Quentin Tarantino Not Concerned With Violence in Django Unchained

Says he's never let social criticism change a single word in his script


Tarantino has never bowed to Hollywood convention. In fact, his unorthodox cocktail of cross-genre storytelling, garish bloodshed and overall lack of traditional reverence has made him one of the industry's most adored—if not feared—filmmakers.

"Not one word of social criticism that's been leveled my way has ever changed one word of any script or any story I tell," says the 49-year-old Oscar winner (for 1994's Pulp Fiction), whose latest offering, The Weinstein Co.'s Django Unchained, has ruffled more than a few feathers with its brazen use of the N-word (more than 100 utterances) and extreme violence (particularly in a post-Connecticut-school-shooting America).