ten states will be increasing in 2013.


    1. Short term: increased unemployment amongst minorities, youth, and (most of all) young minorities.

      Long term: further erosion of the intangible capital needed to keep this country afloat.

      But somehow I think you knew that already.

      1. WRONG. More money for the 99% to spend on not savings, less money for greedy corporate millionaires to spend on sending jobs overseas.

      2. Short term: increased unemployment amongst minorities, youth, and (most of all) young minorities.

        Causing outrage and thus giving cause to raise minimum wage still further. Rinse, repeat.

    2. Next stop, LIVING WAGE!!!!

      1. Higher and higher baby
        It’s a living wage
        It’s a terrible thing to lose

              1. For those who want a different genre of music, could it be magic?

    3. proponents of ever-higher minimums never consider that, in most businesses, the rest of the pay scale moves upward, too, so the new minimum has no more power than the old one.

      1. I think what they want, even though they are too economically illiterate to comprehend it, is a higher minimum wage combined with PRICE CONTROLS so, in theory the new minimum wage should be able to buy more shit at the controlled price. I’m assuming the wonks on that side think this could be achieved by eating the rich as always. Regardless, this shit always hurts the people they claim to want to defend.

        1. I keep wondering, and there was some rhetoric during Obama’s first term, how long before govt believes it can mandate a maximum wage. A govt powerful enough to set a floor is surely one that is powerful enough to determine a ceiling, too.

          1. More likely than that is the government just determining a wage. Your wage will be determined by the job you do and its usefulness to society.

          2. A maximum wage would be a godsend for accountants, attorneys, and consultants. An avalanche of high-paid work figuring ways around it.

            And there would be half a dozen in place before the maximum wage law took effect.

            1. “This surgeon actually holds down three jobs at maximum salary! He’s an Open-‘Em-Up specialist, a Fix-the-Innards specialist and a Sew-It-All-Back-Together specialist!”

              1. Then he hops in his company car, drives back to his company supplied McMansion, and enjoys a nice dinner from the company chef.

          3. how long before govt believes it can mandate a maximum wage.

            Isn’t this how we got employer paid health care, as a work-around of the max wage? Do these people not know and/or understand history?

            1. Yes – when the incremental tax rate got so high that companies had to find non-monetary rewards, health insurance became an expected employment benefit.

    4. Related: What minimum wage buys you, by decade

      Now look at the minumum wage when adjusted for inflation:

      Note that, for the most part, the minumum wage isn’t all that different from current levels when adjusted for inflation–but it buys increasingly less as time goes on.

      Perhaps the problem isn’t that people aren’t being paid a “living wage,” it’s that things are a lot more expensive now than they were 60 years ago.

      1. I wonder what things actually are a lot more expensive, in an apples-to-apples comparison, than they were 60 years ago.

        I’d guess that gas probably is.

        1. Housing for sure–median prices were around $45,000 for a new home in 1950, inflation-adjusted.


          1. That house was typically a lot smaller than what most people buy today. You’d probably have to have something like a price per square foot chart.

          2. You think that’s apples-to-apples? How big were homes in the 50s? How many had central heat or air? How many were energy efficient? How much of the price is the land — we, with some volcanic exceptions, aren’t making any more of it — versus the house itself?

            It’s entirely conceivable that houses are, apples-to-apples, more expensive, but comparing a house built today to one built in 1950 is borderline silly. Hell, the one I grew up in, built in the early 60s, was an epic POS, and tiny, compared to my generic tract home built in the 90s.

            1. You think that’s apples-to-apples? How big were homes in the 50s? How many had central heat or air? How many were energy efficient? How much of the price is the land — we, with some volcanic exceptions, aren’t making any more of it — versus the house itself?

              My, aren’t we being pedantic.

              This NPR story from the housing bubble puts the average home size at 2,350 square feet, which was double the size of the ones in the 1950s.


              So, going off of the 2000 median home price, average price per square foot was $51; if one in 1950 was half that size(call it 1200 square feet), it was $36 per square foot in 1950.

              If this “apples to apples” comparison isn’t accurate, you’re welcome to do one yourself and show me what the actual figure is.

              Anyway, the point is that the minumum wage hasn’t changed all that much when adjusted for inflation, but it’s a lot harder to live off of those wages now than it was 60 years ago. That points to higher prices on consumer goods as the culprit(and, I suspect, people wasting money on iShit, vidya games, cable teevee, and other non-necessities).

              1. I don’t think distinguishing a 2000 square foot house with central air and heat, wood floors, ceramic tile, and/or carpet, double pane windows, etc., etc. from a 1200 foot one with maybe a box fan and linoleum floors is pedantic.

                Maybe a crappy wooden box with windows would still be more relatively expensive today than in 1950 but I don’t think that’s a given. Hell, people complain about food prices but we spend about a third less on food as a percentage of income than we did in 1950, and that doesn’t even take into account that a much higher percentage of food now is more expensive pre-packaged crap.

                I don’t know that there is a good way to evaluate the value of an average house with central air compared to one when central air was something only the rich could afford, but it’s not pedantic to recognize that there are differences.

                I tend to think that a lot of the expense problem is related to how much crap it takes to be “normal” now more so than the prices, as such. My family could live pretty damned cheaply in a two bedroom house with no car and a radio as our only in home entertainment. It might look like poverty, but it was middle class not too terribly long ago.

                1. I don’t know that there is a good way to evaluate the value of an average house with central air compared to one when central air was something only the rich could afford, but it’s not pedantic to recognize that there are differences.

                  And that’s fair, but the price differences are what they are. I can look at prices in my hometown of Broomfield, CO just as a comparison–homes in the first filing went for about $10,000 when they were first built in the 1950s, which is about $85,000 inflation-adjusted. Those same homes are now upwards of $175,000. Yeah, some of this is due to location, since it’s always been a bedroom community, and renovations like dishwashers and tile installation–but that’s still a huge differential.

