Economists Warn Congress About Taxes, Stuff TSA Confiscates Gets Sold, Facebook Loses Some Privacy: P.M. Links


  • Have Congress compare it to their favorability ratings and maybe they'll get it

    A group of 180 economists have signed a letter to Congress warning that tax increases to avoid the fiscal cliff will have a "significant, negative impact on the economy."

  • If you've ever wondered what happens to the stuff the TSA confiscates at the airport (often with no good reason), it all ends up being sold on the cheap at state-run stores.
  • The United States is formally recognizing the Syrian opposition coalition as representatives of the will of its citizens, prompting criticism from Russia.
  • Soon you will no longer be able to block people from being able track down your profile on Facebook. Time to learn how to control who can see your Facebook posts if you haven't already.
  • A filmmaker in Quebec is facing trial for gory artwork that "undermines fundamental values of Canadian society," thereby corrupting morals, according to the prosecution.
  • A Panamanian woman allegedly tried to smuggle three pounds of cocaine into Spain in her breast implants.
  • Opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood leadership in Egypt is encouraging voters to say "no" to the country's draft constitution

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  1. I thought we got the breast implant thing earlier. A hat tip has been denied someone!

    1. It’s only fair to have a tit for tat.

      1. That’s the breast comment, the most on point you have ever made. I’m gland you are still posting, Fisty.

          1. Speaking of which, mine now spray milk when I hear the sound of a baby cry. Awesome.

            1. WAAAAHHHH!!!

            2. What kind of distance are you getting?

        1. The mammaries of this topic will be but a milky, opaque recollection.

  2. A Panamanian woman allegedly tried to smuggle three points of cocaine into Spain in her breast implants.
    Ain’t nothin’ like it, her shiny machine
    Got the feel for the wheel, keep the movin’ parts clean
    Hot shoe, burnin’ down the avenue
    Got an on-ramp comin’ through my bedroom

    1. Spanish police arrest woman at airport with breast implants containing cocaine

      Pics or GTFO

      1. Yeah, the cop fetish thing is pretty common (and creepy). But a specific fetish for Spanish cops? That’s world-class, HM. NTTAWWT, of course.

        1. Four years in Bangkok will mess with your head man…..

          1. Saigon… shit; I’m still only in Saigon…

    2. HAh! I used to sing this one when my band played it in the early 80’s.

    3. Three POINTS of cocaine? The article said three POUNDS. A “point” is slang for 100mg. Nobody has surgery so they can bring home a couple lines worth of blow.

  3. A group of 180 economists have signed a letter…

    …agreeing with every other economist in the world that President Obama’s views on the economy are always correct?

    1. warning that tax increases to avoid the fiscal cliff will have a “significant, negative impact on the economy.”

      Obviously they are all in the pay of Grover Norquist/TEH KOCHTOPUS/Ayn Rand/Karl Rove/Haliburton/Blackwater. REAL economists would recognize that tax increases on the top 6% are an unqualified good.

      1. I remember when 200 economists wrote an open letter saying that the stimulus wouldn’t work. But we had a CONSENSUS so our grand and glorious leader Barack Obama (hallowed be his name) rightfully ignored them.

    2. See when it’s their team, those 180 economists (a negligible percentage) are the voice of sanity. But when it’s another team, say calling shenanigans on Climategate, then those signatories are cranks and whackos.

      Intellectual honesty, how does it work?

      1. For most people, it doesn’t.

  4. Here we are now, entertain us.

    1. I look forward to his team-up with Curt Cobain.

  5. “A Panamanian woman allegedly tried to smuggle three points of cocaine into Spain in her breast implants. ”

    Points? Pints? Pounds?

    1. poonts, obviously.

    2. She was a black haired beauty with big dark eyes,
      And points all her own sitting way up high,
      Way up firm and high.

  6. A Panamanian woman allegedly tried to smuggle three points of cocaine into Spain in her breast implants.

    Three points? Like the Martian lass from Total Recall?

    1. Obviously Shack was thinking about nips.

      1. Yes, she had three nipples. That part of the story has been downplayed.

        Fixed the typo.

    2. Kind of brings this video into perspective.

      1. Adebisi is jonesing for tits.

        1. You would be too if all you had to look at every day was men.

  7. The War on Christmas staggers on.

    The Catholic League has battled it out with Silverman’s group in the past, even posting opposing signs on each end of the Lincoln Tunnel in 2010. But Catholic League spokesman Bill Donohue said Silverman went too far this year.

    “This year it’s different,” he said. “This is vile. When you depict Jesus on the cross with a crown of thorns, this is exploitative. We as Christians never harass, intimidate or insult atheists. But they can’t seem to say, ‘We simply disagree with you.’ They have to insult us.”

    1. “When you depict Jesus on the cross with a crown of thorns”

      WTF — you mean like what I see every time I go to Mass? at any parish?

      1. And Bill Donohue somehow says something even stupider than everything else he’s ever said.

        1. It’s one of the mysteries of the faith.

    2. We as Christians never harass, intimidate or insult atheists

      That would be the problem. The atheists never seem to insult Muhammad now do they? If Christians would start burning shit down and decapitating people, they would get the same treatment. If they are not willing to do that and want to be peaceful, good for them. But don’t bitch and moan when they are taken advantage of by bullies. That is the whole point of being a martyr.

      1. I hear atheists talking shit about Islam all the time. Just ’cause you say something don’t make it true.

        Not that I agree with asshole atheists that live to annoy, but Jesus fucking Christ, John, try to be honest.

        1. Remember, folks, it’s the vast majority Christians who are the persecuted minority.

          1. Look, is your head on a pike? Until it is, no complaining, or we’ll put your head on a pike.

            Wait, what’s this thread about again?

            1. Something about some Mexican guy named Jesus who mows FoE’s lawn.

              1. Really? He mows my lawn, too! What a coincidence!

        2. I hear atheists talking shit about Islam all the time.

          And how often does that occur within actual ear shot of a Muslim or in a public way? Ah that would be never.

          1. Again, sorry, but just because you state something doesn’t actually make it true, John.


            And how often do you make an argument without making shit up about what other people always do or don’t do? Ah that would be never.

          2. And how often does that occur within actual ear shot of a Muslim or in a public way? Ah that would be never.

            And one more time, for the cheap seats.

          3. “And how often does that occur within actual ear shot of a Muslim or in a public way?”

            I give ’em shit every chance I get. I tear into them in a way I never would to a christian. As loudly and publicly as I can. Often.

            Having said that, I think the athiests in question here are assholes and I dont claim any kinship to them.

            1. The asshole atheists are tiresome indeed. John seems to want to believe that they are representative of atheism in general. Which is not at all obviously the case. My guess would be that, just as with theists, most atheists don’t really stand out that much or feel a need to constantly talk about it or obnoxiously push what they believe (or fail to believe) on everyone else.

        3. I don’t. Especially not in mass media. And never by noted attention whore David Silverman. I actually agree with John here.

          1. Jesus, fucking christ that link was almost impossible to find.

            The lady in the middle has made a career of criticizing Islam.

            1. The lady in the middle has made a career of criticizing Islam.

              Well, if people who thought that they were being pious Muslims when they cut off my cli….

              Ah…you almost got me!

