CDC: Secondhand Smoke from Nearby Apartments a Hazard

Sounds like more Nanny State regulations incoming


Households with nonsmokers still may not be free from the effects of secondhand smoke if they live in an apartment complex.

According to a new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), even if you're not a smoker, living in a multi-unit residence could put you at risk for cigarette smoke exposure.

Researchers found that living in a smoke-free environment doesn't mean you're protected from your neighbor's bad habits.

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  1. “living in a multi-unit residence could put you at risk for cigarette smoke exposure.”

    Yes, and reading news can put you at risk of exposure to steaming bullshit like this.

  2. this article is bought and paid for propaganda from the Big Pharma companies that sell nicotine patches etc.

    This propaganda war against tobacco users started about 20 years when J&J started funneling money to politicians and media via its nonprofit foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson foundation. This money created laws and ordinances and media propaganda that was used to force smokers to have to give up smoking.

    To give up smoking the smokers bought the nicotine patches and other solutions sold by johnson & johnson and other big pharma companies.

    This article is just another installment of the propaganda war by Big Pharma on smokers, meant to manufacture consent for more anti-smoking laws which will force more smokers to gin up more money for nicotine patches etc.

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