A.M. Links: Affleck Won't Run For Senate, Latest Date for First Encounter Predicted, New York Gunman Left Note, Result of Egypt's Constitutional Referendum Announced, Suicide Bomber Kills at Least Three in Afghanistan


  • Ben Affleck announed on Facebook that he won't be running for Senate.
  • leading UFO expert believes we can expect first contact with extraterrestrial life by 2024. 
  • The gunman who shot four New York firefighters left a note saying that, "I still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood I can burn down, and do what I like doing best—killing people."
  • More FOIA complaints were filed during Obama's first term than were filed in George W. Bush's second term. 
  • Egypt's controversial draft constitution was passed with 63.8 percent support, according to the supreme election committee. 
  • A suicide bomber in Afghanistan has killed at least three civilians near a military facility. 

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