              Nope, not going there.

          2. Jesus, fucking christ that link was almost impossible to find.

            The lady in the middle has made a career of criticizing Islam.

        4. Re: General Butt Naked,

          I hear atheists talking shit about Islam all the time.

          Maybe you used to hear them, because after Barry Soetoro declared his personal guarantee that the Prophet Mohammed will not be insulted ever again, I don’t think any of us have the thrill-seeking meter high enough to try that again.

        5. I have to agree with John on this one.

          While atheists do occasionally criticize Muhammad, most of their scorn is pointed straight at baby Jesus. Maybe that is because this is a mostly Christian country, hence Christianity is the biggest target of opportunity.

          By the way, I am an atheist but I would never act like the kind of asshole that some (not many) atheists seem to be.

      2. No, the fact-free environment in which you live is the problem.

        1. Better than the intelligence free environment you live in. Lets see, South Park rolled on even showing Muhammad in a cartoon. Yet, they do an entire Broadway show on Mormonism.

          Face it. Atheists are cowards and pussies. That is what makes Christian complaints about them so pathetic. Really? A bunch of losers who spend their time suing to take Santa Clause out of the park is your biggest problem? These are the people who are oppressing you?

          1. South Park didn’t roll on the Mohammed cartoon. Comedy Central rolled on the Mohammed cartoon. The actual creators of South Park were more than willing to mock Mohammed, so that example actually refutes your point.

            1. Bullshit. Parker and Stone haven’t done jack shit about that. They totally rolled and never made another single joke about Islam.


                ‘While Parker and Stone insisted that they stood behind their work, Comedy Central caved to the threats by censoring the 201st episode to the point that it was virtually nonsensical. Every mention of Muhammad’s name was bleeped, and his image was covered by a big black “Censored” box. The episode was utterly incomprehensible unless you already knew what was going on. Many people initially thought the censorship was part of the episode, but according to a statement from Stone and Parker, “It wasn’t some meta-joke on our part. Comedy Central added the bleeps. In fact, Kyle’s customary final speech was about intimidation and fear. It didn’t mention Muhammad at all but it got bleeped too.”‘

                Boy, that sure does sound like Comedy Central censored the episode against the creator’s wishes. As for them not making another joke about Mohammed, if Comedy Central won’t let them, then they can’t. If you want to offer contrary evidence, then cool. Otherwise, stop making up unsupported bullshit.

                1. Stop using facts to make John look like the blowhard he is! That’s not fair!

            2. South Park didn’t roll on the Mohammed cartoon.

              Before I hit the hay, this is true.

              It should also be pointed out in the episode “Super Best Friends”, Mew-hommad is pictured here.

              THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS! Mew-hommad has been depicted, his likeness has been displayed, and the world is stilling rotating on its axis!

              Where was the righteous moral indignation from anyone WRT that episode? Was it because all of them were portrayed favourably? Sheesh.

              Spokannoj nochi vsjo!

          2. Face it. Atheists are cowards and pussies. That is what makes Christian complaints about them so pathetic.

            Well, it’s nice to see that you:

            1)Aren’t biased.
            2)Have an intellectually rigorous defense of your beliefs.

            1. What does that even mean? If I have no respect for atheists, it would make sense I have little or no respect for Christians who whine about them.

          3. Lol, I like how John thinks I’m a coward and a pussy because I don’t cling to archaic fairy tales despite a total lack of empirical evidence, just because they answer some scary existential questions.
            Also, saying that atheists are “A bunch of losers who spend their time suing to take Santa Clause out of the park” makes about as much sense as saying “Christians are a bunch of people who like to drown their kids in bathtubs” cause that one christian lady did that once. Almost all of my friends are atheist, and a majority of my co-workers, and none of them are petty enough to care about santa in the park.

            1. congratulations, you attack anecdotes with more anecdotes.

      3. The atheists never seem to insult Muhammad now do they?

        Mohammed helps Porky Pig take a seat in a gay bar.
        Looking hopeful he asks, “May I push in your stool?”

        There. Feel better?

        1. You didn’t mean it like when you make fun of Jesus. Have fun under SHARIA asshole!

          1. Jesus dies, goes to Heaven, and searches through the mist.
            He asks [bunch of people, one at a time] “Where’s my father?” But [same bunch] says he doesn’t know.
            Then an old man comes out of the mist. The man is very old, with white hair. “Stop!” Jesus calls, “Who are you?”
            “Please help me, I am an old man in search of my son.” Jesus is very curious. Could this be…? “Tell me of your son, old man.”
            “Oh, you would know him if you saw him. Holes in his hand where the nails used to be, he was nailed to a cross, you know…”
            “Father!” screams Jesus.
            “Pinocchio!” yells the old man.

          1. Combined two old jokes into one.
            I make no claims to originality.

      4. You know, for people who follow a guy who was willingly nailed to a cross for our sins, some Christians seem to whine about really pointless shit.

        1. I am not whining. I think atheists are sad and pathetic and Christians who whine about them nearly as so.

          1. I’m talking about Donahue, not you.

            1. Shhh, this is John’s time to get all worked up. Don’t take that from him.

          2. “I think atheists are sad and pathetic…”

            Well, I see you’ve taken the time to meet all of us and have drawn a well-considered conclusion.

            Seriously, John – religion, and Christianity in particular, is shoved in our faces every day and most of us just recognize that, if we thought all Xians were “sad and pathetic” we’d not have any friends, couldn’t abide by our coworkers, our parents, our children, or our neighbors, and would be posting our own diatribes in response to you. So, most of us, like most Xians, just figure it’s something to disagree about. There’s plenty of that to go around.

            But what a fine example of zealous generalization and partisan politics you’ve offered us.

          3. I think atheists are sad and pathetic and Christians who whine about them nearly as so.

            We agree… close enough.
            I think people who whine about other people’s religions (or lack thereof) are sad. And I agree that many of my fellow atheists are among the worst. Time and again their behavior has made me examine my atheism. I simply don’t find the capacity for faith within me. And wouldn’t faking it would be the worst response possible?

            1. The noisy ones are always annooying. It works the same way with Christians, Muslims, and atheists.

              1. Glad to hear it from someone else!

      5. That would be the problem. The atheists never seem to insult Muhammad now do they?

        Come again?

        1. Stop offering proof, man. Evidence is for weak-willed pansies. Real men call their opponents cowards and pussies, while offering no evidence to support their assertions.

          1. I’m an atheist.
            Is it strange that even this kind of prosthelytizing bothers me?
            Why care that someone else is wrong about something that has nothing to do with the real world?
            Why spend money to push the inconsequential on those who don’t want to hear it?
            An awful lot of atheists look more like anti-theists.

      6. Oh, come on John. You don’t hear most atheists bashing Christians all the time either. Because most atheists are not dickheads. Just the ones you notice. Just like with religious people.

        And aren’t like half the commenters here atheists? Don’t we count? Remember Draw Mohammed Day? Good times.

        Here, once more for good measure: Islam is a stupid religion. Even stupider than Christianity!

    3. Outside of some of the more liberal parishes, there usually isn’t a sign under the cross calling Jesus a myth.

      Times Square, though, seems a fitting place for such pictures.

