White House Rejects Yet Another Boehner Proposal, Democrat Task Force Considers Newtown Response, Oakland Defends Pot Dispensary: P.M. Links


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    1. I really don’t know what they’re planning to do once they run out of books; there’s no way Martin finishes more than one before they run out.

      1. Don’t worry. HBO has hired George Lucas to do a season of prequals.

        1. Dear god don’t even joke about that.


          1. Turns out that Jar-Jar Binks visited Westeros once in the distant past….

            1. The dragons are actually Gungans.

              1. And Bran and Arya’s midi-cholrian counts are off the charts.

                1. So *that’s* how they can think like wolves

        2. Yeah, he can just merge it all in with the Star Wars storyline.

          Just like they did with the Alien vs Predator movies.

      2. Starting with this season, each season’s going to be half a book rather than a full book. So they have a while to go yet.

        1. Yep, that gives them 12 potential seasons instead of 7.

          1. Considering how long it takes Martin to finish a book, it’s still going to be tight. They probably contractually obligated him.

            1. Somebody needs to get in there with the bullwhip.

            2. He may die before the next book is finished.
              We all know what happens then.

              1. Brandon Sanderson to the rescue?

                1. I still haven’t read any of those new fake ones.

                  1. I haven’t read any of the WoT junk in a long time. Sanderson’s own stuff is pretty good.

                  2. So far, the two books that Sanderson took over got the story back on track and the action really flowing. I admit they are a huge improvement over the rambling Jordan took the story off into.

                2. Sanderson apparently did okay. You bring in Kevin J. Anderson when you want to destroy something. Like the Star Wars expanded universe or that other thing he did with some guy named Brian Herbert.

                  1. So you’re saying Ssanderson would be better than the original author?

                3. I looked into buying the last of the Alcatraz novels. Amazon has it at $354 new. Christ on a crutch!

              2. We all know what happens then.

                Ye gods, he doesn’t have any kids, does he?

              3. He may die before the next book is finished.
                We all know what happens then.

                That’s what Stephen King used to say about the dark tower series. Despite the lesson of Dune, sometimes it’s better if it happens.

            3. Which could result in a really rushed final book that ends up being kind of a mess, especially considering that Martin can’t resist the urge to keep adding in character narratives.

              There’s always a real danger in dragging out a story too long, and this one definitely has that potential. Martin’s trying to keep the threads of about 4 or 5 storylines going, it seems, and it could really unravel on him if he’s getting pressure from HBO to wrap it up.

              Then again, the second season deviated in so many ways from the book that it may not matter whether he finishes it or not. The problem when you do those kinds of deviations, it risks taking the story in directions you may not have intended. The pulled this off effectively in the first season, but the second one was a mess in a lot of ways, at least if you read the books (those who didn’t wouldnt see the issues, because the storyline did flow pretty well and the acting was well-done).

              Honestly, it was kind of stupid for the producers to do Clash of Kings in one season if they wanted to expand them out to two seasons per book. Plus there’s timeline issues to consider as well–going to 12 seasons (presumably) is going to age Arya, Bran, Sansa, Daenarys, etc., considerably in that time frame.

              Martin probably would have been better off ending it at six, doing a “and then a bunch of stuff happened”-type of prologue for 2-3 chapters, and just closing everything out after that.

              1. I’m kind of done with the series after Dance of Dragons.

                Honestly, it felt like I was reading the Wheel of Time – long, pointless action; characters whose fates no longer interested me; feeling like I was eating brussels sprouts in the hopes of getting some desert in the future.

                I think I’m done with the series.

                1. Yeah, ADWD was boring as hell. Martin has lost either his talent or his motivation. Maybe both.

              2. Throw the books out the window. Most of the viewers have never read the books. Use the best ideas from the books, and make up the rest.

                1. Christ, how ironic would it be if Martin, who started out as a screenplay writer, had his magnum opus completely twisted to pieces for the purposes of putting it on screen?

                  1. Or the opportunity to rewrite the whole story as screenplays–and farming out the parts he’s not as big on to the rest of the writing team–could help him get out of the hole he’s written himself into.

        2. Maybe my memory’s failing me, but didn’t pretty much NOTHING happen in A Feast for Crows?

          How the hell do you make two seasons of TV out of that?