  7. I have a feeling we’ll be having a Presidential funeral here soon. Old people + pulmonary issues + hospitals = not good.

    1. Old George I is getting up there in age, I give him another month or two.

      1. 88 years old, I think. I doubt he’ll go home.

        1. Charles Durning, Danial Inouye and now George Bush. The World War II generation is vanishing before our eyes.

          1. Does that mean we can finally talk about how shitty a president FDR was and how fucked up Japanese internment was?

            1. What, and disgrace the memory of the GREATEAT GENERATION by questioning their dearest-held beliefs?

            2. Don’t be ridiculous, Goldwater. Japanese internment was A-OK; after all, it was ruled constitutional. Think of it as a penaltax for being the wrong ethnicity at the wrong time. I know I love ending a discussion with statists with the single name “Korematsu.”

              1. Korematsu is the worst SC decision of all time. And I am including Dredd Scott.

                1. Definitely. And yet, you know, I never ever learned about it in government school.

            3. No, Bill Murray’s new movie has him starring as FDR so we can all learn to love America’s Great Helmsman again.

            4. Does that mean we can finally talk about how shitty a president FDR was and how fucked up Japanese internment was?

              Ironically, not if you’re an AJA in Hawaii.

          2. Charles Durning

            I had to look that up to be sure it wasn’t Roc.

      2. I wonder if they’ll let Obama give another one of his patented “Its all about ME!” eulogies at HW’s funeral.

        1. Let? If he is there that is what he will give.

        2. He’ll find a way to blame HW’s death on W. If only the Republican obstructionists had let Obama save HW!

        3. Obama will celebrate HW’s tax compromise (long planned surrender) as the high-water mark of Republican statesmanship.

    2. I am sure that the MSM is working on their stories about how wonderful it was during Bush 1 administration when in a spirit of bi-partisanship it was agreed the only sensible thing to do was to raise taxes.

      1. And gun control was done by executive order.

        1. And look what it got him. Sent home after 4 years.

    3. no one wants to say pneumonia, which to old folks is a death sentence.

      1. Especially if the patient remains in the hospital germ factory. A hospital is no place to recover from an infection.

        1. that’s the hidden irony – a hospital is the absolute last place you want to get an infection because the germs there have survived man’s every effort to kill them.

          1. Plus they smell bad. Who wants to die in a smelly place?

  8. Swiss drink-driver plays a blinder


    1. More of your Australianisms. Why you don’t speak like a normal person?

      1. Why do you think they were banished to Australia in the first place?

      2. Yeah, what on earth is a drink-driver?!

        1. He drives a motorized beer mug!

          1. I was picturing a Coke version of the Wienermobile.

          2. @#$%ing Swiss are ahead of us in motorization of alcohol!

          3. This could be a promising career move for some here…

  9. “Of course Sen. Inouye’s views and his wishes were taken into account fully, but the charge of the central committee, and by extension then myself as governor, was to act in the best interests of the party … the state and the nation,” Abercrombie said.

    In that order. (The ellipsis signifies an afterthought.)

    1. At least he didn’t go all affirmative action like Nicki Haley did.

      1. Because any black man is automatically unqualified. Take your racists shit elsewhere shreek. That shit is not welcome here. You know that.

        1. A first term House member is most qualified? You are full of shit as usual.

          1. really, PB? Your side decided that a first-term Senate back-bencher with a history of voting present was qualified to be POTUS. By that reckoning, Scott is overqualified.

            1. He was elected as a US Senator, then won a national primary, then won the Electoral College and popular vote handily twice over a war hero and a slippery Mormon.

              1. whatever. He was a black guy who didn’t sound like all the other black guys who fancied themselves president, and because he had gone to the right schools and believed all the right things, a slobbering press corps gave him a total pass.

                As to slippery, Obama is the same guy who called debt unpatriotic, vowed to close Gitmo, and was against gay marriage before he was for it. You keep sucking that BHO cock, however.

              2. He won the election, therefore he was qualified to be in the election.

                Shriek logic. No wonder this country is in the shitter.

              3. So you’re saying you base “qualified” to govern on “ability to campaign”?

          2. Yes. Obama hadn’t even been in the House when he ran for Senate. Never heard you say he wasn’t qualified. Actually you probably did think that because you are a racist piece of shit who thinks every black person is inferior. Take it elsewhere shreek. We tolerate a lot of your bullshit. But we will not tolerate your white supremacy crap.

            1. Admit it, he was chosen because of his race, you idiot.

              Politically it was a good PR move.

              1. No Shreek. I am sure he is a qualified good guy. I trust Haley’s judgement. I see a person. You see a N*gg*R getting an affirmative action hire. Like I said, take your racist bullshit elsewhere. You are gross enough without it.

                1. John projecting his views onto me. A new low for sure.

                  1. Yeah Shreek, you are the one automatically assuming any black person who gets hired is unqualified. But I am the one who is racist. Face it shreek, you are a white supremacist lefty.

              2. Look at how many people voted for Obama solely because of his race.

                1. Well, when you vote for him because of his race, it isn’t racist.

              3. Wait. We still talking about Obama?

              4. “””Politically it was a good PR move.””

                Yes that is why the Democrats picked Obama. He was after all the first bright and clean African American they had seen even if they thought it was just a work of fiction.

                “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

          3. A first term House member is most qualified?

            Ummm, change that to “four term state House member” and you’re describing Brian Schatz, who is now Inouye’s replacement.

      2. wow. Could you be any more condescending and patronizing? Of course, not; you’re a lefty, totally lacking in self-awareness in such areas.