  8. The TSA store, for all your holiday needs.

    1. One of those mats with the yellow feet on them would be cool.

  9. Tax increases to avoid the fiscal cliff? The fiscal cliff is a combination of tax increases and slower spending growth. This isn’t the debt ceiling.

  10. Ottawa sex shop’s S&M Barbie display will stay

  11. Okay, I know we disagree on the Right to Work laws, but can’t we all get together in the proper holiday spirit and enjoy how butt-hurt Al Sharpton is over the Michigan law?

    1. I’m sure there will be much butthurt across the board. TEAM RED worships the military, whereas TEAM BLUE worships unions. I don’t get either of them but there you have it.

      1. Don’t forget the team red assfancy for cops and firemen. Something about an asshole in a uniform makes a republican cream his jeans.

        Notice that all of these union bashing cons won’t fuck with America’s Heroes.


        The fucking public unions are the one that need reformation the MOST, you dumbshit fucking cuntpukes.

        1. Good point. TEAM BLUE loves incompetent public worker unions, TEAM RED loves corrupt power abusing paramilitary public worker unions. Hooray!

        2. There needs to be a gentlemen’s magazine called Assfancy.

          1. I’m interested in your magazine and would like to know how I may subscribe…

            1. That was SO disappointing.

              1. I so wanted there to be more, but you have to take what you can get.

              2. That’s the first hit on assfancy in quotes.

          2. Could be a ladies’ mag, nicole.

      2. Say, why not combine the two and unionize the military?

        1. Oh Christ, shut your goddamn whore mouth!

          You’ll give ’em ideas.

          1. I can’t believe no one else has ever thought about this before. It’s not like their employer treats them well. And, from the Democrats perspective, the military needs to stop voting Republican so often.

            1. I’m sure someone has.

                1. Nobel Peace Drones Local #31

                  1. Nothing more peaceful than the dead.

                    Suddenly, I see the Nobel committee’s point.

        2. Well they do share a number of similarities… short work days, frequent smoke breaks, pay based on years of service, generous benefits…

    2. “You know, these so-called right-to-work laws, they don’t have to do with economics,” said President Obama on Monday. “They have everything to do with politics. What they’re really talking about is giving you the right to work for less money.”

      I hope we can also all agree that that is fucking barftastic.


      2. Well YEAH it’s political. No union dues means no money laundering for the Democrat Party. DUH!

        Barack is dumb. Over the past several years, wages have increased in RTW states, vs. a decline in forced union states. Unemployment is also lower in RTW states.

        We’ve got 4 mo’ years of barftastic, boys and girls. Yay.

      3. Look, we all know that capitalists have an infinite number of dollars and the only reason they don’t buy everyone a new pony is because they’re so greedy and are keeping all the ponies and dollars for themselves. It’s Krugmanomics 101.

      4. Then again… do we not have a right to work for less money?

    3. Too bad Al didn’t learn to apologize when he perpetrated an injustice like the Tawana Brawley witch burning exercise…

      “One of the earliest lessons I learned as a child was to speak up wherever and whenever I saw an injustice taking place. That basic principle is one that I carried with me throughout my life and one that I encourage others to follow as well.”

      1. He really is a monster, isn’t he.

    4. I’m impressed it took him two whole sentences to work in the word “collective”.

  12. Scientists say it’s time to get dirty again.

    In the 19th century, autoimmune diseases ? like Crohn’s, multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes ? were virtually non-existent. Since people didn’t frequently bathe or wash their hands as often (nor was hand sanitizer around), the filth actually activated an immune response. Subsequently, those who live in third-world countries also have a lower rate of developing these sorts of diseases.

    Scientists at Coronado Biosciences are using immunotherapy biologic agents to treat autoimmune diseases, including helminthic therapy, the use of parasitic worms to modulate the immune system. They’ve seen the success the therapy has had on patients suffering from Crohn’s disease, so they’ve started three trials in which they hope to prevent and treat type 1 diabetes using Trichuris suis ova (TSO), or the eggs of a pig whipworm.

    1. Actually, one reason I’m glad my daughter was born in Bangkok.

      1. Bangkok, oriental setting. And the city don’t know what they city is getting.

        1. I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine

    2. Maybe. I’ve known 5 people with Crohn’s and 1 with ulcerative colitis. 4 of the Crohn’s and the uc case all used Accutane in the early 90s for acne treatment, and its a pretty well documented link. The other Crohn’s case has a father with the same thing. I’m not sure the cleanliness is a problem with that particular autoimmune disorder. Granted, my circle may not be representative of the larger population, but its pretty weird.

      1. Very interesting and news to me. I have had intermittent bouts with an auto-immune disease (pemphigus) since the early 90s. It started around the time my Wife used Accutane.

        Something for me to research.

    3. I dunno. Perhaps people didn’t know what the diseases were that were afflicting them. Access to medical treatement is much better than it was 100 years ago. People are living longer.

      Also, I think I’d rather have a relatively low number of people afflicted by Crohn’s and autoimmune (a favorite on House MD) than people dropping dead left and right because of the flu and other diseases.

      1. I think I’d rather have a relatively low number of people afflicted by Crohn’s and autoimmune (a favorite on House MD) than people dropping dead left and right because of the flu and other diseases.

        Yeah, i think that’s obvious, but if you can safely use parasites or other things that we have generally tried to avoid with modern hygiene to improve health even more, then that would be good too.

    4. Talking about weird treatments: Doctors treat girl’s leukemia with HIV.

  13. Anne Hathaway strikes a blow for an underwear-free America.

    1. Poor gal, it’s a cute l’il clitty that rares up like an excitable kitten, but she’s not taking it very well —

      “I was getting out of the car and my dress was so tight that I didn’t realize it until I saw all the photographers’ flashes.
      It was devastating. They saw everything. I might as well have lifted up my skirt for them.”

      Plus, come on, Love and Other Drugs? That was you, right?

      1. I find her appearance fluctuates in her movies from very attractive to strangely androgynous.

        1. That’s funny, I find it fluctuating from very attractive to highly attractive. I’m not quite sure what that says about me…or you.

          1. It’s the mouth. And a little bit of the nose. When she’s wearing makeup that masks her gaping maw, she’s not bad. Otherwise….

          2. I thought the androgynous boy-girl look was Sarcasmic’s thing…

          3. I went to youtube to find a clip for The Replacements’ Androgynous, and found this quirky little gem.

        2. The dress she wore on Letterman was not flattering. Yet she was stunning on Fallon last night.

        3. She is still recovering from the production of Les Mis?rables where she lost twenty pounds on an already thin frame to play a sexy street urchin.

          1. I figure that was the case. She looked kind of similar when she played a drug addict in Rachel Getting Married.

          2. I caught a bit of the Wolverine interview on 60 Minutes. He comes across as an award whore. With the exception of Woody Allen do they profile any other type on that show?

  14. Canadian Invisibility cloak tech being backed by the Pentagon

    1. The last thing we want are invisible Canadians lurking around misnaming ham bacon or whatever it is you people do when no one is looking.

      1. They steal doughnuts and rape sheep. Canadians are a simple species, seeking only food, warmth and companionship.

      2. This is what happens when hockey gets cancelled.

      3. But they’ll never be able to mask the smell of Poutine.

    2. “You and I are of a kind. In a different reality, I could have called you friend.”