          1. no, everybody dies

          2. Maybe my memory’s failing me, but didn’t pretty much NOTHING happen in A Feast for Crows?

            Cersei schemes and fails.
            Littlefinger schemes and wins.
            Jaime schemes while finding out his sister is a whore.
            Victarion Greyjoy develops jungle fever and gets a hand made out of fire.
            Arianne Martell acts like a dumbass until daddy sets her straight.
            Myrcella Baratheon/Waters gets her cranium cracked (and survives).
            Cersei allows the Faith to form an army.
            Cersei tortures a singer.
            Cersei has a lesbianiac encounter.
            Cersei fantasizes about killing various people (Olenna Tyrell, Margaery Tyrell, Tyrion Lannister, Sansa Stark, Jaime, Jon Snow)
            Cersei is then captured by the Faith’s army for crimes against the gods and the realm (fornication, incest, homicide, regicide, deicide).

            A fun book if you’re a fan of Cersei Lannister.

        3. Red Wedding the finale this season? They’ll need to move a few things around if they do that. One brilliant thing Martin did with the third book was to include three weddings, so if you haven’t read it, you’ll need to guess which wedding party gets iced. Oh, and its the most deliciously brutal scene in all of literature with the soul exception of the shit weasel flush in Dream Catcher.

          1. Most of Dreamcatcher was a shit weasel flush.

          2. Yeah, they obviously have to finish the season with the Red Wedding. It’s perfect.

            1. I cannot wait for everyone’s head to explode. It will be AWESOME.

    2. In the olden days premium network original shows were designed to be able to be edited for commercial broadcast. Since there’s no way for Game of Thrones to be shown anywhere but HBO, being too dark and full of terrors, there’s no reason the episodes can’t be longer.

      1. Exactly. I get really sad at the thought that every minute of ‘Girls’ is air time that could be divided between GoT and Veep.

        1. Have you actually watched Girls? Because it’s surprisingly funny. She ridicules herself and her associates pretty hard. It’s almost like a milder Curb Your Enthusiasm. There’s some pretty good awkwardness and uncomfortableness there.

          1. I’ve seen a few. Just about the most dull witted cast on television now that Jim is off the air.

          2. It’s almost like a milder Curb Your Enthusiasm.

            Exactly. It’s not the worst thing in the world (I’ve only seen two episodes), but at the same time Veep is hysterical and I’d rather that and GoT got more air time.

          3. Because it’s surprisingly funny.

            Oh, how delicious. You can no longer with any credibility besmirch the Bruckheimer or Bay films of the day. You have lost the high ground.


              1. Girls is mediocre at best and at worst has made Lena “Let Obama pop your electoral cherry” Dunham the next celebrity pundit. I can’t help but have a natural tendency to dislike her given how the Jezzies and Double Xers fawn over her.

            2. Sigh, now I’m going to have to watch Girls and find out which one of you weirdos is right.

              Notice how this is all Epi’s fault for going against the hive mind to begin with.

              1. Isn’t everything my fault? Except Wesley Crusher. That was not my fucking fault.

              2. When in doubt, blame Episiarch.

                1. And yet he won’t take responsibility for what was clearly his greatest atrocity.

                  1. nicole, I take full responsibility for Warty. I’ve come to terms with what I fathered created.

                    1. I think this is one of those times where the word “begat” is most appropriate.

                    2. What does French bread have to do with Warty?

          4. A milder Curb? Perhaps an even lower-stakes, mumblecore version of Curb, but that’s taking away everything great about Curb.

            That said, it’s an OK show. But no more than that.

  1. Texas’s Governor Rick Perry, on the other hand, says teachers with concealed-carry permits should be able to exercise their rights on the job.

    Archie Bunker for Governor.

    1. “Quiet Edith, we’re supposed to be incognitius.”

      1. A Family Guy quote?!

        You monster.

      2. Not on prime time TV we’re not!

    1. “Obviously that’s not the correct approach,” Horlsey said of the 11-year-old’s action. “We teach these kids on a regular basis that they have a responsibility to keep their school safe.”

      I guess it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it that must matter most.

      1. Listen fuckhead, he was keeping the school safe. Do you want him to be responsible or not?

      2. “Obviously that’s not the correct approach,” Horlsey said of the 11-year-old’s action. “We teach these kids on a regular basis that they have a responsibility to keep their school safe.”

        That sounds a lot like begging the question.

    2. From the article:

      Other reports said the boy verbally threatened another student with the gun.


      1. “Say hello to my little friend!”

        Just another great moment in journalism.

      2. And we know how that ended for Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton.

        1. No more game.

  2. The Stanley Cup belongs to Canadians

    1. Canada’s #1 national sport is ice hockey.

      Canada’s #2 national sport is America-bashing.

