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Susan Rice Out of Consideration for Secretary of State; Leon Panetta May Be Out as Defense Secretary Within a Month

President Obama must also choose a new CIA director and may shuffle other top national security positions as well


peas in a pod

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice is no longer interested in being considered for the position of Secretary of State, which Hillary Clinton signaled an intent to vacate by next year, because partisan politics. From NBC News:

Embattled U.N. envoy Susan Rice is dropping out of the running to be the next secretary of state after months of criticism over her Benghazi comments.

"Today, I made the decision that it was the best thing for our country, for the American people that I not continue to be considered by the president for nomination of secretary of state," Rice told NBC's Brian Williams.

"I didn't want to see a confirmation process that was very prolonged, very politicized, very distracting and very disruptive because there are so many things we need to get done as a country and the first several months of a second term president's agenda is really the opportunity to get the crucial things done."

A putative Susan Rice hearing would likely be prolonged and politicized because of the prolonged manner in which the government laid out a narrative on the attack on the consulate in Benghazi and the narrative's politicized nature.

With Rice officially out, John Kerry is probably feeling a lot more comfortable about his shot at the position, the coveting of which he hasn't made much of a secret.

Kerry was (is?) apparently also in the running to replace Leon Panetta as Secretary of Defense, though Bloomberg is now reporting former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel at the top of that list.

one and done

Panetta is apparently not interested in serving under a second Obama term, though he hasn't made any public statements about when he might leave. His replacement would become the third defense secretary under President Obama with the war in Afghanistan not much closer to an end than when Obama took office. George W. Bush, of course, had more stability at Defense. He kept Donald Rumsfeld for six years, despite Rumsfeld having offered his resignation on at least one occasion and the eruption of multiple scandals at the Pentagon (Abu Ghraib, for example) as well as an ill-conceived and mismanaged land invasion and occupation of Iraq. So staying the course is certainly not always desirable. Nevertheless, Panetta's departure ought to be frustrating at the very least because of how much government money Panetta spent commuting between the Pentagon and his home in California, for a job he'll end up keeping for less than two whole years during a period when America might have well blown its best opportunity to exit Afghanistan on its terms and not the Taliban's.

Hagel, for what it's worth, opposed the war in Iraq (like President Obama, who ended up trying to prolong it anyway). Hagel's also said as recently as last year that it was time for America to "start heading toward the exits". You should probably remain cautiously pessimistic anyway.

NEXT: GOP Sen. Hagel Rumored to Be Top Defense Pick

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  1. One of you will be in, and one of you will be out.
    Leon, your policies at defense made no sense.
    Hillary, you tried to cut a deal with the opposition party in Syria, even though the same policy failed in Egypt.
    John, your wife makes great ketchup.

  2. Embattled U.N. envoy Susan Rice is dropping out of the running to be the next secretary of state after months of criticism over her Benghazi comments.

    It’s rain-on-your-wedding-day ironic that the administration probably sent Rice around to all the Sunday shows to get her exposure ahead of nominating her to the replace Clinton and her giving voice to the White House’s typical message bungling during those appearances ended up being her undoing.

    1. Well, Alanis, it’s not ironic that this utterly incompetent (at everything except for being corrupt) administration fucked up again; it’s just par for the course. Now why don’t you swallow that jagged little pill.

      1. You had to remind him of the mess that never went away…

        1. He’s the one that reminded me. So he deserved it.

          God damn, most 90s music was so fucking terrible.

          1. God damn, most 90s music was so fucking terrible.

            Don’t make me pull out the pic of you and Warty at the C+C Music Factory concert in your neon green spandex.

            1. Holy shit, is that the end of an AR15 bolt on C+C Music Factory’s album cover?

              Fuckin’ wingnuts.

          2. Most music did get really sucky in the 90s, after so much good music in the 70s and 80s. I think that is the first sign of a dying culture, the music starts to suck. But there was some good music in the 90s, I’m still trying to think of something…

            1. Tom Waits ‘Bone Machine’ 1992.

              The greatest album post 1980 recorded – hands down.

              1. Moving Pictures was recorded in 1980 but released in 1981, so you get off on a technicality.

            2. Or maybe you were just getting old and out of touch with the culture?

              90s music rocked, unlike the crap we have today.