      1. “Or the father of your first officer.”

        1. In addition to playing the first Romulan Commander, Mark Lenard also played the first Klingon with a ridged forehead. I also think he’s the only Trek actor to have played a Romulan, a Klingon, and a Vulcan.

            1. Yes, he played the Klingon commander that appeared at the beginning of The Motion Picture, where Vger destroys the Klingon fleet.

              1. You mean Nomad? I saw that episode. Why did they remake it?

                1. Shut up, ProL, I like TMP. Did you know it was directed by the guy who directed the original The Day the Earth Stood Still?

                  1. I did, which makes it all the worse. I blame Roddenberry and his lust for bald, Indian women.

                  2. I agree with Pro. L, next time I’ll just save myself two hours and watch The Changeling on Netflix for the same moral and thematic lesson.

                    1. Fine, watch the one without Persis Khambatta and much better special effects. Enjoy being a dumbass.


                    2. Better special effects? Better than Nomad? Come back when you want to have a serious discussion.

                    3. I mean the beginning was good and that keeps me going to right around the part where V’GER abducts Ilia, and after that I can go out and run some errands and come back and not have missed anything.

                    4. I haven’t seen it all the way through since the early 80s.

                      I’d like to have seen the second series that got shelved. Be nice when we have trade with alternative universes. Seasons 5 and 6 of Firefly supposedly rock.

                    5. Though, to be fair, fewer bald, Indian women.

          1. Wake me up when he’s played a Ferengi too.

            1. He was Jewish in real life, so is that close enough given who the Ferengi were caricatures of?

              1. Did you just drop a hard J on me, dude?

                1. I’m surprised Jews don’t run around loudly informing people that a disproportionate percentage of Star Trek was Jewish, starting right in the center of the action with Nimoy and Shatner.

                  Frankly, if I were a fanatical Palestinian burning for Jewish blood, that would temper my anger some. “Well, they did give us the Shat. And Spock. And the Ferengi.”

                  1. And Alison Brie, Mila Kunis, and Bar Rafaeli.

                    1. They were on Star Trek? Did they play Ferengi?

                  2. Frankly, if I were a fanatical Palestinian burning for Jewish blood, that would temper my anger some. “Well, they did give us the Shat. And Spock. And the Ferengi.”

                    The current King of Jordan is the World’s Biggest Star Trek fan: still no peace accord, as he is hoping that the Eugenics Wars start in the Mid-East.

                    1. Doesn’t he know that Khan was Indian? Well, Mexican-Indian.

                    2. Besides, he’s no fan if he appeared on Voyager.

                  3. Adam Sandler wrote a song about it.

      2. Speaking of same actors playing different roles, after finishing the fifth season of Babylon 5, I started watching the movie collection, which begins with the pilot. Much to my surprise, who do I see as a member of the bridge crew? Mr. Morden!

        I was trying to figure that out, but, fortunately, I watched later with the commentary on, and Straczynski explained that it was the same actor but not the same character.

        It was like seeing Ricardo Montalban playing the navigator on an early episode of Star Trek.

  15. Had some friends drive down to Tampa to procurse some of the worlds best beer.

    Beer aficionados are pouncing at the rare opportunity to buy one of the world’s most elusive and revered beers for the first – and perhaps only – time in the United States.

    It is called Westvleteren XII, and it is often hailed as the “world’s best beer” by reviewers and fans.

    1. Why not just import the monks and have them brew it here?

    2. I picked up my $85 brick this morning. Never tried the Westy 12, but quad is among my favorite styles, so I’m looking forward to cracking one this weekend and letting the rest age until a celebration worthy event to crack another.

  16. Of all the things to waste your Make-A-Wish on.

    A 16-year-old Belgian boy with cancer listened to his grandfather tell stories about United States troops liberating the country during World War II. On Tuesday, he got a chance to be one of those soldiers.

    Antoine Brisbois was at Fort Knox for the first of a two-day visit that includes working alongside soldiers and training. Brisbois developed bone cancer at age 12. He was able to make the visit through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    1. But it’s his wish Sparky. Not yours.

      You’re welcome to not contribute to the MAWF, or to contribute to a competing organization that only grants wishes from a list pre-approved by you.

      And didn’t we have a conversation recently about your going out of your way to be an asshole to suicidal kids?

      1. 1) The kid isn’t suicidal, he has cancer.
        2) I donate money to food banks and such, not these other types of charities.
        3) I didn’t say he had to make a wish I liked, I said he made a dumb one.

        Do you not understand the difference between saying you can’t do something and saying you’re dumb for doing something?

        1. Sparky, I’m much more interested in your abuse of suicidal kids. What’d you do?

          1. All they wanted was a Pepsi! Just one Pepsi! And he wouldn’t give it to them!

          2. He dared them to go through with it. It was pretty funny.

            1. Told you I was hardcore…

          3. I just said that anybody who wanted to commit suicide should be allowed to because they weren’t fit to live. Regardless of how old they are.

            1. “Why do you want to force miserable people to stay alive?” Hey, that’s my line!

              1. Well you weren’t there. Somebody had to wave the banner.

  17. How I see the H&R Pizza War ending IRL

    Barker says the roommate was shot twice in the head. His name has not been released.

    Hahn told officers that his roommate had come home drunk and the two began arguing about dinner. He says they’ve argued in the past, with the arguments often becoming physical.

    1. ProL and I have an arms treaty regarding the possession of weapons when talking about pizza and whatever shit it is that he eats. Only soft pillows are allowed. And possibly comfy chairs.

        1. Only plastic ones, though.

          1. Well, there was a corollary about silicon racks, though we’ve been arguing about what that means.

            1. Clearly you should allow them if they’re filled with cocaine.

              1. That’s odd, because that’s exactly what Episiarch keeps saying.

                  1. As was he when I served him one of his insipid cardboard pizzas, substituting the bottom of the dish rack for the crust. He never noticed. To be fair, the Mozzareveeta he likes on his pizzas could overwhelm any tastebud.

                    1. Mozzareveeta and Spamcetta.

  18. Gift ideas for the nieces and nephews!

    1. PlayMobil’s Security Check toy promises to provide countless hours of imaginative play, as this blurb on states: “The woman traveler stops by the security checkpoint. After placing her luggage on the screening machine, the airport employee checks her baggage. The traveler hands her spare change and watch to the security guard and proceeds through the metal detector. With no time to spare, she picks up her luggage and hurries to board her flight!”

      The perfect gift for the young jackboots of the future!

      1. Metal detector? That toy is out of date. It’s all Rapiscans now, but I supposed kids’ moms might have trouble with that word.

  19. …it all ends up being sold on the cheap at state-run stores.

    The store chain is called Not Gonna Fly Now. Or, The PWN Shop. Or, Simply Nail Clippers.

    1. The Confiscatorium

  20. Throwing a frozen pizza in the oven is NOT “cooking”.

    1. Tip: Try grilling your next frozen pizza. You won’t regret it.

    2. I guess technically it’s baking.

    3. Oh, for fuck’s sake. Read about frozen dinners in the late 50s, or the dawn of the microwave. Pearl clutchers gonna clutch.

      I prefer to cook real food, but other people’s mileage and tolerance for the kitchen may vary.

