Brickbat: They Don't Get the Times


Bahraini officials detained New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof at the airport when he tried to enter the country. They later expelled him. Kristof was apparently banned from the country because he wrote about human rights abuses there.


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  1. This was in your newsfeed days ago. Maybe your column (or whatever) should focus on obscure stories?

  2. Nicholas Kristof? That’s Santa’s alter ego, right? Why didn’t he just find a phone booth, take off his glasses and fly out of there?

    So Bahrain doesn’t like whistleblowers, eh? The people there should vote in leadership more supportive of liberty and of transparency, like we did.

  3. Sometimes dude, you jsut gotta roll with the punches! Wow.

  4. “We don’t abuse human rights. Now if you would excuse us, we have journalists to deport.”

  5. WHy couldn’t they do this to Thomas Friedman?

  6. If they had said, “We kept him out because he’s a hack writer for a horrible “newspaper” who has made a fortune from exploiting the misery of others,” I could have had some respect for the Bahrainis.

    If they had added, “If it had been Thomas Friedman, we would have done the world a service and decapitated him,” I might have considered immigrating.

    1. Whups, Ted and I had the same thought at the same time.

  7. Considering what this piece of shit did to Dr. Steven Hatfill, I wouldn’t have lost any sleep if they had detained him forever.

  8. What kind of asshole do you have to be to actually want to go to Bahrain in the first place?

    Wish they’d have kept him.

  9. Because the New York Times brings so much joy to America, let’s spread that joy!

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