    2. Actually it belongs to the LA Kings right now.

      1. Yeah, I was thinking Montreal would be pretty happy about that.

  3. The “back-up” is that they all have their thumbs up their asses.

  4. Egypt’s Ministry of Justice is investigating reports of election fraud in the wake of the controversial vote on an Islamist-backed constitution.

    Borrowed voting machines from Philadelphia.

  5. Texas school district’s “Guardian” plan.

    Thweatt isn’t sure his plan would have stopped the Newtown massacre; however, he contends that “active shooters go where there is no one there to resist. The Guardian Plan addresses that fact.”

    Right on, buddy.

  6. Heather Graham is still hot

    1. Yes, but why don the boots and thereby conceal the entirety of those yummy legs?

    2. Catch this pic of Portman on the side?


      1. Just love me sum bare midriff!

        1. I love me some torpedo tits.

      2. That’s a “penis go where” look

  7. Some people will fuck anybody. Seriously, go look at the picture, then ask yourself how this happened:

    investigators caught Martin on videotape throwing her crutches into a car and running in high heels at a public park.

    She then performed oral sex at the park on a boyfriend.

    1. I suppose someone smacked her on the back while she was giving the blowjob and her face got stuck that way.

    2. Some people will fuck anybody.

      Including you? :-p

      1. Apparently, I’ve discovered my first standard.

    3. chipmunk, anyone?

      1. She was in the park.

    4. “I can’t even begin to imagine what that mess looked like back then.”

    5. She then performed oral sex at the park on a boyfriend. Doctors concluded she couldn’t have done so with an injured ankle.

      I’m trying to think how giving a blowjob requires two good ankles and I’m just not seeing it.

    6. Modupe, Modupe,
      The girl plays hard to get

  8. Update: There have been arrests in the case of a massive maple syrup heist

    1. Sweet.

      1. Sounds like a sticky situation.

    2. The best mape syrup I ever tasted came from Vermont.

    3. Sadly Carmen Sandiego managed to escape at the last minute.

  9. House Speaker John Boehner’s proposal for a “back-up” tax bill got a thumbs-down from the White House…

    A case could be made that politically the White House wins most with no deal being struck. And politically is the only kind of win they’re looking for.

    1. “Politically correct is the best kind of correct”

      1. Even here.

  10. Salon continues to demonstrate how shameless the Left is as it shapes Nancy Lanza’s story to fit the gun control narrative.

    I mean good God, the author is projecting everything he hates about his ideological opponents onto a murder victim and then acting all sympathetic for this confused, misguided, and scared prole who just wasn’t as enlightened as the left would want her to be, all because of the evils of American capitalism, consumerism, and gun culture.

    1. When you call your piece “imaging Nancy Lanza”, aren’t you admitting upfront you have no idea what you are talking about?

    2. In a tragedy like Sandy Hook, grief comes at us from all directions. First it was the children. First graders make us smile and feel uncomplicated joy at being alive. As parents, we can feel the stabbing pain of newly bereaved Newtown mothers and fathers, but we don’t have to be parents to feel that loss.

      It’s only the lede, and already the feelings are coming at me from all directions. Get them off, get them off!

      1. Feelings.
        Nothing more than feelings.
        Wo-o-o feelings,
        again in my heart

      2. We know too few details to judge her, anyway: She may be the ultimate monster; she may be the ultimate victim. No doubt she’s somewhere in between, and we’ll never know the full story, anyway.

        Still, from what little we do know, her story seems a cautionary tale about the way fear, unchecked, can unravel us. The things that scared and lonely people do to protect themselves so often do just the opposite. Feeling scared and powerless, she sought power and protection through guns, but they killed her. She tried to help her son by removing him from help, at least the help potentially provided by a school, home schooling him instead, making herself solely responsible. “Prepping” for a future global apocalypse, she did nothing to stop the menace within her own home. Isolated, she sought company, and maybe numbness, at a bar called My Place.

        How did she manage to type that after wringing her hands hard enough to break all her own fingers?

        1. Holy fuck, and the last two paragraphs are an even sicker collectivist elegy. NO MORE SALON LINKS GUYS.

          1. That was the worst piece of speculative crap I have ever read on the internet. Joan Walsh should be ashamed for writing that shit. Condescending, concern trolling, self-aggrandizing, puritannical bullshit from one of the ugliest people on earth. Joan Walsh should put a gun in her mouth, pull the trigger, and relieve us from her misery.

            1. That was the worst piece of speculative crap I have ever read on the internet.

              Normally, this would be absurd exaggeration. This time, not so much.

            2. Oh, Joan Walsh, that explains it.

            3. Did you know she actually used to be a sportswriter out here in the Bay Area? Imagine the “up close and personal” stories she did.