      1. There’s nothing per se wrong about frozen food, provided that you are the one doing the freezing of food you cooked.

    4. traditional British dishes such as Bakewell Tart and steak and kidney pie are in danger of dying out.

      This is a bad thing?

      1. There’s such a thing as canned haggis, you know.

    5. “The researchers concluded that British people are in danger of losing their cooking skills…”


      *Deep Breath*


  21. Trade deficit sours; lawmakers says Ohio workers threatened by cheap imports

    How the hell is “product dumping” defined?

    I get suspicious when a Democrat and Republican agree on something.

    1. You should also get suspicious when people complain about ‘trade deficits.’ You mean the Chinese are giving us shit and all they ask in return is for our increasingly devalued currency?

      The horror.

    2. Product dumping is when a foreign company sells a product at a price so low that it causes material harm to domestic industry. This sounds good, but the low price is almost always a result of lavish government subsidies in the foreign country.

      You wouldn’t know it from reading Reason, but this is essentially what happened in the Solyndra case: the Chinese government subsidized solar panels so much that it bankrupted a number of American manufacturers.

      1. Aren’t you the one who’s always freaking out about global warming? Shouldn’t you lauding the Chinese government for seizing the initiative and subsidizing solar panels so heavily?

        This raises an interesting question. Liberals inexplicably despise businesses in China, but liberals are also unhinged about environmentalism. So when China hardcore subsidizes green energy, which is the first of these to break? Are they glad for solar panel subsidies, or horrified because it’s happening in China?

        1. I didn’t say I was opposed; I was explaining what happened.

          I am opposed, though. A carbon tax is better than subsidies. It’s tougher to game and does a better job of connecting prices and costs.

      2. An open and shut case for dumping is if it’s being sold below cost< if you’re curious. All else requires some subjectivity.

      3. It’s also bankrupting Chinese manufacturers, as I pointed out months ago.

      4. Product dumping is when a foreign company sells a product at a price so low that it causes material harm to domestic industry.

        People in an objective reality call that “competition.”

  22. Even the dogs in China are beating our students at math.

    1. Have the Chinese dogs also learned to not break links?


        Quit othering me.

      2. How do you know the chinese haven’t infiltrated HnR and broken his link? hmm?

        1. Since I had to reinstall chrome, I have been unable to reinstall REASONABLE.

    2. CHINESE DOG OWNER: This dog can do multiplication, long division, and calculus. And it does my taxes.

      INTERVIEWER: How come the dog has two wooden legs?

      CHINESE DOG OWNER: Well, a dog like that, you don’t eat all at once!

  23. Department of the Interior to spend almost $1 million to scrub and replace the MLK quote on his memorial statue.

    1. They ought to scrub the entire damn thing; that statue was horribly executed. I don’t think the artists involved had ever seen a black person, let alone a picture of King.

      1. I also don’t like that it appears unfinished. Save that sort of gimmick to impress your fellow students in art class.

    2. The whole tiff over that was a little silly, but the critics have an indirect point–you’re going to use a King quote, but not one from his I Have a Dream speech or his “Promised Land” speech in Memphis, which are his most well-known?

  24. …it all ends up being sold on the cheap at state-run stores.

    After, I presume, a thorough pickover by the esteemed TSA staff for the Good Stuff, at a generous employee discount.

  25. A filmmaker in Quebec is facing trial for gory artwork that “undermines fundamental values of Canadian society,” thereby corrupting morals, according to the prosecution.

    Alrighty then, you Froggie Pinko Bastids! You have sealed your fate now! The Maritime Annihilation Project (sans PEI) now includes Quebec.

    I warned you fellas, and the USA can’t help you now since Russia is a little peeved ATM…

    Messing with directors of horror/splatter flicks is the brightest of lines.

    1. Kanuckistan is fresh off the scandal of that porn star serial killer in the making. They’re a bit touchy. And let’s face it, Canada is all that great on free speech to begin with.

    2. PEI – home of the Piping College, where mah old pal wee James is the headmaster.

      Plus – Richard Wood – best fucking fiddler I’ve ever heard.

      Good call leaving PEI alone.

      1. Dick Wood would be a good fucking fiddler I would imagine.

    3. They gave us Trailer Park Boys. (which somehow doesn’t undermine fundamental values). Doesn’t that count for something?

  26. Opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood leadership in Egypt is encouraging voters to say “no” to the country’s draft constitution.

    Benedict Arnold did the same thing! (Or, you know, probably someone from the Constitutional Convention who opposed the Constitution as drafted and who I’m too lazy to look up.)

    1. Try Sam Adams…. (as in the beer, it’s really good.)

    2. Patrick Henry did it before it was cool.

  27. Holiday message: Atheists dub Jesus a ‘myth’ on Times Square billboard.

    Around the Christian world, violent protests have erupted to shouts of “Behead those who insult the Savior!”. At least 40 people have died at the protests in front of the American Embassy in Italy. Meanwhile the Most Rev. Carlo Maria Vigan?, Apostolic Nuncio of the Holy See to the United States has demanded that the billboard’s owner be prosecuted. H.H. Patriarch Bartholomew I, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, declared the billboard “racist” and “Christophobic”.

    1. has demanded that the billboard’s owner be prosecuted.

      Would he settle for persecuted?

    2. “Christophobic”.


      Oh, wait – I was thinking “ChritFagPhobic”.

      Never mind.

    3. Jesus, meanwhile, has yet to come out with an official statement because he A) isn’t real; or B)doesn’t give a fuck what atheists think about him.

      1. Que?

    4. Don’t try stealing my thunder.

      1. Had I not spent all that time looking up the official titles, it would have been glommed on to your OP.

  28. A filmmaker in Quebec is facing trial for gory artwork that “undermines fundamental values of Canadian society.”

    I don’t see how that artwork undermines two fours, Tim Horton’s OR hockey, so TAKE OFF, eh? Yer blowin’ the floor, ya toquehead.

  29. Alright, the end of the year is approaching, and I’ve only purchased 2 albums from 2012 (Rush-Clockwork Angels, Agalloch-Faustian Echoes).

    What sweet Progressive Rock/Metal albums am I missing?
    How about (Hybrid) Black Metal albums?

    (As a side note, I think that New Model Army’s ‘Eight’ is the best album I’ve purchased this year).

    1. I think the only CD I got this year was one of those $5 bargain bin things – old country songs.

      Johnny Cash – Walk the Line
      Hank W – Yore Cheatin Hort
      Tennessee Ernie Ford – 16 Tons
      Patsy Cline – Fall to Pieces and one other
      Bill…forget last name – Blue Moon Over Kentucky
      Glen Campbell – Wichita Lineman
      Tammy Wynette – Stand By Yore MAIN

      EPIC. Totally worth five bucks. I highly recommend it.

      1. Oh yeah, those bins can be fucking awesome.

        I used to go to Big Lots at the mall as a kid and get all kinds of old timey country blues stuff. I lost all of them in a move though, sadface. Now if you try to buy the albums on ebay they want super cash money.

      2. I’ve not managed to get into country much at all, though I’ve never delved into old country (which I hear is the best). I think the only country albums I have are a Kenny Rogers album and one of Jimmy Buffet’s early albums (which I think should be classified as country).

