A.M. Links: Fiscal Cliff Deal Getting Closer, Obama Asks For Gun Control Ideas, Police Departments Along Texas Border Investigated for Narcotrafficking


  • A deal on the fiscal cliff is looking close. President Obama is reportedly offering to raise taxes on only those making more than $400,000 a year. Gotta soak somebody.

  • The president has asked his cabinet on ideas for gun control reforms. Dick's Sporting Goods, meanwhile, has suspended the sale of some rifles at its stores, and removed all guns from the store near Newtown, Connecticut.
  • Electors nationwide cast their ballots for president, with Barack Obama winning with an expected 126 vote margin.
  • A federal investigation into police departments on the Texas border is leading to the arrest of narcotics officers and others for allegedly facilitating the import of drugs from Mexico. But this would never happen with guns.
  • China's cracking down on a doomsday cult centered around this Friday, arresting more than a hundred alleged members nationwide.
  • NASA crashed its GRAIL lunar crafts into the moon. For science.

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