        2. Isn’t it well past time to ban bars then?

        3. Yes, the public school system was of such help to him that he sought to destroy everyone he could at an institution he once attended.

    3. Again, and this can’t be stressed enough: they think they might be able to land some serious gun control right now because of dead children, and it’s giving them a colossal boner. Yes. Dead children get them excited. Think about that.

      1. Just ask Ms. Albright.

        1. I did and she nearly raped me with her girl boner.

    4. She frequented a bar called My Place. Let’s stop there. Is there anything more American (in the bad sense) than a bar, a place where we seek company, called My Place? Why not “Our Place”? I mean, if you really want to drink at My Place, you can drink at home.

      Indeed. Lets stop there.

      1. Sometimes you got to go where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came.

        Clearly the decline of America started with Reagan and Cheers.

      2. Holy shit, someone actually wrote that?

        Setting the politics aside, how do these people sleep at night knowing that they churned out such insipid crap?

        1. There is so much more at the link. So much more. You have been warned.

          1. No, absolutely not. The first rule of Salon is DON’T FUCKING READ SALON.

            1. Many years ago, when reading Salon required a subscription, I subscribed and read it for a year. That turned me into a hater of American “liberals” for the rest of my life.

          2. We have to hope she was sleeping when her son shot her, because it was already too late to wake her up.

            So clever!!! How can I become an eloquent writer like you, Joan.

        2. Dude, how do they sleep at night after voting for a murderdroning president? I don’t think the quality (or lack thereof) of their writing can faze them much.

          1. No, like I said, politics aside.

            I just can’t imagine finding some kind of meaning in the name “My Place” and spinning it out into a microcosm of America’s Selfishness or whatever turgid bullshit she expelled onto the page.

            1. No, I agree, and that’s part of what makes the full piece so mind-boggling.

            2. Lets just hope Nancy Lanza didn’t have a MySpace page. or a profile on MyLife.

              And shouldn’t the Pledge of Allegiance begin with “WE pledge allegiance”?

            3. OT

              A guy in my town owns a bar called my place and he has another bar the next city over called my other place.

          2. Murderdroning? Let’s stop there. Is there anything more American (in the bad sense) than a tactic of warfare like murderdroning? Wait, for a second, I forgot who is president. Let’s put the deaths of children in far away lands out of mind. They don’t exist when Our Side is in charge.

            Forget about, My Place, Our Side would be the ideal hangout for America (in the good sense).

        3. Insipid crap is all they have.

          1. since we know that her guns killed 26 other people that awful day

            Feeling scared and powerless, she sought power and protection through guns, but they killed her.

            She never should have bought autonomous robot guns.

      3. Let’s stop there. Is there anything more American (in the bad sense) than a bar, a place where we seek company, called My Place?

        Yes, Carrie Nation, there’s quite a few things more American than that.

        1. No, see her problem is that it’s called “MY”, because Gun Rightz R Selfish.

          I can’t believe people like this get paid more than I do. I could shit something that smelled better than that piece.

          1. Agreed.

            You know the old expression, “there is no I in team”? Well, last time I checked, there is no WE or US in team either.

            I’ll leave at that cuz I don’t want to get started on my rant about the connection between team sports and collectivism.

            1. “What team are you talking about?”

            2. “there is no I in team”

              But there is in First, Winner, Olympic and Champion.

      4. It’s called “My Place” because it belongs to the owner, and he named it that. If he were a communist, he’d call it “Our Place” and his patrons “comrades”.

    5. Salon continues to demonstrate how shameless the Left is as it shapes Nancy Lanza’s story to fit the gun control narrative.

      C’mon?!?! It’s Joan Walsh….she makes S o c k p u p p e t look like a clear thinker.

  11. http://www.washingtontimes.com…..fer-they-/

    Back in May, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi proposed in a letter to Speaker John A. Boehner that the House should vote to raise taxes on household incomes of more than $1 million.

    “A million and above,” Mrs. Pelosi wrote. “Who can argue with that?”

    Actually, Mrs. Pelosi can. Now that Mr. Boehner, Ohio Republican, has embraced the proposal in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations with President Obama, Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat, and her team are urging their party’s lawmakers to vote against it.

    They don’t even bother to hide the fact that they are lying sacks of shit with no intention of doing anything in good faith.

    Mrs. Pelosi’s second-in-command, House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, said Tuesday that Mr. Boehner’s proposal to raise taxes on income of more than $1 million is a “political ploy.” Mr. Hoyer said the Republicans’ proposal isn’t a serious effort to cut the deficit.