        1. I thought I saw Kenny Rogers driving a limousine a couple of weeks ago. It turns out it was just a guy that looks like Kenny Rogers.

    2. English Electric is more Genesis prog than metal

      Opeth Heritage is late 2011/early 2012 release that I’m still listening to and doesn’t disappoint (unless you are Warty).

      1. I haven’t heard of English Electric … Genesis is in my top 6 bands (somewhere in the 3-6 range), so I’ll give it a look!

        I’m not a big Opeth fan, though I really like Blackwater Park. Ghost Reveries is pretty good. Everything else leaves me uninspired, including Heritage :(, though I’m trying to force through some listens of their earlier stuff…

        1. My Arms, Your Hearsei s the second-best one after Blackwater Park.

          1. Oops. I lied. I don’t have Heritage. After they burned me with Deliverance/Damnation/Watershed, I gave up on them. MAYH is the other album I don’t have by them. Maybe I’ll have to suck it up and take a look-see.

          2. Still Life, remastered is good.

      2. Heritage is HORRIBLE. Avoid it at all costs. As a matter of fact, you’re better off avoiding everything after Ghost Reveries.

        1. I told you Warty would hate heritage 😉 Since we are on to ‘non-2012’ though, Porcupine Tree Fear of a Blank Planet is worth a listen if you haven;t already.

          1. and I see PT has been covered down thread…sorry.

            1. Yeah. I think that Fear of a Blank Planet may be my favorite by Porcupine Tree. I’m definitely more inclined to their ‘poppier’ newer stuff, compared to the ‘psychedelic’ older stuff.

              I got into Porcupine Tree because of the Opeth/Katatonia connection.

              1. Haven’t listened to them in a while but I really like them. Saw them live in NYC a couple years back. Good show.

      1. Hmmmm. I haven’t heard of this. I’ve not managed to get into Technical Death in the past (Cynic/Atheist/Believer), but I’ll give it a look!

        1. Does this mean you don’t love Death? How could such a thing be?


          1. I got into the whole ‘extreme metal’ scene really late (about 5-6 years ago), which has contributed to my missing a lot of the earliest black/death bands. I think some of the bands (e.g., Ulver) might have been more impressive if you were around when the scene was just growing. I’ve been spoiled by the higher production values and whatnot of the 2nd/3rd generation bands.

            I think the earliest I really go is back to about 1992ish (Katatonia, Samael, Tiamat) if those bands count.

    3. I saw Agalloch earlier this year. Pure awesome.

      2012 albums:

      Devin Townsend’s new album Epicloud is my favorite record of the year. Grey Skies and Electric Lights by Woods of Ypres is outstanding. I liked The Doctrine Decoded by Loch Vostok, although it’s on the silly side of things. A lot of people really loved the new Gojira record, but I didn’t get into it. The same goes for Baroness. If you want to pummel your ears into submission, get Vanitas by Anaal Nakrath.

      From 2011: get Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa by Moonsorrow, and give Ulg by Metsatoll a listen.

      1. I saw Agalloch as well (at the Great American Music Hall in Frisco). That’s where I picked up the album!

        Strangely, I don’t have any Devin Townshend.

        I really liked Pursuit of The Sun by Woods of Ypres, even though they seem a bit cheesy. I haven’t grabbed anything else by them.

        Moonsorrow is in my top 6 (even though I just started listening to them about a year ago). Varjoina Kuljemme… is my top album of 2011 (followed by Fen’s Epoch and Arch/Matheos).

        I’ve not hear Metsatoll. Viking?

        1. Estonian vikings. Well, sort of vikings. The Uralic languages sound awesome.

      2. For what it’s worth, Spin magazine gave the rockerish-metal band Metz its Album of the Year or something like that..

        I never heard of ’em.

        Not bad – I like the way they use the vocals in the tunes.

        1. Hmmm. I’ve not heard of them either. Of course, I basically get my information from randomly clicking links on Satan Stole My Teddy Bear, so my knowledge is very sporadic.

      3. Oh, that’s a no brainer. Get Epicloud, RJ. Then get every other Devin Townsend album, starting with Terria.

        1. Isn’t Devin more death-y than black? Not that I won’t check it out, but I definitely lean towards the black metal side of things.

    4. Is your Riverside collection complete? They’ve got a new one coming out this winter.

      How about your Porcupine Tree collection?

      1. My Porcupine Tree collection is (mostly) complete. I think I might be missing one of their earlier albums (Lightbulb Sun was one of the last ones I had to get from them).

        Hmmm. I don’t have any Riverside. I’ll take a gander!

      2. You know, I like Riverside, but for some reason I find it impossible to love them.

    5. Monolithe – III if you dig doom metal.

      1. I’d guess Doom isn’t my top choice, though I was really into Katatonia at one point (and I just picked up October Tide’s newest one and it’s pretty good). A lot of Doom bands grind things down to such a slow pace that I find them a bit dull.
        I’ll take a look at Monolithe. I figure I’ll bookmark this page and check out all the stuff people have recommended!

    1. That dude’s still alive? I would have lost that round of “live or dead”.

    2. What is it about being able to somewhat sing that makes someone have so much wisdom to impart to the rest of us as well?

    3. The masks have been slipping a lot lately, haven’t they.

    4. The fuck? I work all night an’ pick ripe banana…and this fucker wants to take my paycheck for lazy fucks who don’t.

  30. U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA) Keeps Trying to Point Out That Fracking Has Reduced Greenhouse Emissions; Media Steadfastly Ignores Them…..25507.html

    My favorite accidental detail =

    Kurtzman notes the U.S. is now on track to meet the emission targets of the Kyoto Protocol, a treaty the U.S. did not sign, much to the chagrin of many greens.

    “The reason why we’ve had these changes is not because of policy,” be it carbon taxes or the Kyoto treaty, Kurtzman says. “The treaty itself is not working from an environmental or policy perspective. What is working is the fact that low-priced natural gas is replacing coal; that has a dramatic effect, which is measurable” as electricity produced by natural gas emits 43% less carbon dioxide versus coal.

    1. Market 800,000,000,000,000; government 1

      1. This is impossible. I have it on good authority that nothing can decrease pollution except the government.

      2. What’s the 1?

    2. I’ve read quite a bit about the GHGs drop, but then again, I spend no time watching or reading the MSM. It’s being discussed quite a bit in energy/science/climate blogs and sites.

      1. If we were about to meet the Kyoto protocols through government intervention, they would be bringing it up in every damn way possible.

        – gun control conversations
        -tax conversations
        – green energy conversations
        – even fucking weather reports

        As is, the only place I’ve seen it mentioned on TV was RT.

  31. Looks like a large number of the commentariat may have to change their dating strategies.

    Within the past three years, both Mike himself and three of his friends have unwittingly consumed date rape drugs that were slipped to them. This prompted Abramson to get in touch with Dr. John MacDonald, a professor of chemistry at Massachusetts’ Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

    Working with MacDonald, he proceeded to create a material that changes color when exposed to the three most common date rape drugs ? GHB, Ketamine, and Rohypnol.