            3. Ice T had a pretty catchy tune that was a little ahead of its time.

          3. 90s music terrible? Yes it was:

            Exhibit A

            1. Hah, I think I still have their album Dropped.

            2. Paul’s Boutique was released in 1989 but should be considered a 90’s album. And it may have been one of only a handful of great 90’s albums.

            3. Tool. White Zombie. Alice in Chains. Powerman 5000. Suicidal Tendencies. Fuck you.

              1. Yep. White Zombie, Monster Magnet, Beastie Boys, ALL, Dinosaur Jr., Fugazi, Bad Religion (resurgent), Wilco, Sonic Youth, and on and on and on…

                Plenty of good muzak in the 1990’s. Plenty of good music today. The key is to not get fixated, and explore new stuff.

  3. Step right up! Step right up! For the chance to take a job where you will be expected to be thrown under the bus to cover President Not-My-Fault’s ass!

    1. To be fair, Obama can blame his foreign policy failures on Bush even more easily than his economic failures, since he’s just continuing the same ones.

      1. ramped up.

  4. Hagel as SOD is a sharp stick in McCain’s eye since Hagel(R) found the warmongering of McCain untenable and flirted with the possibility of being Obama’s running mate in 2008.

    I hear that Obama will really fuck over the wingnuttery by nominating Samantha Power in lieu of Susan Rice.

    oh, and fuck John Kerry.

    1. lol

      I’m all for Kerry as SoS because Bill Kristol warns he’s too much of a “non-interventionist”.

      Political endorsements don’t get much better than that

    2. I hear that Obama will really fuck over the wingnuttery by nominating Samantha Power in lieu of Susan Rice.

      You hear? So Barry is stupid enough to have these conversations while you’re actually fellating him?

  5. U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice is no longer interested in being considered for the position of Secretary of State, which Hillary Clinton signaled an intent to vacate by next year, because partisan politics.

    “….and because life is precious, and God, and the bible…”…..Bd9lkZ1epY

    those meanie *partisans!!*

    (*note: ‘partisan’= republican – because when *demcrats* engage in crass party-politics ass-covering and / or LIES… they do it for the Good of the Nation!)

    i mean, its not like she’d be discouraged from being cross examined about what she knew about CIA oprations in libya potially related to an assasination of a us diplomat… and that everyone else even vaguely associated with that event has been quickly encouraged to ‘spend more time with their familiesl…

    1. Still trying to gin up a fake controversy?

      Have at it.

      1. you dont think an ambassador being assassinated while involved in a gun running operation to syria is ‘controversial’? My how the bar rises when your Dear Leader is in charge

        1. …or do you still expect anyone to believe that a “spontaneous protest” emerged… outside of a secret CIA safe house which had no official connection with any US consular mission? And that 3, 12-man, well organized strike-teams with mortars and RPGs were actually pissed off about *YouTube*?

          Do you even believe any of that?

          1. Good point. Everybody needs to stop referring to the CIA building as a “consulate”.

        2. No, he was murdered by jihadists. That is what they do.

          Syria is another continent away.

          1. Right, because they weren’t running guns into Libya before that. Christ, you’re a mendacious fuckhead.

            And “another continent away” is only about as far as it is from Dallas to Washington, DC over open water where our warships operate with impunity. Don’t pretend it’s the same as shipping arms from China to South Africa.

            1. Keep on peddling that fake controversy stair-cycle! You might move it an inch or two!

              1. Keep buying the admin’s narrative. I’ll keep believing what I hear from people with more stars on their shoulder than you’ve got testicles (literally).

    2. Yeah, I hate when people gin up fake controversies about the time a sitting president lied about the cause of a terrorist attack and subsequently blamed a citizen of his own country who was in no way at fault.

      1. Who gives a fuck what their “reason” was? The fucking towel-heads are nuts.

        Try again.

        Tell me about Condi Rice and her shitty excuses for letting 9/11 plots go unnoticed?

        1. He blamed an American citizen for causing the deaths and essentially came out against free speech by blaming it on a video. This was a terrible thing to do and I don’t know how you’re defending it.

          I don’t know what Condi Rice has to do with Susan Rice or Barack Obama. You don’t seem capable of understanding that it’s possible for more than one person to do something wrong, and that Condi doing something wrong in no way means Susan Rice and Barack Obama didn’t.