    1. It’s not as if Boehner & Co. are much better.

      1. But Boehner gave them what they wanted and then the Dems came back and said “no we didn’t mean that”. No, they are much worse.

        1. You’re so cute when you shill for TEAM BLUE.

          1. Er, TEAM RED. Or TEAM BE RULED.

            1. Hard to tell them apart without a scorecard.

              Clinton-era tax rates? Team BLUE.

              Clinton-era spending? You’ve got to be joking. Spending has doubled since 2001.

  12. http://espn.go.com/new-york/nf…..lroy-start

    Greg McElroy named started against the Chargers. I’m not overly optimistic about Greg’s chances. But, as a Bama and Jets fan, I’m glad he’s getting a shot. Not too many kids taken in the 7th round get a shot at the job, so I’m happy for him.

    1. How can a school that once had Joe Namath, Ken Stabler, Bart Star and Burt Jones produce so many shitty quarterbacks? John Parker Wilson, Brody Croyle and AJ McCaran couldn’t have started for the better Texas high school teams. I don’t get how a school with that much tradition and talent at every other position can produce so many limp armed rag doll quarterbacks.

      1. The installation of the wishbone offense (which was shortly after Ken Stabler left) set the school back. I wouldn’t say we haven’t had talent. But our coaching philosophy hasn’t been too keen on developing what we’ve had. The coaches just want the QBs to manage the game.

        1. I mean, if Brett Favre could sling it with the best of them, I bet Jay Barker could’ve too. The only difference is Curley Hallman wanted Brett Favre to pass a coupla dozen times a game, and Gene Stallings wanted Jay Barker to hand off for the most part.

        2. Let us not forget Richard Todd.

          Also, John, Bert Jones was a bayou bengal.

      2. They have been winning title with guys who are good at handing the ball off.

        Which is something that Peyton Manning never did at Tennessee or Tom Brady at Michigan. Its not like they were at Southern Miss like Favre and never had a chance.

        Look how good the NFL careers of Tee Martin and Brian Griese were.

        1. Brian Griese was a halfway decent game manager at the next level.

          Tee Martin benefited from being on the roster of one of the most dominant college programs at the time. He’s Greg McElroy without the brains.

    2. Perhaps they should have tried putting him in last night, except that I belivee he was among the inactives.

    3. To be fair, a random person picked from the crowd has about an 80% chance of being better than Sanchez.

    4. Where the fuck is Tim Tebow?


      1. It would make Ryan look bad if Tebow went 2-0.

        1. Rex Ryan is fired anyway.

      2. He did lead the Jets to two consecutive first downs last night in the second quarter.

    5. Jesus. I’m no Tebow fan, but give him a shot.

      1. You’re not going to over-haul the Jets’ offense in the last two weeks of the season. Until another team picks up his luxurious contract, the Jets are going to be keeping Sanchez through 2013. So, they are going to start the other convention, pro-style quarterback on the roster as a back-up plan for next year, and they’re going to either trade or cut Tebow.

        1. My money’s on trade–Jacksonville might be just desperate enough to bring him in for a 5th-rounder.

          1. Hasn’t Henne been doing, well, not as crappy as the other guy?

            1. Yeah. He’s done pretty okay, considering that they have no offense and MJD was hurt for most of the season. Gabbert doesn’t have the guts to play QB for a team with a line that shaky.

            2. Sanchez was doing okay, too–not awesome, but at least he hadn’t embarrassed himself and the team like he’s doing now.

              Never underestimate an owner desperate enough to get some buzz going in the media–and J-ville’s the only place now where Tebow will do that. Especially since the owner has to practically beg people to come to the games right now.

        2. Look, they could try showing some imagination. Put both QBs in, for example.

        3. Why the hell did they even pick him up? I know the Broncos gave him away, but the Jets are at least paying part of his salary. Why pay for someone you know you won’t use?

          1. Some speculate that the owner and / or the GM made the call over the objection of Rex and the coaches in order to make a big splash on the back page in the aftermath of the Giants winning the SB.

    6. No worries for the Chargers. Didn’t McElroy break the record on the Wonderlic?

  13. I don’t think the authoritarians are going to procrastinate on gun control this time. Which is why I bought one of these this morning:

    And there was a long line of people at the store who thought the same thing…

    1. That looks like fun.

    2. I understand there is some kit or replacement parts out there which allows that bad dog to run on grease gun magazines. Then you can use available, inexpensive, 30 round magazines in it.