    1. Warty doesn’t use drugs to rape, unless you count his odor as a drug.

      1. That’s love, Epi. Love is the drug.

        1. The correct term for what you erroneously and sentimentally refer to as “love” is oxytocin.

          1. Bryan Ferry doesn’t feel the need to mansplain things to me and I understand him perfectly!

            1. Would you say that you are a slave to love?

              1. Of course. I can’t escape.

                1. For the crime of horrible punning I now have that song in my head.

                2. They call nicole “Dr. Love”.

                  God damn even just referencing a proto-juggalo song makes me feel dirty.

                  1. How dirty do you think I feel as the referenced? That is some fucked up shit.

                    Killaz, just consider it some circular karmic payback that is owed to Groovus, because of whom I have listened to “Invisible Touch” a truly embarrassing number of times in the past week.

                    A truly embarrassing number of times +1…

                    1. 3rd Grade….me and 2 of my friends were Genesis at a school fair. I played (cardboard, yarn, and crayon) bass to “Invisible Touch”.

                      Later, one of those friends and I did a lip synch to Weird Al’s “Lasagna“.


                    3. Is non-Genesis Peter Gabriel still Peter Gabriel?

                    4. Yes and no. Don’t question me! Go listen to “Solsbury Hill”, him leaving Genesis is what that song is about. Then listen to “Moribund the Burgermeister” because it’s awesome. That whole album is great.

                    5. ‘Melt’ is also a great album. After that, it’s kind of all downhill for Gabriel.

                    6. Oh, and Redland Jack, since you’re still around, for your old country needs.

                    7. Dang. I’m ‘web sensed’ at work. I’ll have to come back later…

                    8. Pfft, like I need to be told to listen to “Solsbury Hill.” It’s just that I’m also happy for him to be my sledgehammer and all. I am a total slave to 80s music.

                    9. That album is from 1977, nicole. Don’t make me mansplain how decades work.

                      ‘Melt’ is also a great album. After that, it’s kind of all downhill for Gabriel.

                      “Security” has some good tracks on it, but otherwise I’d agree. But those first albums were fucking great.

                    10. Don’t make me femsplain how I was referring to “Sledgehammer” in that part of the comment.

                    11. Yeah, I just realized I totally read that wrong. But, as a member of the patriarchy, I can never be wrong. Check that privilege!

                    12. The worst part was that you made me say “femsplain.” I’m going to go eat my pain now.

                    13. I’ll give him ‘Red Rain’ and ‘In Your Eyes’. ‘Big Time’ and ‘Sledgehammer’, on the other hand … {shudder}

                    14. I don’t know. Genesis was pretty great all the way up to Duke. Heck, Genesis is also a pretty good album (‘Home by the Sea’ being their last great track). Invisible Touch and We Can’t Dance start to sound a bit too much like Phil Collins solo and Calling All Stations is … not very good.

                    15. Look, if I wanted to listen to bland Genesis I’ll just listen to Mike and the Mechanics…oh wait.

                    16. Hey, my mom used to love ‘In the Living Years’… er, I haven’t helped my case, have I?

                    17. Well now that moms have been brought into it I’m going to tell my mom-Genesis story.

                      When I was little my dad’s youngest brother and his fianc?e lived with us, I don’t really know for how long, a year or two. The woman loved Phil Collins. I mean loved. She had a poster of him on the wall and shit and thought he was HAWT. That’s Britons for you. My mom was disgusted.

                      She also hated the woman because, allegedly, she would fawn over my infant brother and ignore or be rude to me. I have no memory of this but now, 25-odd years later, my mother still violently hates this woman for being mean to her little girl. (Which makes no sense because, as all Italian women do, my mom way prefers my brother to me.)

                      So whenever I hear/think of Genesis, Phil Collins, or Peter Gabriel, I have this whole web of retarded memories of a crazy ginger lady and my crazy mother, and I still like them because the 70s stuff is so good and the 80s stuff is so 80s.

                      Plus, aside from liking David Bowie, my mom has possibly the worst taste in music of all time, so it’s a good way to rebel. For everyone here who loves metal, just know that my mom forced me to listen to nothing but hair metal for my formative years. I stay away.

                    18. I have something of a soft spot for hair metal (Warrant, Faster Pussycat, Europe (which was my favorite band when I was in 6th grade), White Lion, etc.)

                      I’ve always thought of Phil Collins as good pop music. That is, it’s not something you really want to hear, but if someone is playing radio music at you, you’re happy when it’s Phil Collins and not somebody else … if that makes sense.

                    19. Sort of like when you’re riding in a friend’s car and he’s playing U2. You think, “Well, it could be worse.”

                    20. Yep, like that (well, as long as it is old U2!)


                    22. Bullshit. A Trick of the Tail and Wind and Wuthering are two of their best albums. Now…non-Steve Hackett Genesis is not Genesis. Take that!

                    23. Trick of the Tail, yes. Wind and Wuthering, eh.

                      I think I’m in the minority, but Duke is my second favorite album by Genesis (after, of course, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, which is my all-time 2nd favorite album), so I’m partial to the ‘post-Gabriel’ period. What I don’t care too much for is the ‘Collins’ period, which I claim starts at Abacab.

                      I only have Steve Hackett’s first solo album. It doesn’t impress me terribly, though it’s not bad. I also hear it’s not terribly representative of his later work, so I may not be giving him a fair shake.

                    24. When hailing a taxi, I like to sing Genesis’ “Grab-a-cab” to myself.

                3. Why do you feel the need to justify your love?

                  1. Nichole would take a grenade for love.


    2. Waste ketamine on some bar skank?! Holy Moley….

    1. I do enjoy a fine aged gouda, but this is ridiculous.


  32. Ferrari Formula One legend Michael Schumacherhas shown he is no slouch on two wheels today in Valencia with an incredible performance on Casey Stoner’s world championship-winning factory Ducati.

  33. Kissing balls add romance to holiday decor…..75c9d.html

    1. The workshop attendees started plugging small clippings ? using an index finger from the tip to where the palm behind curves into the thumb for measurement. They started around the equator of the ball, gradually filling in the whole Northern Hemisphere. Then they did the Southern Hemisphere.
      When the balls were finished, ribbons were tied to the twigs and a bow was attached to the wire hook, which could be used to hang the balls for a festive holiday look.

      Heh heh, he said balls.

    2. Kissing balls add romance

      Thats what *I* keep saying, but she’s always like, “when have you last showered?” and shit

  34. I guess I should be surprised at the lack of self awareness from the butthurt libs re: the MI RTW vote, but…shit. i can haz a soopryz.


  35. A fark thread where not a single goddam one of the idiots knows that basically every TV made since the early 90’s has an auto-volume leveling feature.

    1. Fark is not known for being populated with rocket scientists. At this point, Fark comments are just above YouTube comments for stupidity level.

      1. Try the politics tab. Youtube actually comes out ahead there.

        1. Fark politics threads are somehow worse than threads on /r/politics, which really shouldn’t be possible.

  36. A group of 180 economists have signed a letter to Congress warning that tax increases to avoid the fiscal cliff will have a “significant, negative impact on the economy.”

    But we have a revenue problem! At least, that is what the folks at CNN and CNBC have tried to tell me all these weeks! Never mind that one would have to believe that people do not change their behavior when facing wholesale thievery of their property.

