Civil Liberties

Forbes Writer Responds to Newtown With Call for Censorship

Muzzle the press, because the country isn't authoritarian enough


We all have different ways of responding to mass shootings, most which do nothing to ease the pain of the victims' families or curtail future tragedies, but the fact that we're able to express these sentiments is a reminder of the First Amendment protections that we have in this country.

We blame both sides of the gun control issue, whether the tragedy could have been prevented by allowing more guns or by allowing less guns.

And we blame both sides of the mental health issue, whether the tragedy could have been prevented by providing more medication or by providing less medication.

But the most outlandish accusations are the ones towards the media, tweeting nonsense that police should arrest reporters for attempting to interview witnesses or families of the victims.

Even more outlandish is a self-described best-selling author and consultant, who believes we need to create a law to prevent the media from reporting on such tragedies.