Economists Warn Congress About Taxes, Stuff TSA Confiscates Gets Sold, Facebook Loses Some Privacy: P.M. Links


  • A group of 180 economists have signed a letter to Congress warning that tax increases to avoid the fiscal cliff will have a "significant, negative impact on the economy."

  • If you've ever wondered what happens to the stuff the TSA confiscates at the airport (often with no good reason), it all ends up being sold on the cheap at state-run stores.
  • The United States is formally recognizing the Syrian opposition coalition as representatives of the will of its citizens, prompting criticism from Russia.
  • Soon you will no longer be able to block people from being able track down your profile on Facebook. Time to learn how to control who can see your Facebook posts if you haven't already.
  • A filmmaker in Quebec is facing trial for gory artwork that "undermines fundamental values of Canadian society," thereby corrupting morals, according to the prosecution.
  • A Panamanian woman allegedly tried to smuggle three pounds of cocaine into Spain in her breast implants.
  • Opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood leadership in Egypt is encouraging voters to say "no" to the country's draft constitution

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