        1. Shreek is on one of his white supremacy benders.

          1. he provides today’s example of projection.

          2. The Plug isn’t even a good lefty. Far too wishy-washy for that.

    2. In that order, we’ll be very very lucky.

    3. That Senate seat wasn’t Inouye’s to decide what to do with it.

      1. Didn’t he have a child, or even a first cousin, to pass it on to?

      2. As long as he didn’t try to sell it (like Blago with Obama’s seat), the constitution makes it his to do with as he pleases, at least until the next election.

        1. or his death or his resigning.

          Upon death, it was the governor’s job to pick the new guy.

      3. Inouye and Akaka are poster boys for term limits.

  10. Man drives drunk on AA co-founder’s lawn


    1. His tire tracks spelled (spelt) out, “Hi, my name is Donald Blood and I’m an alcoholic.”

  11. 46 percent of Americans think Obama will perform better in his second term


  12. It will be highest in Washington State, at $9.19 an hour.

    The wages, they’re alive!!! They’re living wages!

    1. Why do you hate States rights?

      1. Admittedly, I like individual rights more.

        1. As stated before, I am better than everyone else here because I am for nucleotide rights.

          1. That sounds like splitter talk to me.

          2. I am for farandolae rights.

            1. Why not go for midi-chlorian rights, or do you hate the religious?

              1. The Jedi Council is the center of a conspiracy to keep people downtrodden by prohibiting genetic engineering of midichlorians that can thrive in any host. They do anything to keep the power of the Force out of the hands of regular folks like you and me. Down with the 1%!

      2. Why do you hate States rights?

        States don’t have rights, they have powers. Only individuals can have rights.

        1. States have powers, not rights.

          The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

      3. States don’t have rights.

        They have power.

        Why do you love state power, Plugs?

    2. So they reallllllyyyyyy reaalllllllllyy don’t want anybody to hire inexperienced dumbass high-schoolers ever again right? Guess I’ll have to teach my spawn how to flip burgers at home so they can at least avoid lying on their Carl’s Jr. applications.

      1. Or anyone who has been out of the work force or is trying to get themselves back on their feet. You see drax, Americans don’t work those jobs, they go on welfare. Those jobs are worked by illegal aliens.

        1. The longer I go, the more I’m impressed with immigrants to this country. They’re like super Americans.

          Seriously, one hard-working, pro-liberty immigrant makes up for about 10 lazy, entitled asshole natives

          1. In fairness, we make it illegal for Americans to work like immigrants. That is what minimum wage laws do. Get rid of the minimum wage and welfare, and Americans will work like that too.

            1. Get rid of the minimum wage and welfare, and Americans will work like that too.

              That or starve.

            2. we make it illegal for Americans to work like immigrants.

              It is illegal for immigrants to work like immigrants too. But they still find a way.

        2. Pish, John.

          Welfare is for losers.

          Disability is where its at these days.

          1. “I get my disability check and POW! Down to Pants ‘n’ ‘At.”

      2. It has been years since the last time I last saw a high schooler working at McDonald’s, even in the summer.

        1. and it’s been even more years since someone there was being paid minimum. I have four kids; not a one ever worked for minimum even though each, for a time, held the sort of job associated with the wage.

          1. Where I’m from, these jobs are all MW, unless there’s a union involved it might be a dime or two more. That’s upstate NY where the cost of living is like, nothing.

        2. I have, although it does seem that McDs skews older than the other fast food places around me.

  13. Better than WHAT?

    1. I’m sure that SugarFree’s fecund imagination can come up with something that Obama’s second term will be better than…

      1. depends on how many new golf courses The Obama discovers. Shaving a stroke or two off one’s game is a slow process.

        Sideways to topic: I saw a shot of Limbaugh on the sideline of the college bowl game played in Hawaii. What are the odds he and Obama played a round.

  14. Joyce Lee Malcolm: Two Cautionary Tales of Gun Control

    Great Britain bans handguns: no positive results, tremendous negative ones.

    Australia bans shotguns and semiautomatic rifles: minor positive results, seemingly major negative ones all in the ways you’d predict.

    But hey, letting emotion guide policy is totally the right way to run your country. Only intentions matter!

    1. But this time will be different. We have the right people in charge.

      1. Besides we’re Americans, and somehow everything we touch/implement works out better in the end. Right? RIGHT?!!

        1. That’s why we won in Afghanistan too!

    2. “The results have not been what proponents of the act wanted.”

      Says who?

  15. Only five days until we all mourn our Taxey New Year.

    1. Why will ‘we’ be mourning?

      1. OK, those of us who work and pay taxes will be mourning.

        1. Again, why? I work and pay taxes, do I have to mourn this coming year?

          1. Oh, so you enjoy having your money stolen from you? Sorry, but I don’t believe you.

            1. I don’t enjoy paying taxes. However, I have some small hope that something like this will wake up enough people that things might start to change. Change generally doesn’t come unless pain is involved.

              1. Yep, this is what I keep telling my wife.

              2. My bf, who follows this stuff somewhat less closely than I do (he’s a foreign policy nerd instead) and makes just a bit more than minimum wage, had a definite “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me” reaction when he found out that the tax increases would be affecting not just millionaires, and not just millionaires and myself, but even him. Unfortunately, I think when most other people in a similar situation find that out (if they haven’t already), they’ll just blame the evil Republicans for caring about the rich more than “working families.”

                1. It is unfortunate that stupid people will play the blame game. However, booting the Rs out of Congress to pack the building with Ds pretty much guarantees that things will get even worse. And when that happens, people might finally start to get a clue.

                  1. Yes, Democrats are getting all the blame in, say, California because of all the control they have, right?

                    1. Yes, Democrats are getting all the blame in, say, California because of all the control they have, right?

                      Meh. Maybe I’m wrong, and the country is just doomed to failure and/or total collapse. I can’t really say that would be a bad thing either.