      I am assuming you got the 45 ACP version though…

  14. I honestly have no clue what this article is about. But it has something to do with Tim Tebow being allowed to start for the Jets, I think.

  15. Rex Ryan has an epic sad face.


      1. My current theory is that Rex knows he’s out at the end of the season, and now he’s just trying to fuck the GM and ownership. Or he hates Jesus and Timmah.

        1. It is ego. He never wanted Timah. And if he put him in and Timah did well, Rex would have to admit he was wrong. And we can’t have that.

          1. The Jets’ record shows how wrong Rex already is.

      2. that would read better if you used a comma. Just sayin’

        1. Put Timmy in you, asshole?

          1. Put Timmeh, in you asshole.

            1. That’s the one.

    2. Anybody else hate using bloated gifs as a substitute for video?

      1. That one gif was pretty miserable, and I like gifs.

  16. “We are resolved in our caucus that the time to act is now,” Larson, who got emotional speaking about the shootings, said.

    Oops! Missed it!

    “And that we know that taking no action, is to be complicit to a future event.”

    Seriously, recall this guy.

  17. It’s one thing to be rescued by a SEAL team; quite another by a ragtag bunch of rebels who show up in a technical and shoot it out with your captors. It’s lucky that rescue didn’t turn into a bloodbath. But good for them nonetheless.

  18. Sid the Kid dropped in on some ball hockey last week, donning the goalie pads and posting a shutout against his aptly named opponents, Flyers Suck.

    1. Doesn’t everybody hate the yinzers too?

      Actually, it almost would have been funny if Sid the Twit got another concussion.

      1. Seriously. Those foam rubber hockey balls are friggin’ dangerous.

    2. Dood, that is fucking awesome.

      Hockey players are the best.

  19. In the spirit of Christmas, I give to you all the gift of Kate Upton in freezing white bikini at a photoshoot in Antarctica.

    1. Was she protesting So-Called Global Warming?

    2. Looks like she wasn’t cold, though.

      1. She seems to have plenty of insulation over her heart and lungs.

          1. Isn’t there a commentator here who thinks she’s fat?

            1. sarcasmic says that she’s about two indulgent meals away, I believe.

              I think there are some warning signs there.

              1. sarc is a good barometer on such meaty matters.

            2. Yes, my long-lost half-brother sarcasmic I am sure.

            3. She is chunkier than I like but I wouldn’t call her fat. Yet.

    3. Ima call bullshit.

      She doesn’t look cold at all.

      1. And Randian agrees.

    4. That’s one lucky Oreo.

  20. This is some serious sloopy bait:

    Couple in Brooklyn using artisanal chamberpots instead of toilets

    Their apartment doesn’t have a bathroom, so they use chamberpots, as the building’s first tenants did nearly 150 years earlier.

    “But not just any chamberpots,” Marcela said one recent afternoon, as she sat with Ryan on the stoop in front of their apartment. “We have some lovely ones from an artist in Red Hook who glazes them with sea glass.”

    1. Can’t wait for the outbreak of artisanal cholera.

    2. All the better to smell their own farts…

    3. How can their apartment not have a bathroom? How filthy are these people?

      1. Hipsters? In Brooklyn?

        What do you think?

        1. How do they shower?!? Do they go to the Y? No, no, this is all so wrong. Even NutraSweet washes his balls once a week.

          1. What makes you think they ideologically support showering?

            1. Where on Earth do these people work? I just had to go puke at the thought of their BO.

              1. Where on Earth do these people work?

                Oh Marshall, that’s so precious!

            2. I think I am starting to finally understand what drives hipsters: they hate themselves and want to be as physically and mentally repulsive as possible so that everyone else hates them too. I just can’t think of any other reason someone would go so far out of their way to look, smell, and sound so terrible.

              Hipsterism is the quest to make the most possible people detest you.

              1. You have cracked the code. I have to say I am surprised it took you so long.

                1. Even Spock had to mind-meld with the Horta to understand it. I managed to do this without any psychic powers at all.

                  1. Yes, but the Horta had intelligence. Hipsters, on the other hand…

                    1. NO THINK I

                    2. PAIN!

                    3. Epinephrine, the thing is they start out being annoying, ugly fucks, even before they catch the hipster virus. They’re just taking it to extremes to make people think they like living that way.

          2. Showers are so bourgeoisie. Why a bowl of warm water and asponge…no wait those are living creatures. So, a bowl of warm water and an artisinal hand towel once a week, with a spritz of patchouli every 10 minutes, and you’re good to go.

            1. Fuck, but I hate bath dodgers.

          3. Even NutraSweet washes his balls once a week.

            Feh…wait till the economy gets worse and he can’t afford wet naps anymore.

