The Hutaree Are Taking Over!

A late dose of election news.


Back in August I noted the news that Michael Meeks, formerly of the infamous Hutaree militia, had become the Republican candidate for constable in Bridgewater Township, Michigan. I'm a little embarrassed that it didn't occur to me til last night to check back and see how he did in the general election.

Not the brothel owner.

He won:

Michael Meeks last week won the job of constable in Bridgewater Township, near Manchester. The former member of the Hutaree militia was unopposed and got 631 votes in the election.

Meeks says his duties in the unpaid job still are unclear, although he might get involved in enforcing zoning issues.

In other Election News It Took Me A While To Notice, voters in Storey County, Nevada, have elected a brothel owner county commissioner. He describes himself as a "Republican who loves American values."