          2. You sound like some cosmotorian faggot $park?

  16. Questions: What is a cosmotarian, what is a yokeltarian


  17. 2013: The War on Socks.

    1. I’m hoping for the war on Band-Aids Adhesive Bandages.

  18. http://www.readability.com/rea…..c-20-2012/

    It does sort of ring of Pearle Harbor doesn’t it?

    1. I take comfort that our Navy has apparently forgotten all the lessons that should have been learned on December 7, 1941.

      Full employment is right around the corner!

      Of course, doubling the national debt to fund that employment would be unwise at this juncture.

      1. 50 years of complete air supremacy has made us very lazy.

    2. Yeah, I’m thinking if I’m an Islamoterrorist and I ever get my mitts on a genuine WMD, I’m waiting for the holidays and heading for Norfolk.

      As a semi-major shipping port as well, it wouldn’t be hard to get something nasty on site.

  19. http://www.independent.co.uk/n…..31443.html

    2013 will be the year of the comet. Let’s hope the ancients had it wrong about omens.

    1. Awesome. I love comets. I’ll have to schedule a trip to the Nascent Dean Compound in New Mexico in November, which has a very nice view to the West. Should be optimal.

    2. John Kerry is nominated for SecState. The end is already here. Its too late for repentance.

  20. George H.W. Bush remains in hospital.

    In this country, we use definite articles, you limey bastard!

    1. Good catch…I also think I saw an unnecessary “U” in a word a few days ago. We’re doomed, I tel you! DOOMED!

      1. soon, you will all write and spell funny like wot I do

        1. You always make me think of one of my favorite Simpsons episodes, Bart vs. Australia. I love the part where the Prime Minister is floating on aninnertube drinking a beer.

          1. at least i bring pleasure to someone around here 🙂

            1. I thought using emoticons was a bootable offense?

                1. WAR ON WOMEN

            2. Not the kind of pleasure we want, though. :-p

          2. The writers shoud have had him drown.

      2. Wait until she starts moving R’s around when she speaks.

        1. I once fucked around with a Brit professor of mine by doing a presentation on “metaRanalyses” straight-faced.

  21. It looks like we are going off the cliff. I know the spin is that Obama will be able to use his rhetorical genius to blame the whole thing on Republicans. First, I have yet to see any evidence of his rhetorical genius. Second, even if he can so what? There isn’t an election for two years. If we go over, undoing it will completely dominate the news cycle. It will prevent Obama from doing much of anything except beg Congress to undo it so he can get on with his second term. I really don’t see how this works out well for him, especially when you consider that it is his supporters who are going to be suffering the most under it.

    1. You seem to be forgetting that he doesn’t need to blame the Republicans. That what he has the media for.

      1. So what if he does? The election is over. There will not be another one for two years. So what does that buy him? It is not Republican voters who are going to be facing RIFs at the federal government.

        1. So what if he does? The election is over.

          you underestimate The Obama; the election is never over. Campaign mode is all he knows. And his acolytes are still blaming the evil Booosh. All this does is give them more gasoline for their eternal partisan flame.

          1. Do you think, when this is all over and he’s retired from office, that Obama is just going to keep on campaigning? Like all of his speaking engagements will nothing but stump speeches from 2008-2012.

            1. campaign mode is all he knows.

      2. Yeah. I can pretty directly trace my declining interest in The Economist to their whole scale embrace, during this financial crises, to the idea that the government can never spend less.

        Every time they write about Europe now, they talk about how the Germans and the ECB need to ease up and let the PIIGS focus on “growth” instead of “austerity”. In articles about the US, they seem completely unable to deal with the ideas of Republicans who would like to cut spending right now, as opposed to agreeing to some grand bargain of tax raises in return for medium and long-term entitlement reform. Also, Democracy in America now has WAY too many posts from Matt Steniglass or whatever it is that MS stands for.

        1. If avoiding recession requires running a trillion dollar deficit, maybe the economy in its current state is a bit unsustainable?

          1. John, that’s just silly. Of course Greece eventually has to cut spending, but until confidence is restored, the ECB should just back up their crappy debt and banks! Then, when there is utterly no need to cut, can they cut.

        2. The Economist went all in on the Euro and EU. That magazine needs its editorial board sealed in a room and set on fire, then bring actual economists in to replace them. I think that’s the only way I could ever read that once decent publication again.

          1. I agree, though I still keep an eye on The Economist. It’s a good way to know what the statists are thinking.

          2. I never more than skim through the crappy articles, just like Reason the real fun is the comments, the Chinese trolls who lurk there make a good stop for quick giggles.

            1. I remember some Chinese trolls at war with Indian trolls in a thread there. It was epic.

            2. French trolls are the best

    2. Obama is no fool, he sees that the average moron in this country has decided that they’re going to blame the republicans for every horrible thing that happens during his entire eight years.

      Now, not only can he carry out his agenda of destroying the country, but he can do it without even getting blamed for it. We’re screwed beyond belief.

      1. That is why the Republicans are smart not to deal with him. Any deal is going to be a bad one. So don’t make one.

        1. It’s almost to the point where the Reps should publicly state they will give the left everything they ask for. Let it crash with no one to blame but the left.

          I mean, it’s inevitable at this point anyway. Might as well get it over with. With omnipotent Dems we could see full blown depression within 3-4 years with no republicans to blame. Proof positive socialism can’t work and we can start to rebuild.

          All is lost. Might as well get a good seat for the show.

      2. The Senate has passed a bill extending the 2001/03 tax cuts for all workers – 100% in fact.

        Let the House pass it and this is over.