            1. He uses an angle grinder.

              1. “He uses an angle grinder.”

                And this is why I read all the comments.

              2. I thought you were concerned about the smell.

                1. The schmutz that builds up down there on him is like concrete that’s been infused with skunk spray. There are multiple things to be concerned about. Like, “is he human?”

                  1. The only bright side is that my urine is the universal solvent sought for centuries by alchemists.

                    1. The schmutz that builds up down there on him is like concrete that’s been infused with skunk spray. There are multiple things to be concerned about. Like, “is he human?”

                      The only bright side is that my urine is the universal solvent sought for centuries by alchemists.

                      BUILT-IN ANSWER

                  2. Doesn’t he have a paper from the Patrician certifying that?

    4. “Let’s just say it was summer when we moved in,” Ryan continued, “and we don’t have or ideologically support air conditioning, so nights could get a little rough, especially when you don’t know what to expect when you lift the lid. I know ? it’s not necessarily for the squeamish, but we’ve been doing it for three years now, and it’s helped us feel closer to the building, to its history, and to each other.”

      I am going to have to find a half dozen tires to burn in these people’s honor.

      1. Were I their neighbor, I’d be turning the hose on them every time they walked past.

      2. we don’t have or ideologically support air conditioning

        Or indoor plumbing, apparently. Do they haul their water up from the well in a bucket, too?

        1. In my Minneapolis, if you don’t have a bathroom with working plumbing, your house gets condemned.

    5. So do they empty them out the window onto the street, in colonial American style?

      1. I bet they run it through a filtration system and produce clean drinking water.

      2. Apparently they pour them out to the gutter. That is just horrible.

        1. Can that be legal? Storm sewers and sanitary sewers are generally unconnected and the storm sewer water treatment, if any, does nothing to remove biological hazards.

      3. It’s so pure they can eat it. If they weren’t vegan, anyway.

    6. I wonder if eating artisanal mayo will make your artisanal chamberpot all greasy?

      Life is hard.

  21. So I saw this asinine tweet earlier, which I initially thought must be about something related to financial bailouts, but turned out to be, of course, about gun control. Megan McArdle’s original piece on Sandy Hook/gun control was very good, if not exactly libertarian, but she didn’t have the right kind of feelings, obviously, so she posted a followup today to respond to the BS. Includes this semi-exasperating line:

    Obviously, it is beyond horrible to suggest that even a small number of attacks are largely unavoidable. I don’t like saying it. Unfortunately, I think it’s true.

    Why is that “beyond horrible”? Why is it beyond horrible to be realistic?

    1. Because when reality doesn’t conform to what these people want, they just pretend that it does. And McArdle wasn’t pretending hard enough.

      1. Reality is hard!

      2. Lefties beleive they can actually change human nature, and the world, with the stroke of a pen, regardless of the ample examples in history that this is futile.

    2. I would curse you for making me read anything by Megan McArdle but then I found this:

      THIS is how SWAT teams get the job done, they send in waves of 6 yr olds to act as their ‘Meat Shields’


      I did like Megan’s piece on how she has tens of thosands of dollars of gourmet cooking gadgets to show off her status but makes Mr Suderman reheat frozen chicken nuggets when company or takeout food isn’t around.

      1. Aw, I always like her kitchen gift guides because they actually help me give presents to people I’m socially obligated to give presents to but have no idea what to get for.

        1. I just make a donation in their honor to the Human Fund.

          I was going to buy my niece and nephew (18 and 21 respectively) DVDs, but I only realized after I got home that I had picked up Blu-Rays. Oh well, I hope they have access to a Blu-Ray player. 🙂

          1. You should have bought them hi-cap mags.

  22. House Speaker John Boehner’s proposal for a “back-up” tax bill got a thumbs-down from the White House even as the president defended his proposal to raise the threshold on those supposedly necessary tax hikes.

    Here’s what you do in response.
    You pass the “back up” tax bill in the House. You recess for Christmas, and you tell the Democrats to go fuck themselves.
    They can either pass the “middle class tax cuts”, or not.
    If they don’t, then they are holding the tax cuts hostage to domestic spending.

    1. That would require the GOP to not be the Stupid Party.

    2. Or just pass a bill in the House to renew the Bush/Obama tax cuts, and break for Christmas.

      1. The white house has already said it will veto any bill that doesn’t raise taxes on someone. So that won’t work. You have to give them what they are asking for so they don’t have a fig leaf to vote against it.