          Also “Towel-heads?” It’s amazing how racist you can be when the mask slips.

          1. iggy| 12.13.12 @ 6:55PM |#
            …”This was a terrible thing to do and I don’t know how you’re defending it.”…

            This is shreek; about as sleazy as you’ll find crawling out from under the outhouse, with all the ethics of a Chicago ward-healer..
            That’s how s/he’s defending it.

          2. No he didn’t (come out against free speech) you fucking moron.

            Obama explicitly defended blasphemy as an American right.

            And I will happily partake. Fuck your god and every other fucking “god” ever prayed to by anyone.

            1. Palin’s Buttplug| 12.13.12 @ 7:01PM |#
              “No he didn’t (come out against free speech) you fucking moron.”

              Yes, he did, asswipe.

            2. The government asking Youtube to see if the video violated its terms of service is pretty clear cut. Overt threats aren’t necessary with the gargantuan regulatory code at the government’s disposal. I don’t think you’d shrug it off if Dubya tried to get Barnes and Noble to stop selling books critical of the Iraq War, or any books really.

            3. Man, you are so edgy, Shrike. You used the word fuck and god in a sentence! And you didn’t even capitalize god!

              Also, a sitting president claiming that a video led to serious violence when he knows that it didn’t is fairly clearly anti-free speech.

              1. No, I am not.

                The old shrike would have pounded one of Jeebus’s rusty nails into your forehead by now.

                I am slipping.

                1. Wait, so you have no problem at all with a sitting President trotting out a rookie like Susan Rice to sell talking points they knew to be false in an attempt to preemptively cover up a gunrunning operation?

                  Wow, you’re even more of a craven asshole than I could have ever imagined. I usually don’t wish harm on anyone, but I hope you accidentally kill yourself tonight. Gangnam Style.

                2. The old shrike would have pounded one of Jeebus’s rusty nails into your forehead by now.

                  The old shrike was as stupid and bad at 5th grade math as you are.

                3. Palin’s Buttplug| 12.13.12 @ 7:59PM |#
                  “I am slipping.”

                  Naah. Just a worn-out lefty apologist.

                4. I am slipping.

                  No, but your mask surely is.

        2. Blue team apologist. Booooshhh did it too!

          The towel heads hate us for our freedom, drones away! Don’t miss those wedding parties and orphanages! Oh, and funerals too! Just kill em all cause their nuts! And killin is good when our team does it, whoohoooo!!!

          1. Yeah, and if you do miss them the first time, make sure you drop a second bomb on them about 10 minutes later. That way you can take out the ambulance drivers and all the people trying to help the wounded.

            You’re a classless fuck, PB.

        3. Palin’s Buttplug| 12.13.12 @ 6:49PM |#
          ‘Who gives a fuck that he lied through his teeth? ‘

          FIFY, dipshit.

          1. I’m starting to think that shrike is right about these things.

            I mean, if it were an idiot posting the same idiotic, and obviously dishonest argument in various forms over and over again nobody would be dumb enough to engage it over and over again.


            And in conclusion, why do you hit and rethuglicans think Obama is so bad when he’s just undoing the shit your hero GeeDub started. Fuckin’ wingnuts.

            1. General Butt Naked| 12.13.12 @ 7:07PM |#
              “I’m starting to think that shrike is right about these things.
              I mean, if it were an idiot posting the same idiotic, and obviously dishonest argument in various forms over and over again nobody would be dumb enough to engage it over and over again.

              Is this an argument that no one who posts idiocy should be engaged? Is this a moral issue of preserving precious bits?
              Tulpa (X) lights up the scoreboard from time to time; no response indicated? Shithead well qualifies for your standards, but that sort of dishonesty *needs* correction. Dunphy and the priest-hood of the badge gets knocked around; quit doing that?
              Exactly when does a true Scot decide to engage?

              1. No sevo, you shouldn’t engage when the target is obviously just fucking with you.

                Also, it only makes ONE GODDAMNED argument. Tulpa and dunphy at least show some variance.

                How many times can you claim not to like Bush.

                It doesn’t really matter to me, cause I’m just tweakin’ y’all, anyhow.