    If you’ve ever wondered what happens to the stuff the TSA confiscates at the airport (often with no good reason), it all ends up being sold on the cheap at state-run stores.

    The difference between government selling stolen goods and any regular Joe selling stolen goods is 2-10 years in a penitentiary and a $10,000 fine.

    The government hates the competition.

  37. Crap. Now who will believe me when I tell them that I found my terabytes of Asian porn “accidentally”?

    1. Many scoff at Bing, but I’ve done comparisons. Just turn the safe search feature off of both sites and search with their images option on, ‘fire crotch’, and the first several rows of Bing returns are far superior.

      1. Now that’s a unit test.

        1. Plus, where is the option for only explicit results? Why do they cater to the buffered lifers and not to the rest of us?

  38. My father is an unabashed, raised in the 60s, dyed in the wool liberal. He’s voted straight ticket Democrat in every election since he was able to vote. His current goal in life is to try and convince me, and everyone around him, how great a Secretary of the Treasury Paulie Krugnuts would be. I reminded him of the ridiculousness of Krugman’s view on disaster spending, and told him that if Krugman got government power, he’d probably have American cities bombed so we could benefit from the spending while things are rebuilt. Dad didn’t like the joke.

    I’m not quite sure how I survived my childhood.

    1. Stale beer and half finished cigarettes in the morning left over from my parent’s parties for breakfast is how I did it.

    2. Andrew S.| 12.12.12 @ 6:02PM |#

      I’m not quite sure how I survived my childhood.

      You parents were asked and they said, “Unfortunately, abortion remains illegal after actual birth… which we are fighting to have reconsidered…”

    3. No, he’d destroy an American city and blame it on aliens. And then he’d kill a prominent objectivist investigator who discovered what he did and decided to tell the truth regardless of the impact to the government’s defense budget.

  39. Ahh hell yeah!

    In the ongoing quest for world’s best burger, sometimes there’s a game changer – and this bacon cheeseburger perched on a Bloody Mary could be it.
    The Fully-Loaded, Cheeseburger-Bloody Mary was dreamed up by Dave Sobelman six weeks ago, owner of Sobelman’s Pub & Grill in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
    The drink/burger creation is garnished with shrimp, Polish sausage, cheese, pickled asparagus and sticks of celery – all for just nine dollars. And don’t forget the chaser of Sprecher beer.

    1. That’s the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. I’ll take two.

      Fuck man, nine bucks for that is a steal. Around here a small shitty bloody mary is six bucks.

      1. It is a good deal, but that “burger” is barely more than a slider.

        Holy crap, Anne Hathaway’s haircut looks terrible. Now I know what Serious was talking about earlier.

    1. How sad is it that three years in prison sounds surprisingly lenient to me right now? (NB: not “just”)

      1. If Egypt wasn’t coming cap-in-hand to America for that sweet foreign aid money, they would have had him swinging from the gallows already.

        1. Don’t you mean “nearest lamppost”?

          1. They have those over there?

        2. Maybe it was really Cairo, illinois

    2. He should have moved to Canada where we would have been safe from…

      Oh crap!

  40. Can you teach a baby to read?

    Not if you keep distracting him with those. Good god, it’s like one of those unethical stress tests from the 60’s.

    1. . ‘I would show John words like “milk”, give him my breast, and then show him the baby sign language for milk,’ she says. ‘I did it morning and evening.’

      A lesson he learned quickly, and well.

      1. For the record, I learned to read around age two, and I had no where near that kind of incentive.

    2. “Events organiser?” Is that British English for hooker?

      1. It’s British for “Reality TV Ho” actually.

        1. Where the fuck is my $60k tea party?

          1. Funny what a rack will buy these days. I’m surprised women complain about social inequities when they can get unlimited wealth and beads just by flashing their assets.

            1. I think I’m more depressed about “baby sign language” than the tea party, actually.

              1. We didn’t really do that with my daughter, but my niece learned some of that before she could speak. It’s not some PC thing–at least, I don’t think it is–it’s just a form of communication you can use before the baby can talk.

        2. Did they neglect to mention that in the article? Boy, modern journalism is all about the facts, isn’t it?

          1. Yeah, but they got the picture right, ProL, and isn’t that what really matters?

            1. Before I knew she was quasi-famous, I was thinking to myself that the photo was an odd one for the topic. I mean, they friggin’ centered the shot on her chest. “Isn’t this about teaching kids to read?”

              I can be quite na?ve.

  41. draft constitution

    Anyone knows where the draft constitution actually is? What does it say, compared to the current one?

  42. Women are plateauing at only 50% of medical and law degrees.

    Author is adamant that something must be done to rectify the situation. And since I love to say “I told you so”…..I told you so. 50% representation will never be enough for diversity crusaders.

    1. The Mindy Project sucks.

      That’s reason enough to keep the bitches down.

    2. I say we lend them lots of money and let them just not pay it back if they don’t feel like it.

      1. And pass a law stopping anyone from working more than 10 hours per week, to promote a “healthy work-life balance.”

        There will be no repercussions.

    3. The problem is that they didn’t pay enough attention in math class.

      1. I’ll tell you one thing, lawyers don’t do math very well, as a rule. In my class, it was me (with a Finance degree) and the few engineers who could handle the basic math when we were dealing with damages calculations in Torts 1. It was quite pathetic.

        My Torts 2 professor nearly had a conniption because no one would raise their hand to tell him who Banquo’s ghost was. I knew, but I wasn’t sticking my neck out.

        1. Yeah. I liked most of my classmates in law school, but when I took Law & Economics … it was a little bit frustrating …

          1. I mean, I’m talking math. Like addition and subtraction.

            1. Pro Libertate| 12.12.12 @ 8:25PM |#

              I mean, I’m talking math

              Word up, Sun… spitting science in the cypher like Lord Shabazz. Dropping knowledge up in this here piece. Word is born. Peace.

              1. 5%?

                  1. Nice, thought so. For that you get a Charles Bradley.

                    1. FWIW, I spent 7 years as a funk & soul DJ in NYC, and I sort of know the daptone fellas (gabe roth, and… the other guy…gabe lived near me in w’burg for a while and went to NYU with my best buddy whos’ like the best funk drummer in Ny)…anyway, that is my kind of shit. I haven’t paid any attention to stuff they’ve done for years but damn that is very very good. I still have 3000 singles in my crib. 50% this type of stuff… with the others being hiphop, dancehall, reggae, jazz..etc. I’d never play that sort of thing out really, but I would other stuff they did… or, stuff like the New Mastersounds early singles – i met Keb Darge living in London in 2002-3 and he was the shit, totally twisted my wig. see the below single he released (or re-released…. cant remember, think it was a remake by british version of the kind of new-funk style that was going on) … which i still spin whenever i get a party gig =


                      keep on bro

                    2. p.s. i preferred to play the slower side (part B)

  43. Funny headline of the day:

    Pelosi Accuses GOP Of Lack Of Concern For Kwanzaa……..Cliff-Deal

    If there is a Demiurge he must be an AM radio conservative talk jockey. Who else could have invented the epitome of proglodyte cluelessness?

  44. This looks like it might jsut be fun dude. Wow.

    1. Yeah, but now the kid’s got the pentagram AND his dad has an arrest record for child abuse, so it’s even more metal!

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