        They’ve already signalled they would vote for just the tax cuts on

        1. Raise taxes on those who work in ZIP code 20500. (Although, I doubt a tax hike that targeted is constitutional.)

  23. So, has anyone noticed that the girl “modelling” Bad Idea t-shirts on the sidebar seems to be selling something else entirely??

    1. Tupperware.

  24. General Butt Naked posted this on another thread, teaser for a press conference the NRA is planning for Friday:

    The National Rifle Association of America is made up of four million moms and dads, sons and daughters – and we were shocked, saddened and heartbroken by the news of the horrific and senseless murders in Newtown.

    Out of respect for the families, and as a matter of common decency, we have given time for mourning, prayer and a full investigation of the facts before commenting.

    The NRA is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again.

    The NRA is planning to hold a major news conference in the Washington, DC area on Friday, December 21.

    Details will be released to the media at the appropriate time.

    1. Sigh. I fully expect those assholes to offer “common sense” concessions.

      1. I fully expect them to fuck millions of Americans in the ass.

          1. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. The NRA is used to this kind of shit.
            Guarantee you it is going to be a mixture of “enforce the laws on the books” and “gun rights save lives”.

  25. Does anyone still take PETA seriously?

    1. People for the Eating of Tasty Animals?

    2. Q: “Kids: If you wouldn’t eat your cat, why eat a turkey?”

      A: Because my cat just LOVES turkey!

  26. I’m sure many of you are familiar with this Congressional testimony (is that Boobs McGhee Schumer I see?), but I hadn’t seen it before and I think it’s super.

    1. Everyone who knows anything knows that flashbangs can’t start fires.

    2. I have seen that before, but can always watch again. That lady has more guts and brains than all of congress combined, not that that is saying much.

      Here’s a clip of her on Penn and Teller’s show gun control Bullshit! episode.

      1. But was she insured!?!?!

  27. More Marcotte:

    Men, stop getting together to discuss your problems. I don’t like it.

    I dearly want men to have conversations about masculinity and manhood, and the oppressive expectations patriarchy puts on men. I think that’s more important every day as we struggle with the way that these ideals of masculinity encourage violence and voting Republican.

    I still think those conversations can happen. But not by men organizing a “men’s movement”. I know a lot of strong, effective male feminists who are actually doing good work at tearing at the patriarchy, and they shun the idea of a “men’s movement”, and I think they’re right to do so.

    1. Coeus, do you find the worst imaginable feminist claptrap to punish me, or for some other reason?

      1. Coeus, do you find the worst imaginable feminist claptrap to punish me, or for some other reason?

        Why’s it gotta be about you? How can you not see that I have a much nobler goal?

        ….I do it to punish P Brooks.

    2. Coeus, everyone knows that when men get together, bad things happen.

      I’ve literally never been with a group of more than 5 men without at least one of them committing some sort of sexual assault.

          1. I get first turn on him!

          2. Womens liberation
            Came creepin across the nation
            I tell you people I was not ready
            When I fucked this dyke by the name of freddie

        1. Yeah, I tend to get sexually assaulted A LOT. In their defense, I was dressed pretty slutty.

    3. The real hilarity is the picture used shows exactly why a feminist “mens movement” would get rolled by actual men.

      1. The real hilarity is the picture used shows exactly why a feminist “mens movement” would get rolled by actual men.

        It would be physically attacked by balding shepherds?

        1. My favorite is the skinny fuck on the far left with the flowing locks and the come hither gaze.

          He looks like Aragorn if Aragorn lost 50 lbs (all of it muscle) and fretted over the patriarchal tendencies of Gondorian culture.

          1. He looks like Aragorn if Aragorn lost 50 lbs (all of it muscle) and fretted over the patriarchal tendencies of Gondorian culture.


  28. ‘V for Vendetta’ Aired Uncut on Chinese State TV

    Official broadcasters’ screening of the 2005 film, which has been banned in China for its advocacy for revolutions against authoritarian rule, has prompted discussion about possible relaxation of content curbs under new regime.

    1. If only the movie didn’t pussy out and make V a liberal instead of the anarchist he was in the graphic novel.

    2. Nice to see they’re letting a thousand flowers bloom.

      Hopefully it doesn’t go the same way it went last time.

    1. Procedures were followed.

    2. Chains don’t disallow furtive movements.

      “How could a grown man fear for his life when one-year-old children would roll around and play with Bonnie?” Allen said. “There was no threat and no fear for the officer’s life. Bonnie was just standing there.”

      At least this hero was able to go home safe and play with his children that night.

  29. US POlitics. Best politics money can buy!


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