        1. But I thought those tax cuts were for the rich. Why does Harry Reid love the rich so much?

          1. Shriek said “all workers”. Everybody knows that once you get above a certain level of income, it’s proof that you don’t actually work.

            1. One of my New Year’s Resolutions, which I think I’ll put into effect a few days early, is to completely ignore this fucking griefer piece of shit. His endless lies have gotten old and tiresome.

              1. You are already in the anti-reality GOP bubble, Mike M. You might be able to double up if you try.

        2. The Senate has passed a bill extending the 2001/03 tax cuts for all workers – 100% in fact.

          From this morning:

          Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, in a brief written statement, urged Republicans to pass a Senate bill that raises taxes for households making above $250,000 and preserves current rates for everyone else.


          Do provide us a link to this Reid bill that is even more generous to the 1% than the Boehner bill, Plugs.

          1. The Senate bill does not raise taxes on ANYONES first $250,000 in income.

            Therefore all workers retain a tax cut (just not on income beyond $250,000).

            1. That’s not 100%, you moron.

              1. It’s 100% to the mental midget….anyone making over $250k is not a “worker” in its fevered commie brain.

            2. You’re wrong, though, when you say that the Senate bill extends the Bush/Obama tax rates for all workers.

              Those rates include a lower rate on earnings over $250K, which is not extended.

              Try not to lie, Plugs. You won’t get away with it, and you only embarrass yourself.

              Under the Obama proposal, a married couple making around $280,000 breaks even, and their tax bill goes up from there. A married couple making around $250,000 sees a whopping savings of about $750 from the Obama proposal.

              Check it out:


    3. Seriously, how fucking stupid is “it’s the other side fault”? This, from someone who, according to his supporters, is supposed to be so brilliant. Yet again he proves to be in way over his head and completely clueless.

      1. Part of the job of being President is being able to bargain with the other side. And the Republicans in Congress won their elections too. I don’t think he is going to be able to successfully blame this on the Republicans. If he actually had a plan, he could. But he doesn’t. And even the media can’t cover that up forever.

        1. And even the media can’t cover that up forever.

          Bullshit. If the media has demonstrated anything over the past eight years, it’s that it doesn’t matter one bit what this two-bit huckster says or does–they will do anything and everything to cover for him if they believe it might reflect negatively upon him. And that’s because they’re the ones who made him.

          Holding Obama to the same level of scrutiny that Dubya was held to would be an admission that they fucked up in pushing this guy as a “rock star,” and if there’s one thing the media doesn’t like to do, it’s admit they fucked up.

    4. The press has forgotten that spite is a factor in these things. At least boenher grew a pair and said the house was out until the senate dioes. something. He should have done that after thanksgiving.

      1. As usual, even when Boehner is right, he’s only half-right.

        He could have gotten a bill extending current rates for everybody through the House, and then adjourned (sine die would have been my preference; leave the Dems with a take it or leave it offer).

        But no, his testicles still haven’t dropped.

  22. Michigan passes Right to Work.

    Ford announces an expansion of production in Michigan plant.


    1. none dare call it conspiracy. Unless you’re Michael Moore and you’ve got a film to promote

  23. Your tax dollars at work

    In news unrelated to the Daily Fail link, I got a letter from my health insurance company. My plan, which is through my employer, will be cancelled in early 2013 as way to control costs. The company claims they are offering new, more competitive plans which my employer might or might not choose to offer. I don’t know anything more at this point, but I suspect Obmaneycare is involved.

    1. My company switch insurance carriers for next year. The costs are about the same but I have to pick a whole new set of doctors because my current ones aren’t covered under the new plan.

      1. but but but but – you can keep your doctor. The Obama said so.

        1. I’m sure once I pick a new doctor I’ll be able to keep him/her.

        2. How can you tell when a politician lies?

          His lips move.

    2. I got e-mail from one of the executives today. The health insurance company sent the letter in error. Oh well, I can’t blame Obamneycare, but there’s still plenty of things to pin on Obamneycare.

  24. Can someone explain to me the Timmy hate on ESPN? Timmy didn’t even get to play this year. No other time have I ever seen so much hatred focused on a backup quarterback. Maybe he is a bad quarterback. I don’t know since we never saw him play. But there are a lot of bad quarterbacks in the league. Yet, none of them inspire the has beens on ESPN to dislike much less hatred. Matt Cassel and Blaine Gabbert are both horrible and will cost their coaches and GMs their jobs and have alienated two fan bases. That is a lot worse than anything Timmy has ever done.

    1. What do you think the reaction would be if Cam Newton had quit on his team the way Tebow did?

      1. How can a guy who doesn’t play “quit”? And there is no evidence that is what happened anyway. Just unnamed sources whoever they are. Oh, let me put on my surprised face that the most unprofessional team in sports would put out lies to throw him under the bus.

        1. the most unprofessional team in sports

          John, as far as I know, Tim Tebow has not been signed by the New York Mets.

    2. I think a lot of it comes down to an inordinate amount of focus on a guy whose qb skill set is marginal, at best, for the NFL. He’s athletic enough to play other positions and probably be good at them, but his ego will not allow the switch.

      Tim had the good fortune of being qb for a team with a solid running game and very good defense, and you see this year just how good the Broncos are with a genuine qb. No 4th quarter miracles because the game is in hand before then.

      1. And I bet Denver wins one playoff game and goes to New England and gets killed just like last year.

        1. I don’t think so. I have a feeling NE is not going to beat Denver this year.

          1. They beat them once already. Belichek owns legoneck just like Eli owns Brady.

            1. We’ll see. Brady is no good if his receivers can’t catch a ball and the Pats secondary leaves much to be desired.

              1. Brady is no good if you hit him. The Giants and 49ers proved that. But we will see.

                1. Brady is no good if you can hit him with a four man rush (which is really a stupid point to make- all QBs suck in that case). The past 2 years (at least) he has a QB rating in the 130s versus a 5 man rush or higher.