                Like when John would argue with minge all day, and I’d accuse him of wasting taxpayers money. I didn’t really care, but he gets so apoplectic over shit it’s entertaining.

            2. Just today, he/she/it, tried to claim to be Libertarian, and claimed to score 96 on the L test. Fuck, I only scored 92 and I am a big L libertarian. If I were any further right I would be an anarchist. It also manages to say classic team apologist shit out of the other side of it’s mouth, like above, all of the time. IOW, it lies!

              1. No, Ron Paul scored 96 on the LP purity test. I scored only 92.

                It is a tough fucking test.

                1. I ain’t buyin it, bro. Ron Paul, yes, since him and I agree on almost all issues. You, nope, ain’t buyin it. Obama is about as far from Libertarian as you can possibly get, he would score a 20 at best, probably less, and you always seem to defend and agree with him and the blue team.

                  1. No, I will score Obama on my 100 point must point system.

                    Personal liberties he only gets a 24 due to his stubbornness on drugs and his callowness on DOMA. His ACLU rating is also lower than Ron Paul’s. But overall he is pro-freedom on social issues.

                    War/police state? Only a 15 of 33.33. He has retreated militarily but insists on the surveillance state and drone attacks. He is nothing to brag about.

                    Statism/big gov – he gets a middling 19 for halting spending at $3.5 trillion but low scores for Obamacare and its heavy handed mandate and accrual taxes. Also the stimulus was dubious at best but better than the 2007 stimulus overall.

                    58 total.

                    Bush was low 40s for reference purposes.

                    1. Stop with the fucking Bush was this shit. That is why no one here takes you seriously. We aren’t talking about Bush, and he’s not President now. Did you realize that?

                      But overall he is pro-freedom on social issues

                      You mean on abortion and being geh? For political gain only. WTF? The guy is a big government statist fuckhead, he doesn’t give one shit about your freedom, geez, stop being retarded.

                    2. He’s far from pro-freedom on abortion. Even if you’re pro-choice, forcing taxpayers to subsidize them is hardly what I’d call “pro-freedom”.

                    3. Well, most of here know that, Sloop, note that I said for political gain only, but this one has it’s head so far up Obamas ass that it needs to change it’s name to ObameysButtPlug.

                    4. I doubt he’d be the first to rightfully use that name. NTTAWWT.

                    5. How many points does he score for lying about Benghazi?

                    6. He didn’t lie, it’s a conspiracy against the great one, just ask ButtHead. There was no fast and furious either, everyone lied, except for Holder and Obama.

                    7. everyone lied, except for Holder and Obama.

                      And those guys they transferred and made unavailable for the hearings. They told the truth as well. As a matter of fact, Obama only claimed (illegally) Executive Privilege so the House could get back to their job of legislating. It had nothing to do with a cover-up.

                    8. Bush was low 40s for reference purposes.

                      Which one of us brought Bush up and tried to compare him positively with Obama again? Oh yeah, that’s right. None of us did.

                    9. We didn’t have to, we can count on ButtPlug to bring up Booosh on every topic that his great exalted master is questioned on.

                    10. It’s almost as if he’s a paid supporter of the anointed one. Or he’s mentally retarded.

                      Or both.

                    11. I don’t know why any of us are bothering to respond to this. He made up his own scale, which is specifically weighted to help Democrats, and then pulled numbers out of thin air so that Obama could score 20 points higher than Bush on the Buttplug Freedom Scale.

                      I have not clue what he’s trying to prove with this.

                    12. I have not clue what he’s trying to prove with this.

                      Probably that he can wind us up and fuck with us at his leisure. And as usual, he pulls it off.


                    13. Yeah, but I enjoy giving into my hate. So I will always fall for Buttplug’s wily charm.

                      He completes me.

                    14. Well since it is not obvious to you – Liberty is a broad concept and it pertains to more than just the top marginal tax rate.

                      All lost on conservatives though.

                    15. Yeah, and Obama has failed in virtually every part of that broad concept. I also love that you give him his best score on personal liberties, even though he can’t even support abortion rights without overriding religious liberties, he has done shit all for gay marriage or drug rights and he signed the 2012 NDAA which gave the government the power of indefinite detention.

                      He also only amnestied immigrants for their electoral impact, a fact which should be obvious since his administration has actually deported more people than Bush.