        2. Denver has a better record than the Pats; such a game would only happen in the Rockies.

          NE beat Denver early in the regular season. Rematches tend to favor the team that lost the first one. But like Herman said – that’s why you play the game.

          1. It’s not quite “only”. A Denver loss this week and a Pats win would bring up the possibility of a match up in Foxboro. But that’s pretty unlikely because, like their last dozen games, the Broncos play pure shit this week.

        3. Sadly, Denver likely won’t be coming to Foxboro this year.

          1. That is right. But I doubt it will matter. Belicheck owns Manning.

            1. It matters because if it’s in Denver I don’t get to go to the game.

      2. He’s athletic enough to play other positions and probably be good at them, but his ego will not allow the switch.

        I have heard many say he would be an outstanding TE, but won’t because he wants to be a QB.

        1. and that’s exactly it. We know he can run with the ball and can probably catch. My guess is he could be a good blocker, too. But ego will not allow the switch.

      3. Its not like Ryan even gave him a shot.

        1. So a whole season of practice time, as well as various plays in game time doesn’t count?

          1. What Denver did didnt even really count, IMO.

            If you are going to play Tebow at QB, you have to restructure your entire offense.

            Personally, I think whoever signs Vick as their QB for next year, should also sign Tebow to be the backup.

            1. I was actually referring to this year, suggesting that if he sucks too much in practice to get on the field that might be his own fault, and not the coach for not “giving him a chance.”

              1. I doubt very much that’s the issue.

              2. Im saying that the day they signed him, they failed to “give him a chance” by failing to restructure their entire offensive strategy.

        2. Perhaps Ryan determined that Sanchez gave the team the least bad chance to win. Even a 10% chance is better than a 5% chance.

          1. The from office bet on Sanchez when they gave him the big contract extension.

          2. Hey, 10% chance to score. Credit where it’s due, the Jets have managed to win 43% of the games Sanchez started despite his chronic ineptitude.

      4. He would be an insane as a FB. He could move up to play Tight End, carry the ball for a few power yards, or be shifted into a trick play (including… would it be legal to somehow audible the qb out so he would be in the pistol?). The guy is a weapon, but he is just paid to much to be used properly (teams are to worried about injury for him to be an FB or an option QB)

        1. You can do a direct snap to a non QB, so that should be fine. When they motioned they would have make sure it wasn’t an illegal shift, but it’s doable.

          1. Ideal team/position for Tebow then: Redskins H-Back, shifting into the backfield often to be the FB.

            Think of it: At any time, you could motion out RGIII as a reciever, and have Tebow in the pistol, with Morris behind him (and the Skins already use the pistol!).

            Seriously, that offense would be unstoppable.

            1. That’s basically the old single-wing, which is really the offense Tebow works best in.

    3. Obviously it is anti-Christian bigotry – since that is what you want to hear. Never mind all the other many Christians in the NFL.

      1. Most of them are black. Most sports writers are lefty racists like you, so they don’t hold black people to the same standards of conduct and therefore ignore their Christianity where they wouldn’t in a white person.

        1. Hmmm, I think we Jemele Hill to investigate.

          1. How sad is it that I had to look up whether Jemele Hill was a man or a woman?

            1. Did the same thing.

              See also: LZ Granderson

        2. Right, John. Liberals are secret racists who give black people a free pass and vote for food stamps because they hate all blacks.

          You’re on your full retard game this morning.

          1. ho give black people a free pass and vote for food stamps because they hate all blacks.

            They vote for food stamps because they think black people are lessor human beings and incapable of providing for themselves like white people. Just like you think any black man who is appointed to the Senate is unqualified and was only appointed because they are black.

            Liberals are the inheritors of America’s white supremacist past. They view black people as inferior humans who cannot function without the help of the benevolent white man in the form of big government.

            Admit it shreek, you think black people are inferior and that is why you think they need so much help.

          2. Liberals are secret racists

            and the War on Poverty put that sentiment into law. Nice job on decimating the black family, creating the phrase “generational welfare”, and making sure that black neighborhood schools are the worst in any district.

            1. And don’t forget the drug war. If Lincoln was the great emancipator, Clinton, Bush and Obama were the great jailers.

              1. Reagan cooked up the crack sentences that gave extra years for how cocaine is formulated. That was racist to the core.

                1. And so was the Democratic House that passed the law, at the behest of the Congressional Black Caucus. And so was Clinton who enforced it and locked more black men than any President since slavery.

                  Face it Shreek, you have a racism problem.

          3. It’s really pretty obvious that the national newsmedia finds white religiosity to be at best weird and at worst insane while completely ignoring it amongst blacks. And since national sportswriters are just like their cousins in the regular media only moreso (probably due to the contempt their j-school brothers hold for them), you’re actually quite a bit closer than you think.

            And I say this as an atheist brought up by an apathetic mainline Protestant father and an anti-Christian Jewish mother. I’m not exactly in a rush to defend bible thumpers.

            1. Reggie White was an ordained minister who practically thanked God for helping him defeat the unbelievers after every win. No one said a word. Tebow crosses himself and does a “hey I am glad I wasn’t aborted” TV commercial and the entire sports media establishment goes insane.

              1. The only time I ever saw anyone ding Reggie White on his religiosity was in an SI article when he said that God directed him to sign with Green Bay, and lost his temper when some GM snarked that the money didn’t have anything to do with it.

              2. Reggie took a lot of heat after remarks about the gayz. He got a pass for being a star, not just for being black. Tebow is, first, a marginal player and second, his overt displays smack of “look at me.”