                      Hooray, personal liberty!

                    16. Sorry, deported people at a faster RATE than Bush.

                    17. Liberty is a broad concept and it pertains to more than just the top marginal tax rate.

                      The first part of this statement is total bullshit. Liberty is not a broad concept. It’s rather simple. You either believe in the rights of the individual until those rights infringe on another individual’s liberty or you don’t. Period.

                      As to the second part of your statement, who here has ever made that argument?

                      All lost on conservatives though.

                      You might want to make that point on, say, a conservative website then. You’d have a better chance at hitting your target audience.

                    18. Liberty is a broad concept and it pertains to more than just the top marginal tax rate.

                      Yeah, like not having the power to indefinitely detain, spy on, or assassinate your own citizens at will. Fuck off, bootlicker.

                    19. the Buttplug Freedom Scale

                      I was literally rflmao on that one. Damn, that is classic, lol.

                      I think that scale means the freedom to get your head up Obamas arse as far as you like.

            3. You fool! There will always be someone dumb enough to do anything!

              This… is… the internet!

        4. Funny how those “saintly brown people” become “towelheads” when it’s your guy killing them.

  6. Susan Rice is no longer interested in being considered for the position of Secretary of State

    I thought that Snow Miser was a wrap for that gig? Or did his brother Heat Miser do some mischief and mess the deal up for him?

  7. Can we get Obama to leave the white house? Please?

    1. Racist! There is no other reason to not completely revere and adore the wonderous one in the whitehouse.

    2. Could 99% of congress leave too? maybe a good chunk of the population that voted these dick holes in?

      How many times in history does bureaucracy have to ruin a nation before we realize that, no, an ever increasing centeal government is not going to work this.

      1. They ain’t goin nowhere as long as they are getting our money through taxes.

        We don’t need much terra, best that we go. Greenland plan, we take it over, with Global warming, we will have a constant source of fresh glacier water, we can sell it for $20 a bottle to power our economy, and then we will have a huge continent all ice free while everyone else is under water!

        1. A guy can dream right?

          If there was a Libertarian based country in the world I would be seriously looking into jumping ship on this mess. There is just too many statist here to change the path this country is on.

          I have lost faith that humanity can handle freedom though. Too many just want somebody to rule them.

          1. Too many want free shit is the real problem. And the entire multicultural fiasco that you can just throw all people of different cultural, political, etc., etc. backgrounds all together and one big love fest will ensue is just flat out wrong. We really do need our own terf, and we had better be armed to the teeth because the griefers and freepers will be wanting what we have worked hard for after they destroy their own economies.

            1. They is all inter-breeding! That is it!

              1. They is all inter-breeding! That is it!

                Your family would know from personal experience.

                1. Wait, is shrikey really Prince Harry?

                  1. sloopyinca| 12.13.12 @ 9:25PM |#
                    “Wait, is shrikey really Prince Harry?”

                    C’mon! Harry can breathe without prompting.

              2. Sure shriek, because culture is genetic.

    3. Can we get Obama to leave the white house? Please?

      You want President Biden?

      1. At this point, we could all use a good laugh.

  8. John Kerry…didn’t he serve in Vietnam?

    1. PigBoy says that a lot.

      He with the anal boil that removed him from the draft list.

    2. Something about fast rafts.

    3. Nope, but he played Snow Miser on that Christmas cartoon.

    4. No, no it was Cambodia – and he has the hat to prove it!

    5. Shooting a rice pile with a grenade launcher and then writing himself up for a PH after having dry rice grain shrapnel picked out of his butt – then, yes!

      At least he had the love and esteem of everyone he served with!

  9. I can’t wait to read Panetta’s inevitable book spilling the beans on all the Obama lunacy we don’t even know about yet.

    1. What makes you think he’ll do that, unless of course Bill and Hillary tell him to. And I can’t see them doing that until Obama slips below a 40% approval rating. Then it’s under the bus with all of them.

      1. He might want to engage in some “legacy CYA”, perhaps?

        1. Depends.
          Does he have a female biographer who isn’t ugly enough to chase off cockroaches?

      2. What makes you think he’ll do that

        Money. That book would sell.

  10. Seems like a very good plan to me dude.

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