                He NEVER did the Tebow thing at UF; he had a bible version on the eye black and did some Reggie talk but, again, he was a star at that level and it was excused.

          4. Right, John. Liberals are secret racists who give black people a free pass and vote for food stamps because they hate all blacks. are paternalistic fucktards who instinctively think blacks are inferior and are to be held to lower standards.


    4. It’s not Timmy hate. It’s just the latest “angle” from the Tebow Sports Network. Probably came out of their latest focus group. Once he moves over to the Jaguars look for them to shift the talking heads to a different course.

    5. Cassel and Gabbert don’t have whole legions of PR flacks and marketing gurus working for them, forcing them into the national spotlight.

    6. Can someone explain to me the Timmy hate on ESPN? Timmy didn’t even get to play this year. No other time have I ever seen so much hatred focused on a backup quarterback.

      ESPN wants the NFL to remain a pass-happy, big play league; it’s more exciting and better for highlights and their ratings. Whenever asking the question, “why is ESPN doing ___?” the answer will always go back to how ___ affects ESPN.

      1. Blegh, cropped my sentence. should have added at the end of the first, “but if Tebow is successful, you might see a larger shift back towards the running game in the NFL, something that neither ESPN nor their master Goodell wants.”

  25. Speaking of RTW in Michigan, did you know that their reactionary politics are driving away young grads?

    What liberalism Michigan has has been mostly in the labor/economic sector, and it’s always been fairly conservative ? even compared to other Upper Midwestern states ? when it comes to women’s and LGBT rights. But now the degree to which has now Michigan gone to the right is unprecedented. With the vote in favor of “right to work” ? a policy which claims to give workers “rights” by not requiring them to pay union dues, but actually just hurts them by reducing the bargaining power of unions (which benefit workers regardless of membership) ? it seems the Michigan I knew growing up is no more.

    As far as LGBT rights, why would students who have left Michigan to go to school in more liberal states choose to return to a state that will severely restrict their rights? …As for women’s rights, the list of excessive reproductive health restrictions passed by the MI legislature in recent years is endless…

    Younger Michiganders have reason to be repulsed by the state’s backwards stance towards social issues, and older citizens are feeling betrayed by the right-to-work vote. Yet, this factor seems to get rarely discussed about why so many young Michiganders are abandoning the state.

    1. that’s a pretty good example of manipulating the evidence to support the hypothesis. I doubt any college graduate anywhere is basing decisions on where to live on gay marriage. Oh, sure; they have opinions on it, but they’re not turning down offers in the states that have voted against it.

      1. I started reading a book last night–only just started, so I haven’t gotten very far–called “Rust Belt Chic,” which is mostly about Cleveland. One of the first essays in it is about Richard Florida’s whole creative class business, which I guess first started when he was in Pittsburgh trying to get young Yinzers to stay at home and not move away to Austin. The actually interesting thing in the essay, though, is it claimed that there was actually hardly any out-migration at the time of young adults, and it was actually older adults without a college education who were making up most of Pittsburgh’s population decline. I’d like to look into it more, but it would be pretty hilarious if the whole “we have to be hip to keep/attract hip young people” is just completely based on nothing.

        1. That makes sense. People go where the work is. Most of that stuff is just people who live there making their town more to their liking, which is fine. But it is hardly some economic panacea.

          1. Yeah. The fact that places like Seattle and Austin doubled (or more) in size between 1990 and 2000 probably had more to do with grads moving to those places than any hipness. I’m trying to convince people in Tallahassee that good jobs will bring the “cool factor” that people so desperately want. But no. If they can just save the state/university jobs and wish hard enough some magical thing will happen.

            Trying to explain liquid capital and its ability to create jobs and businesses in a non-linear fashion to bureaucrats (or educrats) is an interesting exercise. But fuck it. I’m starting a Makerspace anyhow. We’ll see. We could definitely use a sugardaddy, but I may just have to go out and work hard to recruit for it.

            1. I just wrapped up a Master’s at FSU’s PC campus. What are you trying to do?

              1. I’ve been in programming for a decade. Did a ChemE degree and went into consulting for that last year. A bunch of us got together and decided we wanted to open a Maker-/Hackerspace in Tallahassee because we like messing with electronics/woodworking/metalworking/robotics/etc. Right now we’ve got a 501(c)3 non-profit started and a space rented. We’ve got at least one small 3D printer and a shit ton of tools. Hopefully, after the holidays end we can start getting recruits, because we’ve only got enough money to run for about 6 months right now.

                But I have a couple of friends at the county government level and sat in on a “how do we get tech from the uni to the biz” forum that was, well, interesting. Everyone wanted to be Austin/Seattle/Research Triange/Silicon Valley. Nobody has any clue how to get there. No, correction, some people have a clue, but its not going to get done by the county or universities. But they sure do want to “do something”.

                1. used to live in NC. The RTP leveraged the presence of three well-known universities and several lesser-known ones, along with the state capital, in attracting interest. The universities were a definite value-add but, you’re right, they were not the end-all.

                  After the first couple of companies, it built on itself much like the other areas. Lot to like about the Gulf Coast but it doesn’t always help itself.

                  1. I told them if we just had an HP, Dell, or Microsoft, the problem would solve itself. We’d have a ton of young people with money to spend supporting the things young people like and starting their own businesses that need young people to stay and work. I know it wasn’t particularly helpful, but they were off in the fantasy land of “if we just had the right incentives or co-working spaces or incubators”. They got the cause and effect backwards. Money has to be in the system first.

      2. Perhaps some of the gay college graduates do base their decision on it.

        1. maybe, but which of the more liberal states do they move to? CA? Oregon? Can’t be either of those since gay marriage referenda were soundly defeated. Maybe NY where the legislature approved it but this article does a lot of projecting. Graduates tend to move to places where they can be employed.

          1. Atlanta has a very large gay population, so apparently the liberal state of GA is the answer.

            Its solidly blue, right?

            1. somewhere yesterday I saw a story on how the evil GA legislature is stripping away welfare benefits to propagate the GOPs war on the poor.

    2. That is some atrocious editing.

    3. What will Michigan do without a strong supply of gay and lesbian studies majors. The place will turn into Somalia with that supply of vital skilled labor.

  26. “Drug shortage, cancer recurrence linked”
    From the article:
    “Drug shortages throughout the country have been attributed to various factors, including problems in production, difficulties in getting raw materials, federal recalls and enforcement actions, and corporate decisions to discontinue making certain medications for lack of profit or other reasons.”

    Just a guess on my part, but if a drug was (freely) offered which which kept cancer in remission, a LOT of people would pay enough for the mfgr of that drug to make a profit, so I’m calling bullshit on the last speculation.
    Pretty sure the helping hand of government figures heavily in this.

    1. at this point, it is fair to ask if the cure for most cancers is not already in hand. There is so much money in treatment and so much power to be had in political demagoguery, however, that it remains out of view. Conspiracy or potential reality?

  27. I suspect Obmaneycare is involved.

    Nonsense. This is merely standard-issue kkkorporate profits-before-people skullduggery.

    If not for the caring beneficence of our Shining Beacon of Hope, the insurance company would send somebody to shoot you just like a horse with a broken leg in order to keep their costs down

    1. [Makes mental note to forward suggestion for cost control to self-insurance administrator.]

  28. As far as LGBT rights, why would students who have left Michigan to go to school in more liberal states choose to return to a state that will severely restrict their rights?

    What the fuck?

    severely restrict their rights

    “Rights” to do what, specifically? Why are these people so completely obsessed with getting the government to validate their fucking lifestyle choices?

    1. Good question. You can live as an open gay in any state in the country. Hell, flyover states like Oklahoma have really big gay communities.

    2. Why?

      Perhaps because they’ve been offered a job there?

      I know: its Michigan, so its unlikely. But you can be sure the fact that people don’t come back to Michigan will be blamed on the Rethugs, not on the shitty job market.

    3. According to the article:

      According to this infographic from The Guardian, Michigan is tied with Mississippi and Utah for the least protections for LGBT people in the country. Not only are LGBT people in MI denied marriage equality and employment and housing protections, same-sex couples aren’t even able to adopt kids under current Michigan law. Some state legislators have even attempted to introduce legislation that would nullify protections from local governments.

    4. Yeah, this is serious BS. Here’s the text of the bill she links in the complaint about gay rights:

      A public degree or certificate granting college, university, junior college, or community college of this state shall not discipline or discriminate against a student in a counseling, social work, or psychology program because the student refuses to counsel or serve a client as to goals, outcomes, or behaviors that conflict with a sincerely held religious belief of the student, if the student refers the client to a counselor who will provide the counseling or services.

      So, if you’re studying to be a counselor, you can refuse to counsel gay people about being gay. Also, you can be fired for being gay, companies aren’t required to offer gay domestic partners benefits, and some anti-bullying bill has the language, “This section does not prohibit a statement of a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction of a school employee, school volunteer, pupil, or a pupil and parent or guardian.” Or, in her words, Michigan “ALLOWS BULLYING BASED ON MORAL CONVICTIONS.” Sigh.


        Isn’t most of the proggy agenda bullying based on moral convictions?

        How is threatening to prosecute people if they don’t conform to your moral agenda by being nice to gay people not bullying?

        Once again, proggy = projection.

        1. Once again, proggy = projection.

          It’s starting to creep me out how true this seems to be.

  29. Harry Reid is on my teevee right now, doing his bestest Droopy Dog imitation right now. I expect him to begin sobbing piteously at any moment.


  30. Now he sounds like a wounded parent who has just opened the front door to discover the cops have brought his kid home, after the kid took the car without permission, got slobbering drunk, and wrecked it on the courthouse steps.

    “Son, I am disappoint.”

    1. I don’t buy this “oh we can’t wait for the cliff so we can blame the Republicans” bullshit. The cliff is going to really stick it to Dem voters.

  31. I have been subjected to those Acura holiday season ads for weeks. The Suze Orman one was just on. Who would watch one of those ads and think, “By golly, I think I’ll go buy an Acura today!”

    The person responsible for them should be burned at the stake. How did they ever get past a management review?

    “Haha, that’s great; we’ll run an ad campaign based on telling our target market they’re idiots! Let’s wrap this up and go get drunk!”

    1. Since they, along with Lexus, make the world’s most boring cars, you have to try something.

    2. It’s not worse than a Chevy commercial from last year where a Chevy salesman was prank calling another dealership (where he supposedly used to work) and generally acting like a douche. Why anyone would want to buy a Chevy from such a fucking asshole is beyond me.

      1. I do like the Chevy commercials with Santa Claus in a suit and tie hawking trucks.

        1. Those are cute – if Santa was trying to sell me a car, I might even consider a Chevy. Ok, no. But Santa selling cars is cute.

        2. The Mercedes campaign, especially the “naughty or nice” one, is also a winner.

        3. “How much is that in reindeer power?”

    3. by contrast, VW has quite a clever campaign underway.

    4. Eh. After seeing Justin Bieber and Busta Rhymes on the NBA on ESPN intro and commercial lead-ins on Christmas, I can only muster a “meh” for burning others at the stake. We were trying to figure out the demographic targetting. Gay men who like rap? 40 year olds with daughters in the house? What the fuck?

      1. The only thing more confusing to me than what their target audience was, was why Bieber would try to look tough with his pose at the end of the song.

    5. A

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